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  1. I have put 60-65 K Miles on each, on rude environment from -31 F the winter in Qc and above 104 F when in Florida in summer. Sure it is just 8 years but if I had to compare with my old life in Europe, let me tell you 8 years here in Canada is like 15-20 years back there. I see you are in KY for example, not entirely sure you have those kind of climate, it is like comparing a boat in salt water and one in raw water. Not the same thing.
  2. I have the Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac (because I need the snowflake to be legal here in CANADA) and I think they are good tires. They look like Mud tires, they are a little loud but I put 60 K miles ( 100 K Km) on them (towing the boat back and forth from Canada East to Florida Keys) and they were worn at 40 / 45% which means I had 55-60 % left on them. Love the look, tough, grip is good in ice and snow. I wish I could put Toyo but no Mud models with the snowflakes
  3. Looks great I can't wait to have your feedback when you will be back in the water. Here in Canada I am not even close to launch the boat
  4. Hey Jim, sorry for the delay, I was in Europe for unpleasant personal stuff. Anyway, glad to see you jumped in with the VV4, you won't be disappointed About the dashboard in my Sig 270 I found a guy here in Canada QC where I brought my original dashboard and he replicated it for me, I just had to choose the color. You should keep your old gauges for 2 reasons : 1. Just in case your Vesselview fail for any reason, it is always better to have backup gauges 2. I think your dashboard will look pretty empty with just the VV4 and it is always good to be able to compare between the data of your VV and your old Gauges..
  5. In the last 8 years I had a RAM 1500 2011 Sport, a 2500 Cummins Laramie 2015 and since a couple of month a 3500 Cummins DRW Laramie Limited 2017. I am in Canada so we can say the weather is pretty rough (Calcium, salt snow extreme temperature etc... I can see there is a lot of bad experience out there but I never had any issues with my trucks (rust or mechanical problems) and trust me... I am towing... All RAM users don't have troubles. Just my 2 cents. If I had to buy another truck I would go for a RAM again because I love the shape and never had any problem. If you love it, then try it and make your own judgment ;).
  6. Haha funny ou talked about that, I ordered another spare carrier 2 days ago. When I bought the trailer I wanted to know the tongue weight before adding more stress on it ;).
  7. If we can help ;). I had the exact same concerns as you when I bought my 290. 2 Dogs, 2 kids and 2 adults, I wanted something where we could spend nights without stepping on each other feet. I had a Sig 270 2007 before the 290 and it was too small. At first, I wanted a 310 (after 2010), but IMO the 290 have more floor space in the cabin than the 310, which is important for the dogs. The 310 on the other hand have a beautiful bed (V-Berth) + the one AFT. I wanted a genny then when I found a 290 2004 with no hours, I just jumped on it. I am from Canada (not the warmest place on earth) and I am towing the boat every year to Florida Keys (4500 Miles back and forth) and I have to say, we enjoy the trip as much as the destination (for now), anyway, I wanted comfort but the boat had to be towable and your are looking at the good size for that, I wish you good luck, prospecting is the best part ;). Here are some pics if it can help you in your quest : (Just before some guys ask, the truck is lowered on the back, easier to pin :p)
  8. Hello @Moonlight1 and welcome aboard :D. I think someone asked you before but what year is your Sig 310 ? If she is before 2010 then you are wider and longer than after 2010. In my case, I have a 3500 Dually AISIN Cummins blablabla and I am towing my Sig 290 2004 (Same size as the 310 after 2010) without any problems. Since your truck is strong enough I would say "Go for it", is not as hard and stressful as it seems. Stay on Interstates because of the heights and you will be fine. I bought a 15 K capable trailer, triple of course, here is the model : http://www.loadrite.com/spec-sheet-generation/?sheet_id=2853&sheet_model=LR-AB32R15000102TB3 I have added EOH, custom wheels Aluminium hardware. As for permits etc it is indeed more complicated since you will need a permit for each state you want to cross but it seems you are planning to stay in UTAH, so not a big deal I guess ;). Feel free to ask, but I would say a 310 before 2010 is too wide to be towed but after 2010 I think it can be done easily as soon as you have the right truck ;).
  9. Be careful, you will have to add the number of gallons each time you fill-up your tank.. those number will then be used as a base to give you your fuel mileage, it is nothing like Eco Mode where it is based on your fuel sensor in the tank and the engine data + your trim position to give you the most accurate information.
  10. I can be wrong but I think I remember reading that you lose Eco Mode etc.. which is a big no no for me since it is the most useful in term of fuel efficiency. Really cool though, even if having a phone or a tablet on the dash seems pretty dangerous for the hardware, I mean water on a not IPX resistant device + it is not meant to endure the Sun and eventually salt on sea environment. I agree with @Iggy, if I had to choose, I probably would rather go on the Gateway too if I were to lose Eco Mode etc... If you can afford the VV4 @TexasPilot71, go for it, or get a Gateway as you said.
