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  1. I would go cupholders and if your up to the cost led lighted cupholders and knock out to upgrades in one.
  2. Not looking good for us were already soaked and they calling for 6-10 inches more on top of the rain we already got over the last 6 days. Upside lakes are getting full down side boating season is all but over for most of us here.
  3. Chaparral claims you can wakesurf with the Xtreme series sunesta's ie: 224,244,264,284 and I do think there are a few people on here that have or do with them, that is the only stern drive other than Bryant's 233x wake/surf with volvo's forward prop system that claim to be " safe " to wakesurf with. my opinion use your friends boats that were designed for that and don't chance it.
  4. where my issue falls is getting a bank to finance a boat of 40k-50k ish for 15-20yr at most 5% down to keep me in budget, it's hard to find. even with really good credit.
  5. Truly I see your point and I love the looks on the xtreme's but I cant fit that payment into the budget with paying for the wife's college and soon to have one child going into college, the 1-2k for the tower is my logical answer at the moment. I just wanting to get the most fun out of what I have without having to bum on my friends wakesetter for more than wake surfing.
  6. came across this company today and I like the looks of this tower. Has anyone heard or had any dealings with them and their products. http://fluidcoreusa.com/fcx-forward-facing-wakeboard-tower-2-5-tube
  7. I changed props on my 190 w 4.3 190hp from a 3 blade 21in to a 4 blade 19in I lost about 5mph top end but gained bottom/mid range torqe for the extra pulling power and works great
  8. Johnsons

    H2O 19 or 21

    I wish Chap would make an ESP on the H2O series a standard or additional option the integrated platform isn't long enough, sure would make them a bit more appealing and safe.
  9. I like the MTK my only concern with it is the 18in width between the mounts and the amount of hull stress even with solid backing
  10. I have used Lexol products for years in the automotive industry so I use Vinylex protectant it works good to keep all the vinyl from drying out.
  11. My chappy isn't in the photo but nothing beats cool air, sunsets, and a campfire on the lake.
  12. Yeah I know to well this want,want to need issue, but now I am at a crossroad of wake tower or sell the chap and buy a v-drive wake/surf boat because my kids now want to wakesurf & wakeboard and thats not a safe behind a I/O and I will not attempt it.
  13. what type of boat are you looking for? I have a contact for a project master-craft or ski-nautque not sure on brand located in Greensboro, NC this has paperwork and title for the trailer. If interested I can pm box you his contact information
  14. Thanks I had read many articles on that and will be following that process, where I coming short on info is where and how to easily access the area for the forward post mounting.
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