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  1. Exoset

    Best GPS/Chartplotter

    Well that would be Garmin for me mainly because of the features, I mean, with G2 Vision charts and auto pilot you just have to pin point on your gps, and you let it go, active captain is a cool feature too, I like being able to drive the boat with my smartwatch when on the bow or even enjoy controlling the fusion stereo. I had a Lowrance HDS, cool product but more fishing oriented. For pleasure boat I would say Garmin, for sailing probably Furuno, for fishing Lowrance/Navico/BG. There is only good products nowadays but some of us have preferences :).
  2. Exoset

    Water getting in my chaparral horn.

    Bought a Dual Ongaro as well.
  3. Exoset

    Water getting in my chaparral horn.

    Kids like to use it
  4. Hey Iggy, sorry didn't saw your post yesterday :s. The 2 bars behind are for the canvas, I have made them this way in order to extend the shade, wife wanted more shade for the kids. Moreover, it adds more room when the canvas is closed, As I remember the old one were curved in the back and it was difficult if we wanted to eat in the cockpit. Love it that way
  5. Well you know, I am towing my Sig 290 behind the RAM and (Sig specs are 31 ft long by 10 ft wide and Regal spec are 34 ft long by 10.4 wide), I took all the required permits back and forth this year and it cost me around 1300 USD for both (just gave the job to J.J Keller company). I am still wondering if I will take them next year… I mean, the 290 is 1.4 ft wider than legally authorized, which means 8.4 inches on each sides. Let's face it, below the waterline you are at 8.6... so it almost invisible. My point is, with the truck you have… you are good to tow this kind of boat easy if you want to. I am doing it. And you can fold the arch for height concerns :p.
  6. Oh wow Sundancer 360 is a beast indeed Which year ? But I understand, in my case I don't have many choices in Canada, I have to make at least 1000 - 1500 miles to have a cool spot for the holidays so I don't mind a couple hundreds more, which is why we push to the Keys, but if I were closer like you, I would probably do the same. How is the water in Pensacola ? I guess better than Galveston Ho, and I was thinking, we talked about the idea of an upgrade on another thread, look at this (Same range as 330 Sig. still easily towable) :
  7. I was on Marathon area, I wanted to avoid spring breakers inn the upper keys and Key West in the lower since it is more a family trip :), I went to Looe Keys and wow man it is so destroyed down there, no comparison from 2 years ago… cristal blue water just disappears, on gulf side it is like you don't have any fish anymore... To be honest, the hole shot increased a little, I just installed Auto Trim Pro from Bennett, and it is like I never changed the arch for the hard-top. When I wrote about the modification last year I had a pretty amazing deal on a sank Sig 310 2017, but I asked Chaparral about buying a new before that and they told me that you can't buy this kind of parts but if it was possible the price was more thank 10 000 USD for a brand new (without the hatch, lights, etc). I am glad I was able to find one :p. For the SS bars, I spent a lot of time thinking about this, making different templates with different angles, SS quality (304 vs 316), etc.. when I had the right one, I went to a specialized shop and ask them to make the bars as I asked. Cost me around 1 000 USD I think, so it was the longest part but not the most expensive. The cool things is the insurance came to see the boat and since I had all the invoices, all the modifications are covered. ------------ I am now wondering if I should keep going with Seastar Optimus 360 to have DTS and Joystick, or just enjoy the boat as it is for a couple of year and then upgrade to a Regal 33 Express… because no matter how updated the boat will be, I will never be able to have the room like the Regal. Since I am confortable with towing a 10 feet wide boat I will stay in this range (33 Express is 10.4 wide, 34.4 feet long and lower than the Sig). The 35 Sport Coupe is a good choice but 11.4 ft wide… the truck will be able to tow it but on the road I don't want the stress to be too high...
  8. I was at Marathon Boat Yard here : https://marathonmarinaandresort.com/ Love the place and the staff, but it is mainly because there is not a lot of places where you can find docks with amenities and RV spots. What I dislike the most is the absence of floating docks, make it a real pain with the dogs at low tide. but other than that everything was perfect for us. I know you're boating a lot in the area, I hope we will meet somewhere one day ;). On the water I am always looking for fellow Chaparral owners
  9. Hey TP, we will catch up one day I am sure of it :p. Why sticking in Pensacola area ? Because you liked it that much or because of the distance ? Did you went to the Keys this summer in the end ? Winter is coming and it will be a long one (as usual in Canada), I will have all the time I need to make something cool and since I used the Mavic Pro a lot I will have a better material than 2 years ago :p
  10. Hey Hatem, I am good, just came back from Florida Keys where we stayed in the boat for 5 entire weeks. Let me tell you that it was way better than 2 years ago in the sig 270 ;). Even if Irma made a great deal a lot of damages.. on land and under the water... About your question, it is a 2017 310 Sig Hardtop on a Chap 290 Sig 2004 (both are 10 ft wide). About the hardtop itself… well the most difficult part was to custom made the stainless bars on the front. Next was all the electrical aspect since I wanted to have the same lights ase the 310 (with different colors). Thing is, the hardtop itself is VERY heavy, I mean, I was able to remove the arch by myself, but man… the hardtop was a whole different story, we had to be 6 Men to lift it and in the end we had to lift it with a big Forklift, but other than that we just had to bolt it in place. No fancy fiberglass work, the hardtop fit just un place, 3M Seal caulk and you're done ;). If I had to do it all over again I will, but only if I had to stick with Chaparral. Don't know if you saw the Regal 33 Express but in this range of boat, it can't be beaten in any aspect (Queen size AND King size (or both single) in the cabin, wet bar with grill, real shower, etc... If I had to upgrade that would be for a Regal 33 Express for sure I am making a video of our trip, like last year, I will post it here, in the meantime here are some pictures :
  11. Exoset

    Trailering 330

    I would recommend to put the boat on an hydraulic trailer, this way they are able to lower it and you should stay below 13.6 ft which seems to be the standard height on Interstates. I put the same hardtop as you on my 290 and believe me... you don't want to remove it, it is pretty heavy and sealed. Good luck
  12. Exoset

    Hydraulic Assist Steering on Chap SC 250

    I upgraded the steering system last year on my Sig 290 2004 and I had the same problem, lock to lock it was like 6 turns . Purged the system for any air with a big tool from seastar and it disappeared, cost a couple oh hundreds dollars. The guys told me that sometimes, depending where are the air bubbles it happens. We let his tool purging the system during 20 minutes and I went down to 3.5 lock to lock and it was also waaaay smoother.
  13. Exoset

    Keys Trip

    Hmmm I will look into it, perhaps Friday June 22 could be the best day to join you since I want to go in Miami. This way we could ride together from Key Largo to Miami. Will you launch your Sig at Miami then all your trip will be done in the boat or will you move it on the trailer every time you change of spot ?
  14. Well I will let you know around the end of April, with the 3500 AISIN I have a lot more torque than I had with the 2500, I guess I should be closer when towing, in term of consumption, compared to when I am not. Combo truck/boat is also heavier than before so I just hope to keep at least the same range than with the 2500/ Sig 270 from 2 years ago. Lanes seems narrower with the Sig 290 fat $^&, the trip will probably be a little more exhausting, I will have to be more focus. But despite all of this.. I am so eager to be in June
  15. Exoset

    Keys Trip

    During the month I will be in the Keys, I have planned to go in Miami for 2-3 days, if you guys are around between 12 and 18 June, I will try to meet you at the haulover. Let's stay in touch in this thread