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  1. WOW. Very informative! Thank you.
  2. When I push it I would say it’s medium to little effort. When engine running and it being off nothing changes on effort to turn wheel. I did flush the oil. Not sure if I maybe need to bleed the system. I searched around and saw that simple turning lock to lock would do the job. What should I check next?
  3. Didn’t know there was electric connected to the pump and I thought only powered by the serpentine belt.
  4. Good stuff. Makes a lot of sense. Thank you for the informative info.
  5. Chaparral 204 2008 4.3 Gxi Volvo penta power steering stopped working suddenly. I changed the serpentine belt, changed out the fluid with Volvo trim/power steering fluid. What else should I look at? I tried turning wheel lock to lock with engine off and on. No change. Any imput would be helpful, I was told that these pumps last forever it does work intermittently, weird thank you
  6. Problem solved. After reading a lot of helpful threads on here I double checked everything I read. In my case I checked the fuel pump connections, unplugged and re plugged. Cranked up the engine and it had a rough start due to the black plugs. Once I reved a bit and set it at a higher than normal idle, it started to run smoother. Then backed it up to idle and wallaaa! It stayed on with a smooth idle. Not sure why if one of the fuel pumps not working, why would it foul the plugs?????? thats the question of the day. Someone please be kind enough to explain. I hope this also fixed the not being able to plane or go over 2500 rpms in the water.
  7. Hi guys. I've got a 4.3 gxi 2008 Volvo penta engine on a chap 204 this engine is EFI problem I'm having: engine sputtering, won't stay on at idle, running rough. Before this happened I changed the distributor cap and rotor because the boat would not start. After the distributor cap change it started but boat did not plane and would not pass 2500 rpm. At the time it idled fine and ran ok up to the 2500 rpms, but didn't plane. Went home and changed plugs (Volvo plugs) turned it on and that's when I started to get the rough idle and rough engine rev. checked for water in the gas/water separation filter. No water detected pulled out the plugs and they were black smelling like gas something was failing and then failed when I got home I'm assuming any ideas? Could it be a sensor? Where should I start? I've checked all the basics and nothing. please help
  8. Awesome! Thank you guys. Will check out these possibilities.
  9. Recently my starter has been giving problems. (Hope it's not the starter) I turn the ignition switch and all a get are "click" sounds coming from the starter. (All batteries recently charged) on the 3-4 turn of the key, it starts. Through out the day it seems to turn on, on the 1st-2nd turn of the key. On each turn of the key it just clicks once. Any ideas?? I just put a new ignition switch to rule that out, but I got the same result. 2008 Volvo Penta GXI 4.3 Chap 204 ssi
  10. That's also a very good tip. Thx
  11. by the way, the picture you hace on your signature, is that fowey rock ligh house? is that close to Eliot key? How was your experience there?
  12. This is exactly what mine was doing. Until it finally started. Would cough as well. Until who knows what happened until finally. Later in the afternoon cranked right up with no issues. Will definitely look into this. Thanks mertzer
  13. As I was starting it, the kill switch was working as I removed it when ignition was on start position and beeping stopped when I took it out. Ill definitely take a look at it though.
  14. Thanks for the advice That's very helpful