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  1. gr8lakes

    Cockpit Table Replacement?

    The teak looks great! I love the factory tables from the 350 Sig, beige with the inset Corian, because it matches my interior. Someday, I will look for a used one for my 290 Sig.
  2. gr8lakes

    Bleeding of Snap Eyelets

    Could wash the cover per Sunbrella instructions , then coat with 303 waterproofing spray.
  3. Thanks for the tip -- and the part number. I'm going to order an extra right now. I got the thermostat out and replaced it with a new Quicksilver kit 807252Q5. BTW - I found that the Mercury Perfect Seal gasket sealer is the same as Permatex Aviation available from NAPA. The problem I'm trying to solve is that my port engine is running cooler than last year, ~120 at idle, but the starboard is 160 as usual. However, the port engine is still running cool, verified by IR Temperature tool on thermostat housing after idling at the dock for 10 minutes. I saw a post about a Volvo engine having a blocked thermostat housing bypass opening and causing this problem: http://www.marineengine.com/boat-forum/showthread.php?170491-Volvo-Penta-43-running-cold&p=139783#post139783 Would my Mercruiser also have a port like this that can get clogged? If not, what could be blocked or would cause it to run cool this year? Theory-wise, I'm not sure how having a blocked bypass port causes the engine to run too cool. At the time I had the thermostat housing off to change the thermostat, I didnt think to look for anything like this. I'm thinking that if my engine runs too cool, the oil might not get up to proper temp, might run rich, or run exhaust manifolds too hot if tstat never opens. Merc service manual #31 says if running too cool, change thermostat for check for restrictions. I've not searched any tech bulletins. The picture below showing bypass port is of the Volvo engine mentioned by the post - this is not from my Merc 5.0 MPI.
  4. Though this is a different motor, I think I see the answer here:
  5. The temperature on my port engine seems to be a bit low this season, so I decided to test and replace the thermostat - '05 Mercruiser 5.0 MPI. I've removed the thermostat housing from the block, but the thermostat is held in by a nylon spacer (23-806922), and the old spacer is stuck in there pretty good. Mercruiser says "just pull the spacer out". Is there a recommended procedure or tool for removing the spacer when it seems to be stuck in good? I have a new spacer, so I don't mind damaging it. Just break pieces off til its out? Any help appreciated.
  6. gr8lakes

    IAC Part Number for Mercruiser?

    I might have heard: "dont unplug the IAC when the key is on" lest the PCM gets damaged, but maybe i misremember.
  7. gr8lakes

    IAC Part Number for Mercruiser?

    Ive replaced the IACs 3 times total on my 2 5.0 MPI's in 3 years. Been working fine for a year now. Last one installed was a Sierra, I dont remember what the bad ones were. The failure mode is that they dont start with the throttle at the normal, neutral position. However, when it wont start normally, I can press the gear release and it will start when the throttle is advanced (in neutral), and it will stay running when I put it back into neutral and then forward. If you are new to boating, make sure you know how to do this. Your mileage may vary. I have heard people say that they get dirty and stick. Ive wondered if there is a calibration procedure to set the IAC signal which might help prevent the failures, but I never looked it up in the service manuals.
  8. gr8lakes

    looking for dc breaker switch upgrade

    How does one turn off hardwired draws on the the master and port batteries on a 2005 Sig 290? Yes there are the usual battery switches but the Mercathode and CO sensors seem hardwired. Want to turn off everything when not in the water.
  9. gr8lakes

    Cockpit Table

    Who makes these tables? (either the square or rectangular ones) They look great and I'd love to upgrade the cockpit table in my 05 290.
  10. gr8lakes

    Best place to post boats for sale?

    Found my 290 on YachtWorld.
  11. gr8lakes

    GPS Chartplotter Recommendations?

    Sounds like you dont need radar, so many choices then. For my 290 on the great lakes, Im trying to decide between Simrad and Raymarine packages with digital, low power radar (4g/3g vs Quantum) and the rest (sounder, GPS). Latest Ray software not fully done yet but units seem great, vs Simrad integration opportunities (Mercury, fwd sounder). However, Im no expert so this comparison doesnt count.
  12. gr8lakes

    Drone footage 2003 200 ssi in the Thousand Islands

    Great video! Some stunning scenes. I've been wondering how well drone Follow Me modes would work to chase a boat. My understanding is that battery life and sometimes top speed is limited. On YouTube, there's a whole genre of boating "video logs", or vlogs. They're 10-15 minute serials of narrated boating adventure, with drone and GoPro footage and music, some highly produced . Great to watch while sidelined by Winter. One such vlog is Searching for C-Shels, and they have some TI videos, as they are based nearby. Other vlogs Ive seen are Sailing Ruby Rose, Gone with the Wynns, and a few others but there are ones for all tastes. My favorites are the ones in the TI or Virgin Islands. These vlogs are introducing millenials to cruising, may help save boating in some regards, as boomers continue to age.
  13. gr8lakes

    Part numbers for Sig 290 cockpit seat skins?

    In case this helps anyone: Most of the vinyl in the picture above is Spradling Beluga Whitecap, which is still available new from Spradling distributors, by the yard. Original vendor was G&T Industries, but they sold the business. Its a good quality vinyl with an easy clean finish layer on top. On my boat, the prior owner must have used the wrong cleaner and burned a seat bottom. I'll recover it. The faux performated tan vinyl looks like Spradling Polaris. The color appears to be discontinued from Spradling (guessing), but is still available online from other vendors. I found a vendor and bought a sample last week. I havent yet identified the chocolate colored vinyl in the middle of the seatbacks.
  14. gr8lakes

    Northeast Blues

    I'm with you. This winter is taking forever, and its too cold in the warehouse to do much maintainance.
  15. gr8lakes

    Replacement fireboy automatic extinguisher

    Thanks for the good info in this thread!