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  1. bbksv

    Prop help

    Jeez....what did I start...
  2. bbksv

    Prop help

    Ive used various penetrating oil...beat the crap out of it with a mallet and wood...used a 5 ton puller with 3/16 steel cable rated at 840 lbs which snapped. I am going to try to use 1/4 cables next. I dont know why the #%^$&%$ tool I paid 200 for doesnt want to turn to engage. I would think about a airline ticket and somewhere for you to stay for a little hand on getting some things fixed lol
  3. bbksv

    Prop help

    It has been stuck on there for a while. I have tried several different methods to get it off the last couple years..but the boat has only been out 3-4 times in 2 years. Before that it was pulled off annually before that.
  4. bbksv

    Prop help

    Yeah...I have to pull the props to get to the oil plug
  5. bbksv

    Prop help

    Yes they are working fine...but I want to putt them so I can check/fill the drive lube. This drive is getting corroded like crazy and I worry about the bellows. I need to pull it soon..will probably just replace the whole #%^$&%$ thing!
  6. bbksv

    Prop help

    I have a 2007 Sig 250 with the 8.1 VP GI.....and my forward prop is way STUCK. I have tried the hydraulic jack method using steel cables and the cable actually snapped. I also bought the duo prop removal tool (3888918) and that wont even engage the prop...so I am an whits end. Anyone have any ideas on how much I can expect to run to get it cut off?
  7. Having a bit of a problem..today started up my boat for the first time in 6 months. Started ok..ran for a few minutes and started to sputter a little so I shut it off. I was a bit worried about the fuel sitting in it since if I remember right the last time I filled up was with pump gas. I did put fuel stabilizer in it. So..I figured I would check the fuel filter/water separator and pulled it off..looked pretty much empty...so I am thinking anti-siphon valve? Where might I get one? would it be a Chaparral part or something standard that I can pick up at an auto parts store or something? Thanks
  8. I did the same thing in the fall but have yet to test them out. Wish I had pictures like that when I did mine. I did learn one thing though..I will never in my life buy another volvo penta product. After doing the trim cylinders and manifolds/risers..and some miscellaneous stuff I realized how much they mark up parts.
  9. Ok..got them all swapped out and that sure was a PITA. It was pretty straight forward..would've been easy if the bolts weren't rusted. Only thing I have to figure out is where I can get the plugs at the bottom of the manifolds..there are holes there that aren't on the ones that came off...but I have them temporarily plugged up with a couple bolts for now
  10. Just figured I would follow up with what I did. I ended up going with the set from Cecil marine which was a great deal. When I got to pulling off the old manifolds things were pretty bad. I think the leak was actually just at the gasket between the riser and manifold but I should have noticed and tackled it much sooner. It was leaking around the manifold and completely rusted several of the manifold bolts. I was able to get off all but 2 of them off but ended up having to break out an air die grinder to grind off the tops of the heads of the bolts..and then used vice grips to get the studs off
  11. Awesome!! Thanks for the info. I think I am probably going to just go with that and replace them for the peace of mind.
  12. Now that I think about it....when I winterized I used a pump to circulate anti freeze from a bin under the rear drive up to the spout connection on the engine...when it got up to temp it started to blow white smoke (I think it was smoke since I don't think it was cold enough to be steam)...right before I secured the engine. Maybe I already had a leak and that was just when the tstat opened up allowing antifreeze to leak in to the cylinder...hmmm. Well..I will probably just replace them now but I think before I start it up I will pull the spark plugs to make sure no water has leaked in to the
  13. wow...I didn't even know this post went through. I posted it and got some fatal error and assumed it didn't post. Anyways..it is just a couple brown lines. I do have a couple riser/manifold gaskets here if I pulled them apart.
  14. So I have a 2007 sig 250 with an 8.1gi..it has about 150 hours on it..about 90 of those were fresh water..and the other 60 or so salt water. It is flushed every time it comes out of the water (dry stacked)...but started to notice rust stains on the joints between the manifolds ad risers. Do you think I need to just replace all? Or do you think it is a possibility of just a gasket leak between them? If I replace them..has anyone seen any aftermarket manifolds/risers for the 8.1? I have heard some people mention barr but on their website I didn't see anything for the 8.1. Thanks
  15. I have been having an issue with my trim system for a while and I am trying to figure out what I need to replace. I have a 2007 Signature 250 with a VP drivetrain. I did have an issue with water in the trim pump due to a bad oring on the cap and I fixed that. Hopefully the pump is fine (it seems to run fine) however, the drive doesnt seem to want to trim up after I get on plane. Looking at the cylinders and drive, when I trim up..it sags back down ever so slightly indicating possible leakby in the cylinders? Any thoughts? I would really rather just rebuild the cylinders before i go dropping a
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