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  1. OCMD2

    Cooler recommendations

    This is a 24 can soft side. Great for day trips for a few people. I dump a bin of ice into it and have most of it left at the end of the day, starting with cold drinks. It has two side pockets for snacks, utensils, napkins, etc. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00367IYJI/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  2. OCMD2

    Sunesta 224

    I started out with a single battery as well. Bear in mind that you likely don't have a battery isolator with a single battery (or at least I didn't), so when you add a 2nd battery, the system will only charge the battery that is selected. Not a big deal, just alternate the batteries that you use. I'm mentioning this because there have been other discussions that point out that the system will charge both/all batteries regardless of selection. In fact, the marina that installed my 2nd battery thought the same thing until we tested. They advised that the isolator is required for a always-charging-all solution.
  3. OCMD2

    Sunesta 224

    I typically watch both the depth on the chartplotter and the multi-function gauge. The multi-function depth finder seems to drop out/be inaccurate more than the chartplotter. I rely upon a combination of both depth gauges and the chart. Plus, I have an additional benefit of knowing the water I'm in I am a lot of the time.
  4. OCMD2

    Help me make the right boat choice

    I'm not sure that a 4' chop in a 22 ft bowrider is going to be something you'll enjoy.
  5. OCMD2

    Sunesta Bimini - Looking for fitting

    Here is the stock fitting.
  6. OCMD2

    Sunesta Bimini - Looking for fitting

    You are talking about the stiffener arm, right? I'll try to get one this weekend.
  7. OCMD2

    Bluetooth Question

    None at all. The plug fits firmly, as does the USB cable (on both sides).
  8. OCMD2

    Bluetooth Question

    I use this receiver with my Clarion: https://smile.amazon.com/Mpow-Bluetooth-Receiver-Streaming-Hands-free/dp/B008AGQMQC/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1527942140&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=mpow+bluetooth&psc=1 I have an auxiliary input at the helm, adjacent to a USB port. I plug this receiver into the aux port and then use a 1 foot usb cable plugged into the the USB port to keep it constantly charged.
  9. OCMD2

    1/2" x 10' Navy blue dock line with loop?

    Shorter boat, lol???
  10. OCMD2

    1/2" x 10' Navy blue dock line with loop?

    Use the starboard cleat for the port line and vice versa.
  11. OCMD2

    Determining Trailer Tongue Weight

    I think that gives you the weight of the boat and the trailer, not the tongue weight. The tongue weight is the amount of downward weight placed on the hitch.
  12. For those of you with a grill, how do you stow it? What grills fit where? I'm in a Sunesta 244.
  13. OCMD2

    1997 Sunrsta 250

  14. OCMD2

    1997 Sunrsta 250

    On a 2011 Sunesta, the shower is right next to the water fill on the port side.