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  1. Looks like you are a weekend too early for at Mitchell creek. Willow Grove has the cheapest gas...good pizza and an outdoor patio/bar with live music. (be careful around the islands (goat island) it gets a little shallow we bent a prop out first trip) Sulfer Creek marina has a decent restaurant "Mikes Landing" with recently added outdoor bar/seating The state park lodge has an excellent Saturday night buffet and Sunday brunch (they run a shuttle from the marina) On the KY side there is trooper island and on down the Wolf river there are some jump rocks. If you are fishing make sure you have the proper fishing license (KY or TN) That's about all I know besides it is one of the cleanest lakes I have been to...enjoy.
  2. I've sold a car and my old Rinker on Craig's list. Set up a new gmail acount for emails and ordered a trac phone online for about 20 30 dollars had buyers meet in a local grocery store parking lot i listed a 100.00 fee for test drive on the boat Good Luck
  3. Dale Hollow Lake is our favorite...although we go to Barren river Lake more often because it is closer..would like to try Norris Lake heard lots of good things about it
  4. I'm not sure about bt...but I bought a adapter that plugs into the auxiliary on the head unit then I can plug in my phone or iPod. Works just fine for me
  5. Going to Dale Hollow Lake this weekend can't wait!!
  6. From the album My new 2004 204ssi

  7. From the album My new 2004 204ssi

  8. From the album My new 2004 204ssi

  9. From the album My new 2004 204ssi

  10. From the album My new 2004 204ssi

  11. Wow so sad to hear...i just purchased my 204 but it is in almost perfect condition..let me know where you find a place to list the items and and I'll try to help
  12. Just received my new extended swim platform from Chaparral....really excited to get it installed and have the extra square footage !!
  13. Hi Everyone...I would be interested in Dale Hollow Lake for sure spent a 5 days there last year at the new floating hotel at Wisdom Dock and it was fantastic. I will try and post some pictures once I figure out how to reduce the size.