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  1. oh and I have put smart tabs on my boat great difference
  2. im running a 19 pitch also great all around prop sill getting around the 50s im just wanting SS next prop
  3. Thoughts and prayers !!!!
  4. Ya I never got the first R if you sent it and now I lost the same #%^$&%$ R on the other side looks like it time to debadge and go to stickers
  5. 2130 is a great boat !!!!!
  6. I do I do just lost an R on sunday
  7. i put 4 8 inch speakers in front and back of seats and a amp and have the 2 6.5 speakers running off the deck sounds great
  8. the swim platform is so worth it !!!!!!!!
  9. Storage is 1% full
  10. ya but at work now and there on my phone ill post some soon
  11. hey guys just getting ready for the season to start and started to upgrade my stereo ... and installed 4 8 inch speakers in the front back seating .... has anyone else done this it was scary cutting into the seats but while I was doing in I had to replace most of the 1994 wood lol pulled up the carpet to run the wiring under so it looks ....t i t s also some other upgrades changed all drain and pump ......from plastic to stainless steel what would they be called there on the outside of boat ok ok lunch over now back to work oh and hooking up dual batteries also ...
  12. good looking boat and you got a great buy now you just need a swim step
  13. if you changed the water separator if has to be fuel of fuel to start