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  1. Note that there is a big recall on kidde handheld extinguishers now.
  2. gr8lakes


    Get a class D amplifier instead, very low draw, if you can. I had a JL Audio class d amp but there are a few other brands. I jumped started many boats who ran their batteries down at anchor from running their radio.
  3. gr8lakes


    Yes. I describe my Sig as "a 30 foot express cruiser" and everyone seems to know what that is.
  4. gr8lakes

    CRAParral Never buy!

    Very similar post, from unknown users. Both posts are fake.
  5. gr8lakes


    Yet another troll and fake posting. Joins the forum 5 hours ago, claims to buy a boat without looking at it, writes his first post slamming the boat he bought, and anyone who calls him on it he calls a Chaparral employee. Another boat builder must have hired people to slam this brand on this forum.
  6. gr8lakes

    CRAParral Never buy!

    H20 is the value line, according to articles like: http://www.smartboatbuyer.com/chaparral-h2o-21-sport-review/ My apologies if this is not correct information. I believe Chaparral is a quality brand. Im very happy with my Signature. My boat has stainless thru hulls, reinforced stanchions on the bow rails, etc compared to SR with plastic thru hulls, etc. -- Most of this sounds like boating. Marine mechanics are hard to get scheduled in the summer. I wouldnt make big plans for my first trip on a brand new boat, or even first trip after summerization.
  7. gr8lakes

    CRAParral Never buy!

    So the OP: --bought a value line new boat, --had a complaint chiefly with the engine, not made by Chaparral --doesnt feel supported by the dealer, and titles his post "Never Buy" on the brand? EDIT: discount -> value
  8. gr8lakes

    Replacement LED Arch Lights

    Sharp looking boat
  9. gr8lakes

    Mercury Smartcraft how to?

    Great info in this thread. Researching this, i just realized there is a new VesselView "403" model. Seems to be a VV4 replacement. Dont know what its based on. Newer than VV4, but more spendy than the good solutions posted here.
  10. gr8lakes

    Engine add ons

    You posted the boat model but not the engine size/model or how its propped. Some will say its more cost effective to buy a different boat with a bigger engine. You can try a full tuneup, if you havent already, to get performance you may be missing. Have a compression test done if you want verify all cylinders are pulling as they should. Its sometimes possible to change the prop to get more top end speed. This may be more practical. if you also post how many RPM at wide open throttle and current prop size, someone (not me) may be able to say whether your prop is correct.
  11. gr8lakes


    Two years ago I bought the small Marine Ultra Igloo from Walmart as the one that came with my 05 290 was looking worn. Fits perfectly in the intended space under the cockpit sink, even with the rubberized handles. Not sure if your 310 is the same size.
  12. gr8lakes

    Anyone have these?

    I have had those Overtons dock cushions for two years now. Best thing ever!!!! No one at my marina takes them down over the winter. Just leave them bolted to the dock. I have three spaced on one side of the dock, and one where the swim platform is Not having to stow and hang fenders everytime - PRICELESS. Seriously. No fenders rub and dull your fiberglass. Just need two lines returning to the dock. Strongly recommended.
  13. gr8lakes

    Newbie needs help

    For my 5.0, advance auto parts had a nonbrand name part, Duralast or some such, with "lifetime warranty", offered, 50 deer or so. I would rather have had Merc or Motorcraft, but AAA is open on holidays. I dont want to be on the water with family and friends when the offbrand part fails.
  14. gr8lakes

    Belt Tensioner Squeak on Vacation

    Wingnut, What would you do if you DO see some belt dust on one engine? Only a little wobble from water pump, but matches other engine with no dust. Pulleys look aligned to my untrained eye. Belt part number looks correct from Merc listing, 5.0 w/PS. Not sure how old belt dust is. Now carrying a spare belt. (Note that Im not the original poster)