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  1. gr8lakes

    Any opinion on Mantus Anchors?

    My Delta 22 on rhe windlass works good, but comes loose when wind direction changes. Its stressful when the wind is shifting and so the boat is too. Takes about a boat length to reset each time. I studied anchors a lot just recently, and will go with a Mantus, because I want it to reset in one anchor length if it comes loosr and I'm parked around other boats. Plow anchors plow, so dont go too small. Im not crazy about the nuts, and the sizing is not easy: Im supposed to print out PDFs from their web site and tape onto cardboard? (If anyone knows whats the biggest Mantus that fits a 05 290 Sig windlass setup, let me know.) But the shape is a little different from the Rocna, and I think it might hold better. For a secondary/storm anchor, I have a Fortress. Light to carry/stow.
  2. gr8lakes

    Vessel view mobile on 5.0mpi

    It might ... Really, best way is to call (or email) Mercruiser support with your engine serial number and ask if your engine supports vessel view mobile. Just google for the phone number. They are very easy to talk to. The serial number is on your flame arrestor cover on a label on the top of your engine, you can read it really easily.
  3. gr8lakes

    Vessel view mobile on 5.0mpi

    PS it might actually look purple: a 10 pin connector with basic weather cap. Older boats like ours usually didnt include the yellow terminator resistor (859318T1) you need but just had a "weather cap". Lots of good info in this long thread: https://rinkerboats.vanillacommunities.com/discussion/5107/super-cool-new-mercury-app/p15
  4. gr8lakes

    Vessel view mobile on 5.0mpi

    It may not have a yellow terminator plug on it yet. Look for what socket fits. In my experience, Mercruiser provides very good tech support by phone or email when asked about smartcraft hookup (or other topics).
  5. gr8lakes

    New upholstery estimate

    Ask around your docks, get more than 1 quote. Quality and price will vary. Visit the shop, see the work. Marine uphostery is made with unicorn antlers and rainbows, pricy. 3-5 thousand deer sounds about right. If you remove the cushions from the boat yourself, and name drop "Spradling vinyl", the price may ease.
  6. No issues. Programmable for any battery type: agm, gel, std, etc. Love the automatic instantaneous display of current draw in amps, very useful. I dont remember if its a regen charger, like my portable DieHard charger that can bring batteries back from the dead by desulfating the plates.
  7. I've been on cruiser boats of friends and dock neighbors where there was a smell and obvious mold issue. Carpets can get wet and then closed up, leading to issue. Wet bilge might not help. Under floor shower sump area may not dry out nicely and mold instead. One boat at our marina smelled so bad thay every time we walked by it we had to hold our breath. To mitigate humidity, some boats run the on-board AC dehumidifier at the dock while theyre not there, but what if strainer gets clogged. My neighbor has a small plug in solid state portable dehumidifier (eva dry).
  8. gr8lakes

    Steel bottom houseboat Houseboat Allatoona

    Time to set up your own marina.
  9. gr8lakes

    Here we go again! Boat off trailer!

    I've been watching this on the news lately ... This section of road is historically famous for accidents due to highway speeds, frequent speeding, and lots of stop lights. Last year, a mechanic a little closer to me dropped a 26' boat on the road prior to spring launch because he too busy to put tie downs on it. Imagine getting that phone call.
  10. gr8lakes

    Sailboat Tow

    This sounds like a good idea. I have heard that anchor line is best to use. Do you have to worry about the tow strap "bridle" getting in your props? Or, is there some other such bridle arrangement that floats?
  11. Note that there is a big recall on kidde handheld extinguishers now.
  12. gr8lakes


    Get a class D amplifier instead, very low draw, if you can. I had a JL Audio class d amp but there are a few other brands. I jumped started many boats who ran their batteries down at anchor from running their radio.
  13. gr8lakes


    Yes. I describe my Sig as "a 30 foot express cruiser" and everyone seems to know what that is.
  14. gr8lakes

    CRAParral Never buy!

    Very similar post, from unknown users. Both posts are fake.
  15. gr8lakes


    Yet another troll and fake posting. Joins the forum 5 hours ago, claims to buy a boat without looking at it, writes his first post slamming the boat he bought, and anyone who calls him on it he calls a Chaparral employee. Another boat builder must have hired people to slam this brand on this forum.