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  1. Who makes these tables? (either the square or rectangular ones) They look great and I'd love to upgrade the cockpit table in my 05 290.
  2. Found my 290 on YachtWorld.
  3. Sounds like you dont need radar, so many choices then. For my 290 on the great lakes, Im trying to decide between Simrad and Raymarine packages with digital, low power radar (4g/3g vs Quantum) and the rest (sounder, GPS). Latest Ray software not fully done yet but units seem great, vs Simrad integration opportunities (Mercury, fwd sounder). However, Im no expert so this comparison doesnt count.
  4. Great video! Some stunning scenes. I've been wondering how well drone Follow Me modes would work to chase a boat. My understanding is that battery life and sometimes top speed is limited. On YouTube, there's a whole genre of boating "video logs", or vlogs. They're 10-15 minute serials of narrated boating adventure, with drone and GoPro footage and music, some highly produced . Great to watch while sidelined by Winter. One such vlog is Searching for C-Shels, and they have some TI videos, as they are based nearby. Other vlogs Ive seen are Sailing Ruby Rose, Gone with the Wynns, and a few others but there are ones for all tastes. My favorites are the ones in the TI or Virgin Islands. These vlogs are introducing millenials to cruising, may help save boating in some regards, as boomers continue to age.
  5. In case this helps anyone: Most of the vinyl in the picture above is Spradling Beluga Whitecap, which is still available new from Spradling distributors, by the yard. Original vendor was G&T Industries, but they sold the business. Its a good quality vinyl with an easy clean finish layer on top. On my boat, the prior owner must have used the wrong cleaner and burned a seat bottom. I'll recover it. The faux performated tan vinyl looks like Spradling Polaris. The color appears to be discontinued from Spradling (guessing), but is still available online from other vendors. I found a vendor and bought a sample last week. I havent yet identified the chocolate colored vinyl in the middle of the seatbacks.
  6. I'm with you. This winter is taking forever, and its too cold in the warehouse to do much maintainance.
  7. Thanks for the good info in this thread!
  8. Last week, I got the name of a local expert to have my FB inspected. I do see the inspection and weighing instructions. How do you know how many years they are good for? Does the clean agent go bad?
  9. Last week I saw a new Sea Ray 260 and 280 at a boat show. My first thought was how cheap and flimsy they looked! The new Chaps still looked good.
  10. Thanks to all for your input. 

    Blake, they did check pressure and filters. Once the motor went out, it would not start back up. Several days later it did start on its own.

  11. Lots of of good advice re the dealer and mechanics in the replies above. > "lost power" Not a lot of tech detail shared .... got me curious. Could it be restarted? Did the dealer check fuel filters and fuel pressure? No beeps or computer codes? What model engines? Everything should be under warranty, including engines.
  12. So you didn't talk about cost ... Northstar, Lifeline, and Trojan are top AGM brands for deep cycle. Gel batteries (e.g. Deka Gel) best for deep discharge, can last many years, but you need a special charger. I'll need to replace my house battery this spring ... leaning towards Lifeline, but not now undecided. I also have two Deka-built Sears Die Hard Gold AGM for starting batteries, holding up well so far. Sears no longer carries the rebranded Optima Platinums. Measure your battery tray, go biggest group size you can fit. Maybe it will fit a group 27. The Chap part guides might say what group size will fit. Better yet, measure the tray and see if any of the manufacturers Group 31 will fit the tray. You might get 100+ ah. If the stereo is the big draw, switch to a class D amplifier, much less draw. (edits)
  13. If its out of the water, use the product called On Off. Its really wipe on and wipe off. Magic. I used it to clean my water line a few months back.
  14. So it sounds like your battery meets minimum specs. I always buy the biggest battery that will fit in the existing battery tray, car or especially boat. The battery tray size is given in the part guides on this site. 1000 MCA comes in both group 24 and group 27.
  15. Thanks for the follow up on your issue, I learned something. My 2005 5.0 MPI's are Smartcraft capable. The bluetooth VesselView Mobile setup looks really attractive for the minimal deer even just for code pulling for engine diagnostics-just plug the transmiiter into the engine plug, then read the code on your phone. I may try to go VesselView 4, as some in another thread recently provided really good info on it. I dont know if your 6.2 is SC capable, but doesnt matter as you fixed it, and a code might not have been helpful anyway.