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  1. Ah someone else with the same issue as my bro-in law. So did your guys boats speed up a little after the break in?? We could only get 30mph @ 7000rpms and it was barely planing.... I can't believe they would limit the rpms to where you lugging around the lake revvvvved right out! Brand new 203 vrx jet only goes 28mph @ 7000rpms!
  2. Im curious if anyone out there has this same boat. ANYONE???!!!
  3. No he did not do a dealer demo as there is no lakes close by. The plate was slightly blocking the jet flow and wasn't locking in the full forward position(Factory newbies) so we adjusted it so it locked in forward and threw it in the water and same god #%^$&%$ thing. He wasn't very happy. So now he took it back into Barry jays marine(stay away) and they are telling him its a break in period where it won't let you rev it fully until ten hours is on the meter....I called complete bs on that. The boat wouldn't plane with 5 people in it if we tried and 7000rpms seems hig
  4. My brother in law just got his boat and we throw it into the water and it will only go 28mph at full Rpm I'm assuming(7000) The reverse bucket didn't move into its lock position at full forward so we thought that was the issue and re adjusted it and same problem. We pull it out of the water again and it looks like the impeller is rubbing the impeller housing slightly. I'm assuming this must be the issue. These impellers should not be rubbing I'm assuming?! I would think if it's like a turbo and its rubbing and it must be screwed. Question is..why would it be rubbing?
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