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  1. Well, I think too that cost shouldn't be a concern about boating. Boating is a family hobby and it is a way to enjoy moments with the people you love not an end in itself. When I was in Florida last year, I saw a lot of people showing off their car/boat/bikes etc...They have a boat to own it and show it, not really for themselves or to create moments with their love ones, IMO, it is kind of sad.. But as Jeffk said in another thread, it is about what makes you happy and we are all happy with our boat I guess... starting to count how many dollars I have spent on the boat is just useless for me, unless you are able to quantify the smile of your son/daughter/wife (which I can't). I am counting for my company already I think it is enough
  2. Mine is 10 ft wide (pre 2010), I already have the wide load permit which is the only one I need
  3. Yep, behind the VV4 you have NMEA2K and Smartcraft plug. You can send NMEA2K infos to the VV4 and Smartcraft info to NMEA2K devices which is really cool :). Hehe wait for a bigger boat for the hardtop :p, you need 10 ft beam
  4. Hey buddy ;), it is VERY simple to replace your smartcraft gauge by a vesselview4, you should have a big blue wire going from the engine to the helm in a 4 or 6 ways junction box. You just plug the Vesselview 4 in this junction box and you are done. VV4 is also a gateway to bridge your NMEA2K network and the Smartcraft network, it's delivered with an air temp sensor, you are free to install it or not, I put mine in the cabin to see from the outside the temp inside the cabin. You should think about your dash though, be sure the size of the VV4 will fit in the hole of your square gauge otherwise you will need to enlarge the hole, here is the vesselview 4 size : https://www.sbmar.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/vessel_view_4_installation_8m0095044.pdf But I am telling you, if you put a vesselview, you won't look at your other gauge... at all. The other thing I would do if I were you would be to unplug your trim wire from analog and plug it to digital (the 2 of them are side by side on the engine), and also unplug the wire from your sender (gas) from your gauge and put it on the engine (Bluegrey wire) if it is not already done. If you do that, you will be able to enjoy the most useful feature of the VV4, which is Eco Mode, telling you your optimum trim position and your GPH fuel consumption, your gas tank level, etc, etc, if you need me to do a video of mine just tell me I will try to do it this week-end for you ;).
  5. I think this thread took the wrong direction, who are we to tell DJB who want to add an arch on his boat is the wrong or silly or expensive choice/decision ? The guy just ask if one of us did it before in order to help him do it or decide to do it. I don't think he asked for the price but if he did I could tell him that it will cost around 5K arch + work. I am not pretending to know what expense is justified or not, I just think that throwing money on your boat when your kids are hungry or when your wife need medical care is stupid. But other than that, adding an arch on your boat or changing the color of your living room... I guess he thinked about all of this even before asking on the forum. A lot of people must think that spending over 10K in my by Sig 2004 is stupid, but when my wife is looking at the boat and tell me she is proud of what I have done or that she is happy that our boat is now kind of unique and she can't wait to go with it in the Keys and in the Bahamas or my 4 years old son telling everyone at the marina that his dad's boat is beautiful, it is enough to make me happy. If it was just for me I wouldn't have done it at all. As Jeff told it it before, it is indeed about what makes you happy...
  6. Yeah mine had 94 hours, the only reason why I sold a 2007 for a 2004. About your last statement, I am so agree with you, having a boat is a matter of heart and passion not brain stuff
  7. I will go to the scale in a couple of weeks, I will let you know about the weight difference, the trailer is able to take 15-16K and the truck should be able to tow 15KI think I will be ok but worst case I will upgrade my 2500 Cummins for a 3500.
  8. yes it is, overall on the trailer the old arch took me at 13.3", with the hardtop it is now 13.4", 13.5" with the new horn on the hardtop, as soon as I stay below 13.6 I am good to go on Interstates. Check the bridge clearance on the 310 : http://www.guideautoweb.com/boat/specifications/chaparral/signature_cruiser/310_signature/2012/ we talk about 10.6". If you look at the specs of the 290 it is 10 feet : http://www.theboatrack.com/new_vehicle_detail.asp?veh=15865 In real life and because the hardtop sits lower on the 290 than the 310 you barely have a difference of 0.1" or 0.2" between the arch and the hardtop not the 0.6" I expected. But you have to know the hardtop is heavier than the arch, I didn't see any problem so far with twin 260 HP, hole shot remain the same.
  9. Yep but the old canvas needed to be changed anyway :). Before sarting to seriously consider doing it, I have made several photoshop tests and I liked the results. When we dropped the hardtop on the boat I was like... wow
  10. Thanks Iggy, I wish I could find a 2009 but they all had too many hours or no genny etc... so I went with a 2004. I went with a Garmin 7412 xsv because I wanted to go as big as possible, I still think about a Radar but I am afraid to be to high on the road :(. I really hesitated with a J1939/NMEA2K gateway but in the end, I went with 2 Vesselview(s) and the Gateway Smartcraft/NMEA2K is integrated in the screen :). The autopilot is what I recommend the most... Perhaps because I never had one before... Is the Radar a device you would recommend ? I guess it depends on your boat usage...
  11. He could have plenty of reasons to do it. For me, it was because I just didn't like the shape and layout of the Sig 310, if his boat have less than 100 hours on the engines and less than 20 hours on the genny like mine, why should he consider changing his boat ? I mean, between spending 5-10 K on the arch to put it on a boat he loves or 200K on a boat he don't like, perhaps the obvious choice is not the better for him. I can understand what he wants to do because there was absolutely no way for me to go with a Sig 310 and it was not a $ reason, just a choice I made.
  12. Well, not so much considering it was almost plug and play, the tricky part was the stainless bars but other than that it was a walk in the park :). About the hardtop itself, you would be surprised what kind of (almost) new stuff you could find in junkyards for less than a quarter of the price
  13. If I were you I would check the arch of the 290 after 2010 since your boat have the same beam size (9.6). I have put the hardtop of the Sig 310 after 2010 on my 290 2004, I have started the project just on the fact that both boats had 10 feet beam. It is a big job but worth it IMO. Good luck
  14. I owned 2 Loadrite trailers so far, went from East Canada to South Florida (Keys), never had any issue. As long as they will keep their standards, I will always go with them in the future.
  15. Well on the gulf side there is a lot of open decks, PWC, etc.. You should be good, gulf side is calmer than most of the lake I went so far, but don't go on Atlantic side when it is windy.