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  1. This fits perfect but you have to cut the base plate to accommodate the feet. .
  2. .

  3. .

  4. You will also need a MPPT solar charge controller.
  5. You can launch right across from the Aquatic Center at the Dunes.
  6. I have tight channels I must navigate through here in Newport Beach. The light comes in handy.
  7. Jjlai724 . That sure looks like it! I must have missed it on Amazon when I was searching.
  8. My mechanic was jazzed when I finally found an LED replacement. Now he installs these.
  9. exactly! The old filament spot is a true spot. This light is very bright and lights up a large area. You will want the spot version he sells.
  10. You will want the spot. This LED light is not a true spot as it has some "flood" to it.
  11. Fit perfectly.
  12. For those of you who have the spot light, I replaced the Jabsco GE 4700 PAR36 Dual Beam with an LED Spot. The beam is more of a spot/flood but is 10 times better. Here is the link.
  13. backdraft. Mounted perfectly with some mods to the baseplate.
  14. The 120 VAC power supply has an output of 14 VDC as noted right on it AND on the back of the TV. I have one in my kitchen as well so I just checked. These power supplies are not regulated and the voltage can swing quite a bite like Iggy said. The TV is on the house battery and I use Optima's. My batteries have a Voltage of 13.6 volts. Under powering the TV will not hurt it. If it did drop to 10 volts, the TV would turn off. If anyone is not comfortable doing it, then don't do it and use the 120 volt adaptor and use house power, a generator or even an inverter.
  15. This is a 120v TV. I just powered 12V directly to the TV as the power requirement is 12V