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  1. Pads can be purchased any auto parts store NAPA #TS-7192-M or IBN # 289 and MXD289 (1990 Chevrolet Cavalier front brakes)
  2. I dont see any update since April did anyone take the old remotes from Royr? if not Roy I would
  3. What did you do with the old remotes?
  4. So did you say the old remotes ? if let me know
  5. ShawnDavid if buy any chance you still have those old remote and they are 6 pin let me know I will buy from you
  6. So did you ever do this? what did you find? I want to do the same but by adding electronics and they ask if I have a 4 way hub. Boats winterized so cant check, and I know it's not by the helm? So was there a hub? if so where?
  7. I search these boards all the time, I searched all day yesterday same situation as the guy in this post the switch is on dash wire is red and blue but here does it go. I hope the board would have the answer I saw this post and was great this will have the answer. In the end this guy just spliced in. I search mre and found it on my boat so I figured i had to help the next guy. The blue and red wire is mount on the engine compartment front wall or aft cabin back wall. Right next to the battery charger and between the yellow bus bar. Connectors and all right there very easy once I found it....... Think chaparral wouldnt make everything a mystrey