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  1. Well, about trim and fuel tank : your trim sender (on your Bravo) as a wire connecting to the main engine in the plug labeled ANALOG TRIM. You will need to unplug it and plug it in the one named DIGITAL TRIM. Don't forget to take the small cap from DIGITAL and put it on the ANALOG. Same thing for the fuel. The sender in your fuel tank should be plugged directly on the fuel gauge (on your dashboard), identify it, cut it and plug it on the engine, this way your SIMRAD/Vesselview will be able to read what is send by your fuel sender. What your ordered is the blue smartcraft cable which is a totally different thing, for this particular one you just need to plug it on your smartcraft plug (on the engine) on one end and plug the other one behind your dashboard in a free slot of your junction box. Since your boat wasn't installed with smartcraft wiring, you should check if you have a junction box, if you don't, it is really not expansive, a 4 ways should be enough for what you are trying to achieve.
  2. Hi Dozer, don't forget that since your engines weren't programmed with smartcraft/vesselview in mind, both of them are configured as starboards engine. I did what you are trying to achieve on a Sig 290 2004 a couple years ago and it worked very well, I only needed a Merc tech to set my port engine as port engine . He did it in 3 minutes... Don't forget to unplug the trim from the analog wire and put it to the digital trim plug (both are together directly on the engine) because without it you will miss a couple of features on your Simrad/vesselview like Eco Mode, Smart Tow, etc... they need trim information to operate . Same goes for the fuel tank wire, on mine it was directly plugged on the fuel gauge. You will need to plug it on the engine instead. You will definitely love the upgrade, of that I am pretty sure
  3. Exoset

    What Cruiser Would You Buy?

    My next target would probably be the Sea Ray 350 Sundancer for a couple of reasons : - One of the rare 35 ft cruiser with a standalone / separate shower - The wet bar at the rear with the electric grill is a #%^$&%$ good idea - AFT cabin can be a queen or 2 single beds - Smart way to fit the TV in a like-home TV stand - Double adjustable bow cushions - Massive arch with electrical sunroof A Regal 33 Express would be my next choice I suppose.
  4. Exoset


    It's been 2 year so I am not 100% sure but I don't remember tying it in the anchor locker… I think it was on a bow cleat… Perhaps the line was under the anchor…. don't know for sure. I have been told to not throw the anchor if I can avoid it in the Keys by Drew, and some people at the marina told me the same thing. When I first arrive at Looe Keys I just looked around and saw that no one had dropped their anchor, I just did the same. Later, some folks told me it was forbidden because of the reef below ;). Some people were very helpful and kind, others almost yell at you if you are making a mistake… I am definitely not the most experience captain on any level anywhere, but I have a small experience of different places. I mean, I went on Mediterranean sea, Atlantic seas on Europe coast and US Coast, St Lawrence river and every river in France. A lot of river and seas in Spain/Portugal and of course a little experience in the Keys and different places in US. Most of the people who are yelling at you never left their confy spots, never knew anything else than their boat area. I am eager to learn from anyone, but everyone can make a mistake… no need to yell at them. I remember going very slowly (5-6 mph) approaching Bahia Honda, a fishing guy in a boat yelled at me to get out of there because since Irma, you can't go too close from Bahia Honda anymore (Except if you pay for it and stay a night in the state park). I told the guy not to yell at me if he didn't want me to teach him how to speak to people but that I was sorry I didn't know. Later I went a ask a guy in the State park, he told me that's because of the birds reproductions etc, they want to avoid boaters near Bahia Honda beach but didn't had the time to put a sign… All in all, I have met a lot of kind and cool people, you just can't avoid those who thinks they know everything, there is a few of them in the Keys, especially week-end fishermens...
  5. Exoset


    Mooring balls ;), at this time we were at Looe Keys and since it is a protected area you can't just drop your Anchor, if there is no mooring ball available you have to wait or leave or send a line to another boat. About music I was born in the 80's so I am more a 90's guy :p, I am only 37 old but yeah I feel older when I listen good old Nirvana or Kid Rock (not too loud because if you want respect you have to show some) and people look at me like : whaaaat ? ) lol
  6. Exoset


    Hey thanks for confirming, so if I want to go, I need a day from Marathon to the RDV point which means 2 back and forth + the 5 days including meeting prep. I should consider a week at least.
  7. Exoset


