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  1. My speedo tube pops out 2 or 3 times a year.... usually when I trim up to beach the boat or remove kelp by hand. Diver cleans hull every month... and pops it back in for me if he notices it unplugged. I'm guessing the tube has lost flexibility because it's 20 years old.
  2. "About 15 minutes in I get a terrible noise like something slipped/grinded" Seems to me if you consider the terrible noise.... it might be something more than a bad tach. Hard to speculate without having heard it though.
  3. Yup... we'll be either in Glorietta bay or off the bow of the Midway.
  4. Congrats! How bout that.... I'm retiring tomorrow!!! We'll be on the boat Sat thru Tuesday. Fireworks on San Diego bay. I love the crowds.... well except maybe the jet skiers buzzing around from all directions.
  5. +1. Hang in there. These unforeseen.... sudden.... and expensive ... events will happen with boats. It can get you down, especially this time of year. Hope it gets fixed quick!
  6. At $400 I'd say they're making money on that alternator (not a crime)... unless that includes a new belt. Shouldn't take more than an hour, but get ready for two.
  7. Actually the $1,500 was the labor. I bought the carpet thinking originally thinking I'd do it myself before I got his estimate. The carpet was $450... 25 yards of outdoor type. "Shaw" was the brand.
  8. Just had my '96 2330 re-carpeted. I had it done by a guy (independent) that specializes on marine carpet & flooring. The carpet job was about $1,500 which I thought was fair... as there are a lot of carpeted areas (including the sides, various compartments on this boat). He also built me a new ski-locker hatch for another $200.
  9. I had this problem two seasons ago.... right after a full engine rebuild. It ended up being the (original) rotor. I believe mechanic replaced cap and rotor to fix. Also tweeked the timing a bit as I recall and all was good.
  10. San Diego. Have to represent the west. Only two so far west of the Mississippi? Me and PY.... unless I missed someone.
  11. Key always in the ignition. Spare in the glove box and another at home...
  12. Yes, I have this problem also on my 2330. I never would have known, but I was working on the boat last year during a downpour (with bimini and full canvas cover on). The back cover doesn't cover the engine compartment vents. I had removed the starboard rear seat and was laying on the deck working on the trim pump assembly (with my head directly under the starboard vent). As the rain got heavier... water began literally pouring on my head (coming right through the vent). Luckily heavy rain is rare in San Diego, so I don't cover the vents.... but they definitely leak.
  13. +1 on the steering seal leaking. Pretty common for a boat that age. Its above the water line but water gets through when cruising as water sloshes occasionally over the top of the Gimbal Housing (where the steering shaft goes through).
  14. It was a broken connection (old and corroded) at the first (accessory) breaker in the chain on that panel. Mechanic replaced the mini-breaker and the switch and all are now functional. Repair was $100. Of that parts were $20. He advised that the rest of them should also be replaced.... which he said he would do for $280.
  15. Thanks Drewm3i.... but couldn't find the fuse. There wasn't any near the battery or battery switch. There were 4 fuses behind the helm/dash (Cabin, Stereo, Memory & Accessory) all tested good. couldn't find anything "in-line" going from the helm back to stern... but I didn't completely "undo" that bundle of wires. Anyway my mechanic is coming Friday. Over the phone, his diagnosis was the same as yours. He'll probably find it right away.