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  1. In Lake Ontario, this year there are floating "islands", eight foot circles of grass and weeds and dirt floating along the lake or into the docks.
  2. I replaced an ignition switch this year. The marina ship store had 5 different kinds, all made by Sierra, and one was an exact match. So, it shouldnt be hard to replace.
  3. gr8lakes

    Door to Head

    On my Sig 290: Large plastic clip from Harbor Freight, clip from door "knob" to grab bar in galley when door full open.
  4. Yes, I wonder what muriatic acid (product OnOff) would do.
  5. Final answer: This tone on this engine is mostly like the gear lube alarm. The sensor is in the gear lube monitor, a small plastic tub mounted high on the front of the engine. The float sensor can stick. My alarm is resolved. I whacked the side of the plastic tub a few times to unstick the sensor, and I also used a turkey baster to suck out some dirtier lube from the bottom of the tub.
  6. Getting my boat ready to launch, boat not yet in water. Planning to launch tomorrow. Recently serviced outdrives. As a quick test, turned key switch to On but not start. Usual long beep. Then constant periodic beeping. Is this because i am out of the water, or is something else wrong? Gear lube refilled to proper levels in monitor tub 04 5.0 MPI, bravo 3 ECM 555 https://www.scribd.com/doc/34815905/Merc-Service-Manual-36-Ecm-Diagnostics
  7. Yes, the manual says there are fittings that needs to be greased, as often as every 50 hours if you idle a lot. You might hand turn the engine to expose the fittings. My mechanic, who I consider pretty good, and who took the legs off for routine service, says he cant get to the fittings in this boat's engine compartment, maybe someone smaller. IMO There's just no room to lay on top of the engine, the engine bay clearance seems too tight. I dont even know if its possible to go around the sides, unless i remove battery bank or vacuflush systems, and even then I don't know. Sur
  8. Its time to lubricate the engine couplers. I assume theyre at the back of the engines. How can I get to them in this 05 Sig 290? Twin 5.0 MPI Mercs (non DTS) B3s I do know what kind of grease to use.
  9. On my Sig 290 i have a Pronautic charger that would charge any battery. Did lots of batt research. Currently running Sears Die Hard Gold AGMs built by Deka, bought on a good sale, decent trade off.. The batts had fresh date stickers, some didnt. The Sears are gone but these batts are available everywhere under different labels. No issues, not old enough to die yet, just note that AGMs typically have a limited cycle count compared to the other fancy types (gel). Flooded are prolly fine for starters, more important is to buy the biggest group that will fit your tray.
  10. (Tour boat wakes) For a time, Lake Ontario had a big high speed passenger/car/truck catamaran ferry run between Rochester NY and Toronto. Loaded with cars and trucks it easily ran 50 MPH+. Left a huge wake, even in big Lake Ontario. Damaged property on shore, and a friend's boat tied to a dock at a waterfront restaurant got beat up pretty bad. Luckily the ferry was sold off when the governor refused to allow gambling on it. The business plan didnt work otherwise.
  11. Yours looks better. It might also be protected a little from wind while under way on your installation (from the arch), but I can't tell. When I said clamp on, I meant the ones that clamp around the bow rails. Literally, it wraps around the bow rails.
  12. All the bow mount clamp on flag holders Ive tried blow down at 25-30 mph.
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