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  1. Congrats! I understand the pontoon trend. We frequent Lake Anna annually and can see where a pontoon would be a blast on the lake. We always go with another family who has a toon and they carry everything and tie up at the volleyball net while we do watersports off my boat. But when it comes time to hit Tim's or Anna Cabanas, we all hop on the toon and get the party started.
  2. Thanks for the replies guys! This obviously shows I need to do some more research. However, I do like the 'pink' antifreeze via kit method. It costs less than $40 and seems fairly easy and foolproof. So let the engine idle for 5 minutes (temp gauge 160*), open the shut off so the antifreeze mixes, and run until the 5 gallons is gone. Sounds easy, unless I am over-simplifying it.
  3. Hopefully this post will assist another novice and I am not the only idiot in here about what appears to be a simple practice. I have a heated storage unit, but want to add antifreeze due to it's simplicity and low cost. Peace of mind is another reason too. So I see these two kits: Both appear to hold 5 gallons of anti-freeze and are powered by the pressure of a garden hose. It is my ASSumption I hook this kit to the muffs I use to flush my engine and follow the same process of running the engine for 5 minutes. Is this correct? Also, is there any concern with the anti-freeze mixture running down the driveway? I have two dogs in which I am aware anti-freeze can be toxic. I guess what would be left after this is oil and filter change and fuel filter/separator. Anyone in South central PA want to stop by for a case of beer and an hour of instruction? This is all new to me. But I hate to spend another $400 this year to have my boat winterized for a process that seems to be pretty basic in nature.
  4. I have the 1212E. They do change the wake if in full down position. On my boat, this is not necessary if people are placed throughout the boat. I always try to sit two up front if someone is in the first mate's seat next to me and everything works great with minimal trim and a full wake. If only two are on the boat, no issues at 17 mph. Switch is placed to the right of the steering wheel. More importantly is our boat always lists to the starboard side. Dropping the port trim tab for merely just a second pops the starboard side right up and perfectly levels the boat.
  5. You see the yellow 2004 on boat trader with the 496 and 140 hours for 36k? That's a nice boat!
  6. I asked this question on the BOU page on facebook and received 0 feedback. The racks on my tower are taking a beating from dock posts when tying up which makes me feel I should have gone with spinning racks. I was quoted 450 in parts to turn my current racks into spinning...per side. Another 900 on top of the 720 I spent for the stationary mounts. Are there any cheaper, quality alternatives out there? I know Samson makes a quality product, but... Would you guys even try these out? The price is amazing!
  7. Unfortunately I can't offer a whole lot of advice other than when trailer shopping earlier this year my shop recommended the Load Rite Elite over Venture. He mentioned about the way they manufactured the frame rails was better on the Elites. FWIW, he sells both trailers.
  8. My Yukon Denali XL tows our boat with no issues whatsoever. It has anti-sway and rear air leveling. The 6.2 is the same engine as in the's strong! My next vehicle will be a used F250. New SUV's are getting ridiculous!
  9. I shouldn't chime in but I will. Search my story with what Bennett stated with our transoms. I love the tabs and they are effective. But I think I went overkill by 1000 deer having someone mount these tabs with custom spacers.
  10. If you get an aftermarket tower I'd recommend one that is spec built for your boat. No adjustment bolts or slides. It will be as good imo as OE.
  11. Man, that's a clean looking Merc!
  12. You know, I have never heard of that. We were in salt water which is why I wish to flush the outdrive. I have a large 55 gallon garbage can which would probably work just fine with the boat on trailer. So I assume just let in idle in the can full of water for 5 minutes? Perhaps the throttle lever does have neutral. On my Alpha there was a button one could press in the middle of the lever to disengage the drive before increasing throttle.
  13. I purchased one of these for my Penta DPS: It is my understanding I need the water turned to full volume and then start the engine and let idle for 5 minutes. We have well water, but the psi should be high enough to properly operate. I read before to increase the throttle above idle. However when I increased the throttle to 1500 rpm in my previous boat, the alarm sounded after a minute causing me to immediately shut everything down for fear of impeller damage. I never flushed the engine again. Also, unless I am missing something, there appears to be no way to stay in neutral while increasing throttle as I could on my old Merc Alpha 1. I am a bit concerned about having the props spinning out of water with the throttle increased.
  14. I can 100% vouch for the Bennett tabs. We just spent the weekend in OCMD in varying weather conditions and with several people moving around the boat. It's almost a bit scary when I over compensate with the trim tabs and how suddenly they change the angle of the boat. They are extremely effective! If you look on the second picture with the square gauges from Shepherd1. My control is mounted below the black sticker behind the steering wheel. I do however have the console in the first picture.
  15. I can vouch for this.