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  1. I removed them from the trailer because mine is 10 ft wide and guides makes the whole even wider. Tooo lazy to put and remove them every time but I have to say, when retrieving the boat with submerge trailer it is handy. Without them I just center the boat on the trailer winch.
  2. I will be in the lower Keys and you have to check Looe Keys if you want to snorkel, you just can't miss it :), Molasses Key is a good spot to relax and the lighthouse at Sombrero is a good spot too. Depending of how much time you will stay you will probably come to look at those spots. I will probably be there , waiting for you guys
  3. Haha @jeffk that is precisely what I am planning to do AND what I have done in 2016... I think people in FL call this Farniente. I don't mind going to DT but I won't go there alone if nobody want to. I will wait what @Drew have to say about it. Are you willing to make some small trips ? Like Miami, Key West or even go back to Bimini, I am thinking of 3-4 days max. A new thread is a good idea, I will wait to see if there is enough people interested
  4. Ok guys, is it time to start planning summer 2018 ? I won't be down there before the 11th of June and I should stay until 6 or 7 th of August. As planned, I will stay there : https://marathonmarinaandresort.com/marina-2/ If interested 1 month with 30 AMP, TV, Pump out at the slip every week, trailer storage cost 950 $ taxes included. I don't know if it is too expensive or not but that is the only place I found where there is decent dockage and RV park for my parents. On my way I should cross those states if some want to join on the road : NY, PA, VA, SC, NC, GA and FL. All the way on interstates from north to south : I87, I90, I88, I81, I64, I95, US 1. Departure will probably be the 7th by the end of the day or early the 8th of June. I will be there no matter what and will have two months to plan small trip (Miami, KWest, Bimini or else), I will be glad to meet those able to be there :). Let's plan !!!!!!!
  5. I tow my 290 2004, which is the same size as your 10 Beam and 30.8 long, with a 15 K rated trailer and tow with a RAM 3500 Dually, no problem so far. I towed with a 2500 Cummins and I felt I reached the limit of the truck. For the record a 2500 Cummins is able to tow 15 K and your boat your gear etc will weight around 12K and your trailer weight at least 2 K even if it is stainless steel so your up for 12+2 14 K. Sig 310 is a beautiful boat I don't think I would risk to tow it with an undersized trailer.
  6. I had to upgrade the truck to
  7. Hey TP, that is the idea (to move the bunks as wide as possible), in order to lower the boat as much as possible when I tow. My bunks are AB style, which means they move to fit the angle of the hull I don't know if yours are fixed or mobile. I just don't know if going after the strakes is recommended or dangerous
  8. I have to move the bunks anyway, for now the bunks are on the genny water intake, so as I have to move them anyway, perhaps move them as wide as possible could be a good idea. I really have a lot of space between the boat and the fenders, I don't think it will be be an issue. What is bothering me is more the fact to go outside the strakes.
  9. East Canada to south Florida every year
  10. Hey guys, boat season is almost over in Canada and I have to put the boat on the trailer in a couple of days. I was wondering what would be your advice about bunks position. I have read that some folks put them outside of the strakes in order to lower the boat and make the whole more stable on the road. Other people state that it is dangerous to go outside the strakes, I asked to 2 different Chap dealers and got 2 different answers :s. Here is the trailer : Here is the best picture I have of the boat on the trailer : I wish I could go wider, put some more space between the bunks if possible, what do you think ? I could use some advices Thanks
  11. Just received my MS-AV 755 Fusion Headunit, I previously owned a 700i and I have to say... that's a #$^% of a piece of tech, if you are on the market for the high end Headunit available, I think this is the one or at least one on the top https://www.fusionentertainment.com/marine/products/stereo-units/ms-av755
  12. Well, I think too that cost shouldn't be a concern about boating. Boating is a family hobby and it is a way to enjoy moments with the people you love not an end in itself. When I was in Florida last year, I saw a lot of people showing off their car/boat/bikes etc...They have a boat to own it and show it, not really for themselves or to create moments with their love ones, IMO, it is kind of sad.. But as Jeffk said in another thread, it is about what makes you happy and we are all happy with our boat I guess... starting to count how many dollars I have spent on the boat is just useless for me, unless you are able to quantify the smile of your son/daughter/wife (which I can't). I am counting for my company already I think it is enough
  13. Mine is 10 ft wide (pre 2010), I already have the wide load permit which is the only one I need
  14. Yep, behind the VV4 you have NMEA2K and Smartcraft plug. You can send NMEA2K infos to the VV4 and Smartcraft info to NMEA2K devices which is really cool :). Hehe wait for a bigger boat for the hardtop :p, you need 10 ft beam
  15. Hey buddy ;), it is VERY simple to replace your smartcraft gauge by a vesselview4, you should have a big blue wire going from the engine to the helm in a 4 or 6 ways junction box. You just plug the Vesselview 4 in this junction box and you are done. VV4 is also a gateway to bridge your NMEA2K network and the Smartcraft network, it's delivered with an air temp sensor, you are free to install it or not, I put mine in the cabin to see from the outside the temp inside the cabin. You should think about your dash though, be sure the size of the VV4 will fit in the hole of your square gauge otherwise you will need to enlarge the hole, here is the vesselview 4 size : https://www.sbmar.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/vessel_view_4_installation_8m0095044.pdf But I am telling you, if you put a vesselview, you won't look at your other gauge... at all. The other thing I would do if I were you would be to unplug your trim wire from analog and plug it to digital (the 2 of them are side by side on the engine), and also unplug the wire from your sender (gas) from your gauge and put it on the engine (Bluegrey wire) if it is not already done. If you do that, you will be able to enjoy the most useful feature of the VV4, which is Eco Mode, telling you your optimum trim position and your GPH fuel consumption, your gas tank level, etc, etc, if you need me to do a video of mine just tell me I will try to do it this week-end for you ;).