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  1. Schnobel

    Chaparral chrome logo and letter

    I replaced my letters and specifically told the marina “save the old ones” because they are hard to find. Planned on offering them to you all but body shop tech threw them away. Ugghh! It’s always a good idea to save that stuff because one never knows who is looking for it.
  2. Schnobel

    Bottom paint or not - freshwater

    I’m not a fan of bottom paint for freshwater but lots of folks do it. I just don’t like then look. I clean my hull every fall and have a good coat of wax applied. After a month or so in the water there is an algae line but so what. You can get safe biodegradable soap or use lemon juice and it comes off. Negatives to me are looks, loss of performance, initial and maintenance costs. Only lasts approx 5 years and needs to be reapplied.
  3. Schnobel

    350 Sig Question

    Hi. I've never seen a Sig of any size with hull through exhaust. Hmmm. Would you post some pics or a video? Would be interesting to hear it.
  4. Schnobel

    Hull Cleaning

    You all are going to laugh and be skeptical but strait lemon juice is one of the best ways to clean the algae, green scum off the hull and works like magic. Buy several bottles and use in a Hudson sprayer. Soak in and let stand for 15-20 min. Use a pressure washer on a low setting with a brush and it all comes right off. Side benefits it’s super cheap, biodegradable and smells good! A big marine shop here in Minneapolis told me about it and I thought he was joking. Guy bet me a case of beer my boat would look perfect with nothing more than lemon juice and I took the bet. Lost it too. Try it and you’ll see.
  5. Schnobel

    Signature 240 Bimini Top

    You can have the covers made as suggested or there are online com0anies that have them premade to OEM specs. One company is: http://rnr-marine.com/ I have no affiliation with them but my friend got his there and was happy.
  6. Schnobel

    Thoughts on a windlass anchor

    Windless anchors are a great accessory on any boat and I will never own one without it. ;)
  7. Schnobel

    Tower Speakers

    What did you decide to go with? I have a similar set up with a few more speakers. I have 6, M770’s in the cockpit area with one M10” sub, 2 tower M880’s which are purchased but not yet installed and another 2 M880’s in the stern. The previous owner installed a set of 770’s there previously or I wouldn’t have done that. Not a fan of cutting holes in a boat but they were in so just needed to make the hole a tad bigger. I’m powering the set up with two JL amps. One 700/5 and a 400/4. Looking forward to getting the towers added and completing the system. Agree with Wylie the Wet Sounds Rev speakers do project better at a distance because the speaker is designed specifically to do that. If distance at volume is your main priority to be able to get sound out 60+feet great but for my ears, the JL’s sound better.
  8. Schnobel

    Signature Head Faucet leaking...Help Please

    You may very well be right. Since the mirror is also a medicine cabinet, it was suggested the hole if removed would be deep enough to possibly access the fittings of the faucet beneath but it may be too high or not have enough room. The thought was it would be the easiest thing to remove to investigate and a good starting spot. Agree, overall Chap does a good job of engineering most things to allow servicing down the road but this was a definite miss. .
  9. Schnobel

    Signature Head Faucet leaking...Help Please

    Good advise. Thanks!
  10. Schnobel

    Signature Head Faucet leaking...Help Please

    Thanks for the advice Hatem. I have plenty of tools to do the job. I was just hoping I didn’t need to cut out anything but it appears I may need to. Will pull the trim panel in the mid berth and go from there if I can’t get to it by removing the mirror.
  11. Schnobel

    Signature Head Faucet leaking...Help Please

    Its a separate SS bowl but there would be no way to remove it from the top either. I also doubt there is enough drain or water lines to allow it to be lifted enough even if it could be cut out to get access to the faucet nuts underneath.
  12. Schnobel

    Signature Head Faucet leaking...Help Please

    Update. I did get a hold of a Chap dealer with experience in this and they stated there is no easy fix. As suspected, everything was assembled prior to installation without thought or regard to down the road service if necessary. The dealer said its been a while but he thought they could get at the faucet nuts by removing the mirror and reaching down. If not, they also suggested the same as MPM330, to remove an interior trim panel in the mid berth and cut an access door there. Could be replaced without any visual or structural issues. Lastly, they said could cut an access panel in the inside of the cabinet but that would be my last choice. Will remove the interior trim panel in the mid berth and take a shot there if I can't get to it with the mirror out.
  13. Schnobel

    Right size engine for 330 Signature

    That was actually what I had on intended until my guy made me a deal too good to pass on to actually paint it. A wrap would be a good alternative but has its drawbacks as well. Doesn't hold up as well and can't be easily repaired when damaged. Also, just doesn't look the same close up but not a bad way to go plus it's removable. I had a couple of quotes to wrap the sides for around $3K.
  14. Schnobel

    Signature Head Faucet leaking...Help Please

    That's interesting. Hmmm.
  15. Schnobel

    Signature Head Faucet leaking...Help Please

    Nope, the inside of the cabinet is sealed on all sides including top so no, can't see bottom of bowl or the connections to the faucet. It's a fiberglass surround molded insert with a door attached. Imagine a square bowl on its side with a door and you'll get the idea. No way to get to the plumbing from the inside of the cabinet.