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  1. RWard

    Smithville Lake

    Finally getting back to normal, all boat ramps open, swim beaches open and the blue green algae has subsided and is almost completely gone. The lake is still 3-4 high but is not really noticeable at this point. You can see the damage from where the lake was above normal pool. There were several boats and the lake this last weekend when the Cameron Air Show flew over the lake and put on a great show for Smithville Lake Family Days!
  2. RWard

    Blue Springs Marine

    Bought our new Chaparral there and love the boat, salesperson was great. Took it in for the 20 hour service and was disappointed. They had to pull the port side area of the boat to tighten the bimini top brackets. When we went to pick the boat up there was a bracket and screw in the side that was just laying in the cutout. We asked them what it went to and no one knew. There was also a red fluid around the floor in the back of the boat, looked like radiator fluid. The boat had several mouse droppings in it, we showed our salesperson our concerns and he said he would mention it to the service guys. Chaparral Boats are the best we looked at, we looked at several. We just hope that we get the same service that we are used to from buying a boat from our local marine dealership where we bought our pontoon boat we sold to get our Chaparral.