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  1. Exoset

    Trailering 330

    I would recommend to put the boat on an hydraulic trailer, this way they are able to lower it and you should stay below 13.6 ft which seems to be the standard height on Interstates. I put the same hardtop as you on my 290 and believe me... you don't want to remove it, it is pretty heavy and sealed. Good luck
  2. Exoset

    Hydraulic Assist Steering on Chap SC 250

    I upgraded the steering system last year on my Sig 290 2004 and I had the same problem, lock to lock it was like 6 turns . Purged the system for any air with a big tool from seastar and it disappeared, cost a couple oh hundreds dollars. The guys told me that sometimes, depending where are the air bubbles it happens. We let his tool purging the system during 20 minutes and I went down to 3.5 lock to lock and it was also waaaay smoother.
  3. Exoset

    Keys Trip

    Hmmm I will look into it, perhaps Friday June 22 could be the best day to join you since I want to go in Miami. This way we could ride together from Key Largo to Miami. Will you launch your Sig at Miami then all your trip will be done in the boat or will you move it on the trailer every time you change of spot ?
  4. Well I will let you know around the end of April, with the 3500 AISIN I have a lot more torque than I had with the 2500, I guess I should be closer when towing, in term of consumption, compared to when I am not. Combo truck/boat is also heavier than before so I just hope to keep at least the same range than with the 2500/ Sig 270 from 2 years ago. Lanes seems narrower with the Sig 290 fat $^&, the trip will probably be a little more exhausting, I will have to be more focus. But despite all of this.. I am so eager to be in June
  5. Exoset

    Keys Trip

    During the month I will be in the Keys, I have planned to go in Miami for 2-3 days, if you guys are around between 12 and 18 June, I will try to meet you at the haulover. Let's stay in touch in this thread
  6. Exoset

    Trailer measurement needed

    I measured my Sig 290 2004 I it was 24 ft from transom to bow-eye, if it can help.
  7. Done it last week and I was waiting to see the benefit of it. I took the Titan 50 gal. tank and it is just so much better than the previous.. Jeff, I guess you have the 31 gal. like me ? With the dually I could make around 430 miles before hitting the reserve. I just done 870 miles today and fill the tank with 42 gal. on a total of 50. Which means reserve is now 8-9 gallons instead of the previous 4 gal. I saw the difference in term of material and size between the 2 tanks (they were on the ground side by side) and the Titan looks far more durable than the old one. Tank + labor cost me around 1500 USD taxes included and if I had to ? I would do it all over again :). I will let you know how it is when I will get the boat in the end of April and towing. Remember the truck weight 14 K and the boat + trailer is probably around the same which means I will probably drop to 500-600 miles before hitting the reserve ( I am never going this close of the reserve though :p) so let's say refill every 400-450 miles. Oh and you are right Jeff, I am only going on Interstates and tanking in Truck stops for 3 obvious reasons named : Length ( 64 ft), width (10 ft) and height (13.6 ft). I guess that is a problem you encounter only when trailering a cruiser. I didn't want to go with a tank in the box because I have a one piece tonneau cover which means I couldn't fill the tank, I also didn't like the idea of all the modifications you have to make to link it to the main fuel system (splitter, cut the fuel pipe, etc...) Here is why I can't fit the additional tank in the box :
  8. Hi guys, I have a 2017 Dodge RAM 3500 Mega Cab Dually Laramie Limited 6.7 Cummins and so far, I am very pleased with it, plenty of torque, of room inside, etc.. There is one flaw though, the tank is a 31 gal. Far too short for my needs, I mean, the truck weight 14 000 lbs empty, the boat + the trailer are about the same which means 28 K total, and I am supposed to tow all the way down to Florida with ... 31 Gallons, I guess I will have to stop at the gas station every 250 Miles... or I could replace the tank. I saw 2 company in this field of activity : Titan Fuel Tanks : Made in USA, made of High-Density Cross-Linked Polyethylene (Military Grade), lifetime warranty, lighter and stronger than the original, 50 Gal. instead of the actual 31 Gal. Price : 1249 $ http://titanfueltanks.com/products/mid-ship-fuel-tanks/dodge-mega-cab-short-bed-super-series-2013-2018-7030213 Transfer Flow : Made in USA, made of aluminized steel, Six Year/Unlimited Mile Warranty, 50 Gal. instead of the actual 31 Gal. Price : 1717.85 $ https://www.transferflow.com/shop/product/0800116381?p=1&c=10&s=p- In short, both have the same capacity but they are made of different materials, of course each company is defending his choice, this video doesn't lie though : I am well aware that I will have more hit on the Dodge or Cummins forum about that, but I wanted to share this with the crew here, just in case in case someone encounters the same problem one day. I guess I am leaning toward the Titan Fuel Tanks option, my fuel gauge should remain accurate but my DTE (Distance To Empty) will not... as the EVIC will still see a 31 Gal. Tank. I can deal with this DTE is not vital to me. Other than that we are talking of 2-3 hours of labor @home. If someone have done this before, any input will be appreciated or if interested I will post the outcome
  9. Exoset

