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  1. I did some reaearch recently after removing some zebra mussel clusters after pulling my Sig from Lake Ontario. There are some new controls. The Zequanox story is interesting: A dead, local land bacteria is toxic to nonlocal invadive species, but safe to everthing else. Also saw some other stories about inorganic powders to use.
  2. Made me laugh. For those who havent see one: Outside the Ithaca NY airport FBO (service center for general aviation aircraft), where I had flown a Cessna 172, I saw a rock on the end of a chain hanging from the wall. A nearby plaque said: "This is a weather rock. If the rock is wet, it's raining. If the rock is white, its snowing. If the rock is sideways, it's windy ..."
  3. Yeah ... I suspect water trickles down and gets in the hatch lid. Water enters the cutout for the wire hole. I think this is fizable with addl weatherstripping of the cutout part.
  4. My comments here are not directed at any one post above. If you have continuing issues with a boat, used or especially new, consider that the dealer may be a factor. First off, the quality of the service staff matters. IMO this is really important so that things are done right and other things dont get broken or dinged up. I once had a car that always had something go wrong sometime after being serviced by a certain car dealer. Went elsewhere for service and suddenly everything was reliable. In my area, I've heard someone say that they suspect a rural boat dealer/marina of using their boat for parts in a pinch. The fixes were under warranty but there were too many things that broke for a lightly used new boat. The dealer does have a bit of a reputation in this case. They are known to take parts off their used boats for sale on jackstands in their lot.
  5. Have a generator on my 05 Sig 290. Searched for a boat that had one for better resale. In reality, we dont use it much at all for what we do. Adds weight and a little year end maintenance. Some without a generator instead install extra batteries and an AC inverter. This might work for you depending what you want to do. I assume that my Kohler is not safe to run overnight while sleeping, but if someone knows different let me know.
  6. My Signature 290 is the second boat Ive owned with black hullsides. It looks sharp and is good for resale IMO, a real yacht look. The sides still show well. My last boat was a Chris Craft with black hullsides and I sold it really quickly. My tips: -Store indoors in the off season, or if you shrink wrap, wrap down to the waterline over the color band. -Dont use fenders at your home slip, use dock cushions instead. Fenders scuff your boat, even all white boats. Dock cushions in your home slip are also far more convenient than fender handling every time you leave and return. Worth every penny. -Do use fender socks at raft ups or transient slips away from home. If they slide off, install ties or get different ones.
  7. Some near me swear by the VC17. It dries really smooth and will reduce drag in the water. You can touch and feel the difference.
  8. My local dealer's service dept often just never calls back, even for things like when can I pick up my boat. Personally, I would be willing to pay a small amount for a factory L2 support for simple questions about my boat. Maybe this sets a "bad" precedent.
  9. For how many years can you order vinyl seat cover replacents from Chaparral? Can I order ready-to-install vinyl replacement coxkpit seat covers for my 2005 Signature 290, or for the latest year that they produced the same model?
  10. I just did this same research. Marina didnt disconnect the grounds in storage. Two of my group 24s down to 1.5v (ouch), the group 27 die hard gold still up above 12v. If you abuse your batteries (let them run down, or reasons others list) then buy cheap batts and replace every 2 years, maybe interstate flooded, or carry a jump pack.. Otherwise, go AGM type, for many reasons - originally built for the military. Less self discharge per month than flooded. Sears used to sell die hard platinum marine, which were highly regarded odysseys at a great price. I cant find these now. The die hard gold marine is an agm by built by east penn, the better regarded major manufacturer. I plan to buy two more of these latter to match the one I have. The top performing mainstream brand is Northstar, great specs and pperformance, not built the same as others. More power, more deep cycles. I thought about getting these. Available at We$t Marine (use a coupon). Buy the largest that will fit your tray. You can find your tray dimensions by finding the part number from the part guides for your boat on this site, then searching Google.
  11. Thanks for the good advice on permits. Beam is 10 ft, so hoping NY permits arent that bad. I should confirm. I'm hoping that i can get loaner tow vehicles when I need it, using uship quotes or commercial 3/4 ton pickup rental. I wont move it alot, but I no longer want to be dependent on others. Not having a trailer is a hassle and greatly limits options for storage and service in these parts.
  12. I'm in the market for a trailer for my 2005 Signature 290, ideally used. The boat is just over 30' LOA, and has a 10' beam. With twin 5.0 Mercs and twin Bravo 3 outdrives and the genset, I figure I'll need a trailer capable of 12500+ lbs and three axles. Any advice on best places to look for a used trailer at a great price? I see a lot of new Venture trailers on eBay, but I hear mixed reviews. What kind of brakes do I want? Jim Rochester, NY
  13. Is the new one quieter?
  14. Also, check to make sure you don't have any exhaust manifold gasket leaks, very common minor issue, new gasket < $30.