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  1. Is your bimini top original or did you add later?

  2. Gamblingdave

    Maybe gimbal ?

    thanks guys ill keep you updated
  3. Gamblingdave

    Maybe gimbal ?

    So easter boating was a blast but was hearing slight noise from 1994 2130 mercruiser alpha one outdrive did some research and noise may be coming from gimbal bearing didn't know that I should not store boat with drive up only on year 4 with it lol found grease zerk for gimbal and lubed hope it quiets it ??? it only made noise when in water and wasn't that loud now the questions yes I know I need it fixed but all shops are at a month backed up if noise is gone can I wait till winter to do full service ? what would happen if it bound up ?
  4. Gamblingdave


    oh and I have put smart tabs on my boat great difference
  5. Gamblingdave


    im running a 19 pitch also great all around prop sill getting around the 50s im just wanting SS next prop
  6. Gamblingdave

    Anyone need Chrome letters?

    Thoughts and prayers !!!!
  7. Gamblingdave

    Anyone need Chrome letters?

    Ya I never got the first R if you sent it and now I lost the same #%^$&%$ R on the other side looks like it time to debadge and go to stickers
  8. Gamblingdave

    Would like input on 1999 2130 SS/SSI

    2130 is a great boat !!!!!
  9. Gamblingdave

    Anyone need Chrome letters?

    I do I do just lost an R on sunday
  10. Gamblingdave

    Stereo Amp

    i put 4 8 inch speakers in front and back of seats and a amp and have the 2 6.5 speakers running off the deck sounds great
  11. Gamblingdave

    Stereo Amp

  12. Gamblingdave

    Hello all, new 2330 ss owner here.

    the swim platform is so worth it !!!!!!!!
  13. Gamblingdave

    Added speakers with holes lol and upgrades

    Storage is 1% full
  14. Gamblingdave

    Added speakers with holes lol and upgrades

    ya but at work now and there on my phone ill post some soon