    Could be very cool to catch up ;). My own experience about beaches in the Keys is… don't bother lol. At least around Marathon and/or Key West. This is nothing like your pictures, in fact there is algae on almost every beach I have seen, it is even worst since Irma but I was told that it is good for the eco system in the Keys. Never been there yet but if you want beautiful beaches, it seems that Bahamas is the place to go, I will check that theory myself :p, you are more than welcome to join me. I have to say that I haven't been in the upper Keys though, perhaps it is different but I spent 2 months in 2 years looking for those beaches you are showing and I never found them, perhaps I was just unlucky. Dry Tortugas seems to be the real challenge with boats like ours, especially because there is nothing once you get there, I read a lot of stories of boaters stucked down there or trying to go from boat to boat exchanging water for gas, or simply being towed back. Anyway that is a trip I will do with at least 200+ gal just to be able to let the gen run. I like Marathon because I am looking for a place where I am able to hang out with the family. For me Key West is a little too noisy and active, I am looking for peace and quiet you know lol. I have been told that the upper keys are more fitted for spring breakers etc and since I am cool to be the only boat on the island, marathon seems to be the perfect place for me. Some cool spots to visit too like : Bahia Honda, Siesta Key, Looe Keys, 2-3 h away from Key West on the Atlantic side. I have made a video back in summer 2016, I need to work on the one of summer 2018 this winter. Perhaps it could give you an idea but what I saw this year was very different from what you can see on the video, Irma definitely took a heavy toll on the Keys… I am not fishing at all, don't have the patience for it :p
  8. Exoset


    I am interested by : June 26-30, 2019 - Bimini since I will be in the Keys from 19th of June to 16th of July. If I understand correctly you have to be there Wednesday for the meeting and everyone is leaving Thursday and return Sunday.
  9. Exoset

    Chaparral Helm Project

    Hi Jason, just saw your PM this morning and I was thinking that it is best to answer here. I did a couple of things on my Sig 290 2004. If I had to do it again, here are the things I loved most : - Hydraulic steering upgrade (I went with seastar system which includes the ram on the engines, the helm and the steering wheel + hoses) - Hydraulic steering system allowed me to put a Garmin Hydraulic AutoPilot - Put a nmea2k sensor in the fresh water tank to have the fresh water level on the GMI 20 - Since I went with a Garmin AP, I also went with a Chartplotter Garmin 7612 xsv and the AP gauge + a small Garmin GMI 20, a 4 inch mfd where you can see a lot of stuff. - A Fusion MS AV755 + 2 NRX200i remote (one in the cabin and the other on the swim platform) - In order to fit all this I also put the console of the Sig 290 2009. This is just the helm and I just listed what I liked most but there is more. With a Sig 350 you definitely want the auto pilot and Garmin integration is very nice. I can't go this way with the Sea Ray but I wish I could have. It is as simple as pin point on your Chartplotter and let the AP engage by himself, if like me, you go with the charts G2 Vision you don't even have to bother creating the route and it is very reliable too. About your gauges, if I were you I think I would either keep analog gauge or dedicate a mfd especially for this purpose with Maretron you can have something like this : I will be glad to provide help and#or parts numbers I used if you want.
  10. Huhu, in Canada scales are in Kg but at least it is automatic the weekend :p. A Ram 2500/ Ford F 250 should be enough to tow it with 15 K capacity but I wanted the BIG ONE so I went with the 3500 Dually
  11. Exoset

    What Cruiser Would You Buy?

    Yeah really cool design, love it. It makes think of Rio Yacht italian design : https://www.rioyachts.net/fr/yacht/espera-34-2/ Owned 2 Rio boats back when I was in Europe, loved them I am a big fan of Italian design.
  12. Back at home : At the scale )6350 Kg = 14 000 lbs) :
  13. Exoset

    31 Signature 2014 performance numbers

    Wow, I agree… really impressive… You get what you pay for… I wonder if the 45 ft goes by the same process… There are boats out there you just can't compete with :p. I saw a couple of Hatteras this summer down in the Keys and I have to say that you look at them every time you see one, they cut through waves like a knife and are so stables. The problem is… when you take THEIR waves… your are not as stable as them lol.
  14. Exoset

    31 Signature 2014 performance numbers

    I recently jumped to the Dark side with a Sea Ray 310 Sundancer 2014. I had 2 Chaparral (Sig 270 and Sig 290) and they were awesome boats. For now Sea Ray will focus on boat up to 40 ft, I think it is a smart move, they tried for years to go up to 65 ft, just as Regal is doing right now, and Brunswick people saw they were losing money with boats between 40 and 65 ft. There is nothing wrong IMO when a company is trying to grow and go bigger. There is nothing wrong either to be honest when you see that you are losing money to shutdown a department that is losing it and focus in the segment where you make profits. As far as I can tell, my Sea Ray is well built, a guy at the marina have the Quiet Ride technology on his boat and it is a really cool feature too. I am still thinking Chap and Sea Ray have a pretty similar quality… On the SR forum, people thinks Chaparral are amazing boats too. About OP thread, with twin 350 mag (300 hp), the SR 310 max speed is 49-50 mph with more Deadrise, the boat is heavier too. I don't have enough experience to give you the numbers about consumption. I do know that the Sig 310 have a bigger fresh water tank but a smaller gas tank. All in all it should be pretty similar. Just a comparison between 2 boats in the same range.
  15. Well, let's say that since Active Trim is a Merc Product and Merc and Sea Ray belongs to Brunswick, I have high hopes for better results. I tried Auto Trim Pro from Bennett and Autoglide from Lenco and wasn't that much impressed but they are third parties… I saw some videos on active trim and the efficiency about gas saving and hole shot are outstanding. I will forget about pitch since no auto system seems to work properly but if I could have the roll well handled I would be happy I will let you know for sure.