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  1. gr8lakes

    Any upstate NY boaters here?

    Rochester NY
  2. gr8lakes

    Hull Advice - Disappointed

    Good point. Im not qualified to say if this gap is a manfuacturing defect (could be), design defect (didnt handle loads under normal use,), or shipping damage (from Nashville?), or storm damage, but it doesnt look right.
  3. gr8lakes

    LED Lighting -Potential interference of VHF

    One or both of these two: Yuiip Mini G4 LED Light Bulb 12V 1.2W... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06WRS71VZ?ref=yo_pop_ma_swf KINDEEP G4 COB LED Bulb, 1W (10W... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XTMYQTM?ref=yo_pop_ma_swf
  4. gr8lakes

    LED Lighting -Potential interference of VHF

    LED interference - it's true! Replaced all the cabin lights with LEDs. Last week: --LEDs on, poor TV reception --LEDs off, TV reception restored.
  5. gr8lakes

    Steady Beep/Alarm 2016 Mercruiser

    Get the VesselView Mobile from a Merc retailer. Read the codes on your phone.
  6. gr8lakes

    Right size engine for 330 Signature

    Ive ridden on a 330 with twin 5.7 pentas and I dont remember any issues getting on plane with a similar load. I/Os with 2 props per drive have better thrust (duoprop or bravo 3). I suspect that 496s will be thirsty, heavy (dragging the stern), and tighter to work on, but Im not really sure. Get a test drive.
  7. gr8lakes

    Water getting in my chaparral horn.

    Some day there may be a situation where you really need a horn to prevent damage or loss of life (inattention on another boat, etc.) Or if you have a captains license, you may be required to use it at times (passing, etc.)
  8. gr8lakes

    Water getting in my chaparral horn.

    Love the air horn that came on my Sig 290 Very satisfying. You can buy these as new old stock for 99 deer all in, well worth it
  9. gr8lakes

    Voltage issue

    Bring the battery to any of the Autozone or similar placea, they will load test it for free.
  10. gr8lakes

    Serpentine belt

    Mechanical engineer/car restorer co worker says: 1) Most modern engines have an automatic belt tensioner, and 2) There really shouldn't be any pulley wobble at all.
  11. gr8lakes

    Oil Analysis

    My flying club used to do this routinely on our Cessna 172s and 182s. (Flying club defunct now). Value: maybe it depends on the boat: engine replacement on my Sig 290 would not be a cheap affair, and Id hate to have a problem while extended cruising on the great lakes. I got the Blackstone test kit when I first got the boat but never executed. Would be smart to do prepurchase, regardless of vehicle.
  12. gr8lakes

    Oil Analysis

    What vendor do you use, CAT?
  13. gr8lakes

    Serpentine belt

    Hatem, Consider carrying a new spare belt (in a plastic bag), a socket breaker bar, and instructions for changing if you dont get it fixed. It can be a DIY to get home. Flaking must be worse than belt dust, which you may first just think is dirt. See if the belt is too loose (slips), is misaligned between pulleys (when viewed from above), or any pulleys wobble unreasonably. See if you can compare to your other engine if you have one, or to one on another boat. Easy for me to say, but I dont have a good eye for it. Belt may be a different p/n whether you have power steering or not, check the number printed on the belt to make sure its a correct OEM part. Note that water pumps are a wear/inspect/replace item. Some extreme long distance cruisers carry both a spare new water pump AND the water pump pulley to replace, but this is a bit much for local pleasure boating.
  14. gr8lakes

    Kohler 5E Generator Help

    +1, Fill with gas first. Genny is designed to stop when fuel runs low but not empty, to leave gas available for engines. Beyond that, then try running it with no load for a bit. Exhaust water likely will not be a steady stream, and I think thats normal. If it hunts or dies only when loaded, but gas is filled, report back. PS - If you cruise, Kohler sells a nice spares kit, all spares in a little white box.. Manuals are cheap, one for the genny and one for the internal Kawasaki motor. Beats waiting for parts to be delivered.
  15. gr8lakes

    Boat Starts Hard After Long Runs

    When key is off, turn key to on and let sit for a minute before you turn key to start. This might let the fuel pump run and prime appropriately.