    SmartCraft display freezing

    Yep I was talking about AIS, my SIMRAD is NMEA2K so simply plugged in the backbone as any device. I can be wrong but it is the AIS function who's allowing you to see the vessel name in your chartplotter, proximity alarm, etc... Have you adjusted the baud rates in the VHF and the Chartplotter ? I do know that you can add your buddies with their names etc, and then chat with them on private channels, but I didn't know about any sort of polling through this way. Sounds weird about your trim, as soon as it is plugged in digital it should show up in the VV4, did you enabled it in the settings ? It is disabled by default.
  10. Exoset

    SmartCraft display freezing

    Yeah I have the same 15 sec as you but I have 2 engines which means I start the first and it is almost already ok when the second engines come up. I read they reduce the boot time in the newer versions (502/702) but you and I didn't had enough room to fit them in our dash so... no regrets :p. Have you been able to test the eco mode ? About the VHF I like having them on the chartplotter, I wish I bought a transmit/receive instead of just a receiver though Simrad RS35. You can see others but they can't see you
  11. Exoset

    Keys Trip

    Kind of weird to quote itself but... I forgot to mention something, don't forget your decal if you are planning to boat in a US area. cost is 28-29 USD for 31 ft and more at https://dtops.cbp.dhs.gov/main/# and can be order online and shipped. If you're smaller than 30 ft, I think you just have to go in the nearest harbor when you arrive. Same thing about your VHF licence, go to : http://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/smt-gst.nsf/eng/sf08764.html and fill the IC-3020, I think you will have a small fee of 36 CAD. This way your MMSI will be known in US just in case you are in trouble or need/want to use your VHF. If you can afford it, I highly recommend an antifouling on your hull, salt water tends to be... corrosive I think those points are pretty useful, and even if it is not required, remember that US flag goes on the bow and Canadian flag on the stern not like me in the video :p.
  12. Exoset

    Help me pick a truck

    I don't think there is still bad trucks on the markets nowadays, pick the one you like the most and go for it ;). I am with @soldier4402 though, I wouldn't discard half tons too quickly. I mean a 264 Sunesta weight something like what ? 5500 lbs dry ? Add 2k of trailer even less if you go stainless with more or less 10% of 7500 lbs for your stuff which means 750 lbs. Total of 8250 lbs, I guess a half ton, no matter if is a GM, a Ford or a RAM, should be able to tow this load. My 2 cents
  13. Exoset

    Keys Trip

    Are you planning to come all the way down to Marathon ? I understood that it was too far and you didn't have enough time which is why I was planning to came in Miami to meet you guys but if you are coming to Marathon, I will just wait :p.
  14. Exoset

    SmartCraft display freezing

    Dude, that looks great, congrats, love the look, looks very clean. Have you tested the VV in the end ? Everything seems to work ?
  15. Exoset

    Keys Trip

    3-4 days from LĂ©vis Qc to Marathon FL. We loved the trip, it is like a part of the holidays for us, but when we reached the 7 miles bridge and saw our playground all around us, I was so glad I brought the boat with us. I mean with your own boat and after a long trip like that I can't describe what you feel when you see the gulf on your right and the Atlantic on your left. It has to be done, at least one time. In my case, it was so hard to get back and launch the boat in the muddy water of the St Lawrence. I mean, in the Keys you are almost always in the water, in Canada you are always on the boat, a different experience but it is kind of sad when you have to go back :p. Other than that, we lived in the boat (Sig 270) 3-4 weeks with a kid and 2 dogs. It was ok. This year it will be 2 kids and 2 dogs but we have upgraded to a Sig 290, it should be even better I guess ;). We went to Sunshine Key RV and Marina and the cost was around 1500 USD for a month. Some days were windy and we stayed in the Gulf, but we went to the Atlantic side each time we could. I am telling you, if you go down there one time, you will get back again ;). If I had one single advice, it would be to do it as soon as you can because the trip is kind of long, and you have to keep your focus all along because you are towing. But hey, we just have one life so... Carpe Diem