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  1. Hi 4612Alan, I have some manuals that I've accumulated over the past few years that I can share. PM me and I'll send over what I have as I'm happy to share and collaborate with you as an owner of the same boat. As for your issue, I had a similar issue late last summer. Turns out the fuel pump was failing, and it failed completely a few months ago. The rubber diaphragm in on our mechanical fuel pumps tends to fail over time. I also had the carb rebuilt....the combination of both of these fixes made my 2300SX run very well, and it starts every time. When hot, it starts right up. When cold, it takes a bit more effort...typical of a carb'd engine, however. One thing you can do to determine if your fuel pump is going bad is check the plastic tube return line going from the pump to the carb. If there is fuel running through it, your fuel pump is going, or has gone bad. Hope this helps! Love what you did to the exterior of the boat! Looks like you are doing a lot of work on it.
  2. AZdmont

    1988 2300SX 5.0 I/O

    @soldier4402 it is probably a 5.7 Magnum made by Chevy, which is what is in mine. I think I'm at 4000- 4200 rpm at around 40 mph. Fast enough for me with family in tow.
  3. AZdmont

    1988 2300SX 5.0 I/O

    You and I have the same boat! The gelcoat looks great on yours. Check out my profile pics. We restored the interior and replaced the carpet, put in some new lighting, new stereo, upholstery, etc. It's a great boat and is large enough for two families. As for your speed, 40-45 mph seems to be top speed for me. However, I have a 17 Pitch, 14.5 dia, 4 blade prop on it that I purchased specifically for getting out of the hole. I'd love to see some pics of yours!
  4. AZdmont


    @tigerdad5352 I'd love to see what you did with the LED's! I did the same thing in my '88. Where did you locate your sub?
  5. AZdmont


    Thought I would chime in as a 2300SX owner and resurrect a 5 year old post!
  6. It's getting warm in AZ!

  7. Question for those of you that do your own maintenance and repairs on the engine and outdrive..... which manual would you recommend for a 1988 engine and outdrive? I have a 1988 2300SX and I want to be intimately familiar with this thing so I can do my own maintenance and, god forbid, if I ever get stuck out on the lake I can have a clue as to what to look for. I need something like a Chilton's/Haynes manual for boats! I do a good amount of work on my vehicles but the boat is a bit of a different animal. I have the Alpha One Gen 1 Serial #OB938407 with Mercruiser 350 Mag Serial #OB997430. I was looking at: Seloc Mercruiser Sterndrives 1964-1991 manual Mercruiser Service Manual #9
  8. AZdmont

    My first boat: 1988 Chaparral 2300SX

    Thanks guys! Looking forward to many years with my Chap!
  9. AZdmont

    My first boat: 1988 Chaparral 2300SX

    90% Complete! We'll do the dash on both sides in coming months.
  10. AZdmont

    Shallow Cup Holder

    Mich149, I just took a few out of my boat and installed more modern cupholders. Are these the ones you need?
  11. AZdmont

    My first boat: 1988 Chaparral 2300SX

    The floor was wood with a coat of fiberglass resin. The picture shows the glue being applied to the floorboard, which is used to adhere the marine carpet to the wood. The marine carpet had a rubber backing to it, much different than anything I've seen before. We just got the individual seat cushion components back from our upholstery guy. Seat assembly is the next step!
  12. AZdmont

    My first boat: 1988 Chaparral 2300SX

    She's leading the movement to restore the interior! I was going to leave it as it was.
  13. AZdmont

    My first boat: 1988 Chaparral 2300SX

    Thanks guys! DrewM3i, that is an interesting vintage catalog. Thanks for that! It's hard to see in the pictures, but the seats were a bit cracked from age. Also , the seats were all structurally soft from the wood backing deteriorating over time. The carpet was also a bit aged and torn in places. I'll post pictures as we progress. Carpet was the first step in the project, modern-sized cupholders were second.
  14. I just bought my first boat, a 1988 Chaparral 2300SX with a Mercruiser 350 Magnum. We are redoing the interior on a boat that is mechanically sound and appears to have been well maintained. I guess time will tell! I'm new to the forum, and hope to both learn a lot and contribute as well. Does anyone know if there is a certain person or weight capacity specification for this boat? Thanks! Dave