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  1. gr8lakes

    Lake Powell is many things

    (Tour boat wakes) For a time, Lake Ontario had a big high speed passenger/car/truck catamaran ferry run between Rochester NY and Toronto. Loaded with cars and trucks it easily ran 50 MPH+. Left a huge wake, even in big Lake Ontario. Damaged property on shore, and a friend's boat tied to a dock at a waterfront restaurant got beat up pretty bad. Luckily the ferry was sold off when the governor refused to allow gambling on it. The business plan didnt work otherwise.
  2. gr8lakes

    Boat Flag Help

    Yours looks better. It might also be protected a little from wind while under way on your installation (from the arch), but I can't tell. When I said clamp on, I meant the ones that clamp around the bow rails. Literally, it wraps around the bow rails.
  3. gr8lakes

    Boat Flag Help

  4. gr8lakes

    Boat Flag Help

    All the bow mount clamp on flag holders Ive tried blow down at 25-30 mph.
  5. gr8lakes

    Signature Owners and Water Leak

    On the 290, most common anchor box water leak was at the seam where the anchor box is attached to the hull, under the hatch but on the sidewalls forward. You wouldn't think it. Ask me how I know. Only got water inside when it rained. Search the threads in this forum or PM me.
  6. gr8lakes

    Any upstate NY boaters here?

    Rochester NY
  7. gr8lakes

    Hull Advice - Disappointed

    Good point. Im not qualified to say if this gap is a manfuacturing defect (could be), design defect (didnt handle loads under normal use,), or shipping damage (from Nashville?), or storm damage, but it doesnt look right.
  8. gr8lakes

    LED Lighting -Potential interference of VHF

    One or both of these two: Yuiip Mini G4 LED Light Bulb 12V 1.2W... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06WRS71VZ?ref=yo_pop_ma_swf KINDEEP G4 COB LED Bulb, 1W (10W... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XTMYQTM?ref=yo_pop_ma_swf
  9. gr8lakes

    LED Lighting -Potential interference of VHF

    LED interference - it's true! Replaced all the cabin lights with LEDs. Last week: --LEDs on, poor TV reception --LEDs off, TV reception restored.
  10. gr8lakes

    Steady Beep/Alarm 2016 Mercruiser

    Get the VesselView Mobile from a Merc retailer. Read the codes on your phone.
  11. gr8lakes

    Right size engine for 330 Signature

    Ive ridden on a 330 with twin 5.7 pentas and I dont remember any issues getting on plane with a similar load. I/Os with 2 props per drive have better thrust (duoprop or bravo 3). I suspect that 496s will be thirsty, heavy (dragging the stern), and tighter to work on, but Im not really sure. Get a test drive.
  12. gr8lakes

    Water getting in my chaparral horn.

    Some day there may be a situation where you really need a horn to prevent damage or loss of life (inattention on another boat, etc.) Or if you have a captains license, you may be required to use it at times (passing, etc.)
  13. gr8lakes

    Water getting in my chaparral horn.

    Love the air horn that came on my Sig 290 Very satisfying. You can buy these as new old stock for 99 deer all in, well worth it
  14. gr8lakes

    Voltage issue

    Bring the battery to any of the Autozone or similar placea, they will load test it for free.
  15. gr8lakes

    Serpentine belt

    Mechanical engineer/car restorer co worker says: 1) Most modern engines have an automatic belt tensioner, and 2) There really shouldn't be any pulley wobble at all.