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  1. I have a locker under the lounge seat that I keep it in when I don't want to leave it out, otherwise it sits on a bracket that's mounted to the stern of the boat. TD
  2. Toronto Island is so flooded (50%+) that the fish are swimming on what were roads. TD
  3. Which model, 2200 SL or 2250 SL? TD
  4. My current Chaparral Signature 31 is my fourth boat. TD
  5. I know this is an old thread that's been dormant for over a year so I'll add this to keep it going. I'm just getting back into boating after a 15 year break. I'm on Lake Simcoe with my Chap Signature 31 Cruiser. She's moored at Baer Marina at the Atherley narrows in a nice covered slip. We live in Barrie and wish the City marina had covered slips since it's only 8 minutes from our house. Cheers, TD
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