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  1. We have a 2015 223 VRX. Does anyone know if the ASP and ballist system can be installed. Ours did Not have this from the factory. We are being told that it can be done, but they don't seem real sure about it.
  2. I am finding this out as we go along.. Love our boat, just wanting more of a "wake surf" boat. I am being told that adding 3 ballist and a wakeshaper would do us just fine for wake surffing. We only do this when our kids come down from the KC area (3 or 4 times a year)
  3. We have a 2015 223 VRX and are wanting to know if the ASP Surf platform with ballist can be installed on our boat that didn't come equipped with it from the factory? We love our boat but would like a better Surf wake. We went to a dealer yesterday in an attempt to possibly trade up and we found out that our 2015 VRX has lost $25,000 in value, so we would be interested in installing the ASP system instead of taking such a huge loss...
  4. Thank you for the good information...I have been looking into 3 bags and the "wakeshaper" I think that would give a good enough wake for wake surfing. Still disappointed that our two year old Chaparral with only 65 hours has already lost $25,000 in value.
  5. I have not had any issues at all with our 223 VRX. We purchased it in July of 2015 and try to spend as much time on the water as we can. No issues at all...Love the boat
  6. Thank you... I will contact them today... My dealer doesn't seem to excited to get the new card in...
  7. Taking delivery of our new Chaparral 223 VRX this Saturday morning. I have owned boats all my life and sold our last one before moving out of state. It was time to get back into it. Any advice on this boat? They took us on a demo ride about 2 weeks ago and we loved it. Just wanting to ask if there is anyone out there with experience with this boat?
  8. I have a 2015 223VRX also, just over two weeks old...When we took delivery of our boat, the guy told us that Medallion was having a major issue with the size of the card that is in the unit and it will not give a clean indication of where you are on a lake. He said that Medallion was sending out new cards to every owner within the next few weeks. All you have to do when you get the new card, is install it in the upper back part of the unit and that is all you will need to do..I spoke with the dealer yesterday and he said our card had not come in yet. I would suggest that you call your dealer and speak to him about this because the card you have right now, will not work correctly.
  9. Hello Shawn... We had our 223 VRX out last weekend for only about 4 hours total due to weather. We are going back out this weekend. We loved the performance of this boat...and the handleing. Reverse will take some getting used to but we had no issues docking a couple of times and loading the boat onto the trailer. Really looking forward to some time on the lake this weekend...We have been going to Greers Ferry in North Central Arkansas..really nice lake. Dave