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  1. Joezurf

    243 Vortex 10 hour service

    I demoed the 203 when I was looking at the Yamaha 212x as well... was too under powered for my taste, especially compared to the 212x. So I went with 223 - I will tell you, your demo and the first 10 or so hours on the boat will be very under whelming, I mean almost disappointing. The computer regulates the RPMs during the break in period and you can fully appreciate the power it has, but I promise you once you break it in, it will literally blow your socks off. Heck, it ripped a piece of my snap in carpet out from taking off so fast. Once it opens up and you have the first service, 8000rpms turned into 54mph with 4 of us on board. If you ski or wake board, it has plenty of power to get you up right away and is a blast to drive. I highly advise the Wet Sounds audio upgrade... Sounds freaking awesome.
  2. Joezurf

    243 Vortex 10 hour service

    Thanks for your guidance. My dealer has been pretty good so far about helping with these issues so I am optimistic - we have the 223vrx. I believe your Bimini setup is a little different without the tower, but still keep and eye out.Sorry you have to pull it out already. We had another 90 degree weekend here in Houston so we are hoping for another month of fun. How do you like your boat so far? Ours has been running like a dream, although I can tell a difference running premium over unleaded.
  3. Joezurf

    243 Vortex 10 hour service

    That's shady...i was told chaparral requires their boats to be sold with a trailer they designed/built and its was included in the price...I am really hoping I haven't been misled.
  4. Joezurf

    243 Vortex 10 hour service

    Have you had any issues with your wake tower rattling? Or carpet coming out? Our wake tower is starting to rattle and seems to be extremely loose. Everything has been tightened but it seems to be not seating properly or the tolerances have widened/become to great. We also lost our square peice snap in carpet out off the back of the boat. The air got up under neath it and ripped it out of the boat. By the time we could stop the boat and turn around the dang thing sunk to the bottom. Have you had any issues with the carpet flapping around? It seems to me the snaps weren't placed properly giving the proper hold. In all the boats my family has owned through out the years, we have never had this issue. Any issues with the boat not trailering correctly? Ours no matter what we do, doesn't seem to want to sit on the two bunks correctly...its seems to us, again, coming from other ski/sport boats, the trailer wasn't designed correctly or was an after thought. I called on some of the experts at our marina to get their take and they agreed. Once again, any guidance you may have would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Joezurf

    243 Vortex 10 hour service

    Gentleman, Have any of you had issues with your Bimini top front support buckling? When I first purchased my boat the dealer at to replace the front support because it was already bent. Last weekend, cruising along at 30, the top blow up and the front support buckled, it also cause the frame to bend. Seeing this happened twice now, at relatively lower speeds, I am wondering if it is a design or installation issue. Has anyone had this problem? Has chaparral come up with a fix? I would assume it would be covered under warranty as its a new boat - not even 2 months old. Any guidance would be much appreciated.
  6. Joezurf

    New Chaparral 223 VRX

    Hey Guys, I am glad to hear you are enjoying your boats. I took delivery of mine two weeks ago. After getting it dialed in correctly - Chaparral and my dealer did a great job making it right - the boat runs extremely well. My biggest hesitation picking this boat over the 212x Yamaha was not knowing the performance of the Chaparral during the break in period. Now its starting to open up, it runs as well if not better than that 212x, not mention it looks awful lot better. 11 hours into the boat and I couldn't be happier. Enjoy your Labor Day weekend on the lake! Joe
  7. Joezurf