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  1. You can try...Boat Outfitters I've had good luck finding latches and guides from them
  2. If it's the larger Clarion unit that the face drops down when you open it, there are rubber covers on each side that you pull off that hide the four screws holding the unit in. Remove the screws and it should pull straight out. If it's a bad remote, you can also disconnect the remote at the remote end. They only have about a foot long pigtail on them then the connect to an extension cable back to the head unit where there is a Y cable. I'd be shocked if your issue is the Y or extension cables
  3. Yes, it's the small eyebrow light by the cabin door on the port side. FS-31-04-BLU would be the one under the rear seat.
  4. I did the same thing a couple years ago in our Sig 290....here is my list if anyone's interested. SO much nicer with LED's!! Description part # Qty Purpose Web Site G4 Base Side Pins 10 LED Light Bulb 12V (WARM WHITE) 1109 15 cabin/head LEDWholesalers X-Beam side pin blue/cool white Bi-color G4 bulbs ILSPG4-09BC 2 arch 31mm (1-1/4") 4-LED Festoon Bulb (RED) FS-31-04-RED 1 nav Marinebeam 31mm (1-1/4") 4-LED Festoon Bulb (GREEN) FS-31-04-GRN 1 nav Marinebeam 31mm (1-1/4") 4-LED Festoon Bulb (BLUE) FS-31-04-BLU 1 court Marinebeam 31mm (1-1/4") 4-LED Festoon Bulb (WHITE) FS-31-04-CW 1 stern nav Marinebeam Wedge Base 15-LED Omni-directional Micro Tower (WHITE) WG-MICRO-CW 2 360 nav Marinebeam Sylvania LED dash mini bulb (BLUE) 194BZEVOLED 1 eyebrow court Autozone
  5. I have the Fusion RA70N down in the cabin and it works with my phone anywhere on the boat. Didn't do anything special to make it work either.
  6. I got the Tank Adapter installed today and it's working good. I had to follow one of there troubleshooting suggestions, setting the adapter to Diesel rather than Gas. For whatever reason the Garmin 4208 wouldn't pick up the tank till I did that. I have to get an ohm reading on the 2 coil gauge so I can set the readings correct on the adapter, but didn't have a meter with me. Assuming the issue isn't your sender, their tank adapter should get you some fuel gauge readings on your Garmin as well.
  7. I"m not a lawyer, nor do I play one when I stay at Holiday Inn...LOL...but I would assume so. I can only speak to Volvo, in that you can. I would assume that you could do a Merc as well, to get Oil, Volts, Tach, Temp onto your Garmin Check out these folks and see what they have to say.... Yacht Devices US I went this route because I have a 4 in 1 gauge for the Port engine that the Volt reading had died, and the Temp bounces around a lot.
  8. I swapped out the head unit, added an amp, Sub and two more pairs of speakers (4 pair total) a few years back on our 290 Speaker and amp install Not sure if it will help or not. I ran power down the port side from the engine bay into the cabin for the Amp, as well as running all new speaker wire to all locations except for the cabin speakers. I was an ......interesting job.....
  9. I was also looking to do the GFS-10's on mine as well. I"m glad that I waited and found that the gateway's pick it up, so now I don't have to. What I saved in those two units, makes having to purchase a second gateway more bearable. I was concerned about the GFS having a 2 Gal/Hr minimum rating and if that was low enough. Cranked my engines up today and at idle it looks like each pulls about .8 Gal/Hr or 1.6 Gal/Hr combined. My plan is to tap into the wires by the gauge and have the unit connect into the network at the helm. Much simpler. I"m pretty good with schematic's but it's always nice to find someone that has done something similar for a sanity check. Thanks
  10. Couple pictures of the gateway install. Going to be working on the Tank adapter this weekend.
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  12. Correct...I have the older analog gauges. I"m all set on the gateway's and harness's and know my path forward on them. The tank adapter is another situation. Being it's a bare wire cable, I'm trying to get any info I can on it before I start splicing into my harness somewhere
  13. Sadly, one gateway will not pick up both engines. I ordered one to begin with, mine is connected via an 8-pin EVC/Vodia adapter cable on the engine due to the year of the engines. It's configured for two, but will only see one engine. Tech support said if the sync cable is in place I will see both engines, but if it isn't I"ll need a second gateway for the other engine. I could see temp, tach, volts, fuel flow, oil...everything I expected, just only for the engine the gateway was connected on. I have the second gateway now so I'm not concerned about that. It's the tank adapter tie in I'm more interested in now
  14. So, I'm finally getting around to install the Yacht Device Engine gateway, and found that I need to have one for each engine on my Sig 290. It seems there isn't a Sync cable between the engines so that one gateway would read both engines. Anyway, It also appears that I'm able to read fuel flow via the gateway, which makes me happy, meaning I don't have to install one of the Garmin's to get that data. So because I have the flow data, I now need the tank level info to make it worth while. I purchased the Tank Level adapter, which has a three wire lead to connect to the gauge. My plan is to tap it in at the helm at the gauge.. Based on the wiring schematic.... At the gauge there is a four wire connection... Yellow...negative ground I assume Pink...Assume this is sensor input , being appears at sender also Purple...Appears to go down to the ignition switches, so I assume provides +12v Blue... I believe this is the dash light based on the fact I see a Blue on one of the two connections for the 4 in 1, Tach, and Spedo gauges. Back at the sender....basically two wires plus a ground wire Pink...Assume this is the sensor input, being appears at the gauge also Yellow....Assume this is negative ground GRN...ground For the tank adapter.... Red..... Vref input (+12v)........thinking this connects to the Purple at the gauge Blue....Sensor input.......Thinking this connects to the Pink at the gauge Black....Ground......Thinking this connects to the Yellow a the gauge Has anyone installed one of these Tank Adapter devices on your boat, and where did you make the connection and can you confirm any of this? Thanks in advance.....
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