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  1. Hello all, it’s been a long time since I posted something on here! I hope everybody had a great boating season. We still have our 350 and still loving it! however, I notiaced that our “wood” floor in the galley is now coming unglued in the middle, so it is flexing when you step on it. It’s somewhat annoying. Does anybody have encountered the same issue? Or did anybody removed that section before and how? Thank you all in advance! Chris
  2. So you know, there is no lemon law for boats.
  3. I haven't been very active lately, but i thought i'll check in and show everybody what we did on the boat this past spring. Stainless steel cup holders with blue LED lights. Stainless steel cup holders at the helm. Stainless steel cup holders on a removable console. New stainless steel steering wheel, new VHF240 to replace the 215, remote activated LED light at the helm, custom fitted cockpit cover with vent. Custom made, by myself, drawer to hold the TV above the sink. aft table refinished with shiny clearcoat. I wish I could show you it all but apparently there is a limit to the Kb down
  4. Not much cruising will be done. A trawler could a possibility but we don't like the finish inside the Swift, cabinetry looks and feels cheap.
  5. 1st thing will be finding the boat. Then finding the marina. Checked out a few places, online, in Florida. It all depends which positions we get and which city we end up.
  6. For sure. That made for some long days staying at work after hours.
  7. Good to hear.
  8. Totally agree, that's why we chose the 350 Sig over all the Sea Ray and other Cruisers we looked at. The Chappy has the better lay out. So far the Regal is our preferred choice. But we are receiving a Cantius 48 at work this week so it'd be interesting to actually spend some time on it to get a feel for that size boat.
  9. 420 is too small. We need between 47 to 52 to be able to live aboard. Budget, slip fees, maintenance, put us in this size also. The admiral doesn't like flybridges and aft cabins.
  10. Well, now that our 350 signature looks all shiny has been valued above what we owe on it, combined with some very decent equity in the house, we are now thinking about moving to something bigger. Here are what we have been looking at so far, 2015 Sea Ray 470 Sundancer, 2013 Cantius 48, 2010 Cranchi 47, 2012/13/14 Regal 520 Coupe, Azimut 50 Atlantis, and lastly 2010 Cruiser Yacht 52 Coupe. What are your thoughts?
  11. Generator issue fixed, impeller debris everywhere in the heat exchanger that I was unable to clean up. Got a tech to do it at work. Since it was at work, hauled out the boat, did the bottom job paint, of course Zincs, props, full compound ensued. Plus a new VHF radio, a new steering wheel and all the fiberglass nicks, dents and what not, fixed. I also drilled a second hole in the anchor locker to increase drainage as it will fill up during the very heavy rain we get here in Houston. We also replaced the fridge and I fabricated a drawer with a full face to attach the tv above the sink. Finally
  12. I'll have a compression check and a fuel check next week, then I'll look into the Carb. 2pm here and raining, not feeling like operating on a carb... LOL Thank you for your advice, it helps. Have a great weekend.
  13. I have fuel in my oil so I thought the solenoid was at fault. But it's not. I just ran with new solenoid and checked my oil, still have fuel in it. :-(
  14. Help needed!!! Replaced plugs, impeller, fuel filter, oil, oil filter, carburetor solenoid, overheating switch, low oil pressure switch and my generator still dies off after 7 minutes running. What am I missing
  15. Here we go again! Generator would run 5 minutes and stop. Replaced fuel filter, overheating switch, plugs, impeller, and still same issue. Today I replaced the low oil pressure switch and surprise!!! Opaque brown oil! Remind be the dipstick, and et voila! Fuel in the oil!!! So, what say you? fuel pump, carb or rings?? thank you all as usual.
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