  11. Well, to be honest, I always unplug lights and EOH when launching the boat, I don't like the Idea of electricty in the water
  12. As well, 290 from 2010 is 29 ft long by 9.6 ft wide and 310 before 2010 is 33.4 ft long by 10.7 ft wide. Those numbers are usefull when you are on the market of pocket cruisers. Towing those kind of boat will require a 2500/250 for short distances and bigger if you go on long trips like me ;). All advices above are good ones, if you want to keep your truck and want to tow your boat, the Sig 270 before 2010 (bigger) or from 2010 (smaller) is the best choice. Without the kids, I would have keep mine I guess.
  13. Sig 310 from 2010 and Sig 290 before 2010 are both 30.8 ft long by 10 ft wide. I would say it is a matter of taste between those 2. I upgraded my Sig 270 2007 for a 290 2004 a year ago and there is nothing to regret about it, plenty of space with 2 kids and 2 dogs. I keep in mind that it is not like at home... I just wanted to be able to fully stand up in the cabin and the bathroom, the Sig 290 allow me to do that. If you are brave enough you could even think to tow your boat (with the right truck and trailer), I am towing it, but bigger would raise the stress level a bit too much which is why the 290 is the perfect choice for me. About water tank, I agree with Iggy, the one in the 290 is really small, I just installed a bypass to be able to have unlimited water when at the dock (just plug the hose on the boat and you are like at home, it is really cheap and easy to do btw), when I am away, I do as Jeffk said, I just take extra cases of water. You can't go wrong with either of these 2 boats ;). Good luck !
  14. Bought it on eBay too, weird thing about VV4 is that it stays high in terms of price because the newer VV are larger than 4 inches and because of that, a lot of people don't have enough room to fit the newest models, and consequently, there is a strong demand on VV4. I would say 800$ is a pretty good price, they dropped to 500-600 a couple months ago but now they are back to their original price. Merc stopped producing them for now because of the VV 502/702 so they should become more and more difficult to find, if you want one, don't wait too long, I guess you won't be able to find them in a near future.
  15. I don't now on the 2011 for sure but on my 2004 when I ripped off the gauges, I saw they were daisy chained, I guess if it is the case for you, the faulty one should be the first on the daisy chain ? Or it could be your blue canbus cable going from the helm to the engines, check if there is some moisture in the connector ? Or remove your gauges and take them to your dealer, he should be able to tell you if the gauges are ok. Just some ideas, good luck !
  16. Yup, thanks for the tip, another thing I will plan to do
  17. I had the same concern last year (and asked the same question here on the forum) when I was looking for a 290, I ended with a 2004 but I let go a lot of 2009-11-13 because they haven't the genny (a must for me). I don't regret a thing about letting those boats go even if they were more recent than mine, so my advice would be... wait for the boat loaded with everything you want... for so much money you want it exactly as you want it to be
  18. I heard the Keys took a beating with Irma, but hey, it is still one of the most enjoyable place in the world and I do hope everything will eventually recover, perhaps not for summer 2018 but in time I hope it will. How is your SR ? I hope you are close to finish your hard work on it. I am planning a small trip from Marathon to Miami, as you guys said, a couple of days should be enough, perhaps I will be lucky enough to meet with all of you. Do you bring your boat with you ?
  19. Thanks Hatem, hope to see you down there one day
  20. I finally took the time to make my video from last year, if you can take your boat down there, just do it... it is priceless. Enjoy :
  21. Hehe I checked the Ford Super Duty but there was 2 things bothering me : 1. Ford don't make Mega Cab and the truck is recreational, and I need the additional space in the cabin, I don't use it for work or else 2. I do like the layout of RAM interior, much more than the one in the Ford I like the double sunroof in the Ford and the new front layout. In the end, and despite the ''war'' between Ford/RAM/GM, I think there is no more bad trucks today. they are all very good trucks, it is just a matter of taste I just wanted a truck tough enough to tow 15 K and since all 3500/350 tow above 20 K I just had to go with the one I liked most
  22. I removed them from the trailer because mine is 10 ft wide and guides makes the whole even wider. Tooo lazy to put and remove them every time but I have to say, when retrieving the boat with submerge trailer it is handy. Without them I just center the boat on the trailer winch.
  23. I will be in the lower Keys and you have to check Looe Keys if you want to snorkel, you just can't miss it :), Molasses Key is a good spot to relax and the lighthouse at Sombrero is a good spot too. Depending of how much time you will stay you will probably come to look at those spots. I will probably be there , waiting for you guys
  24. Haha @jeffk that is precisely what I am planning to do AND what I have done in 2016... I think people in FL call this Farniente. I don't mind going to DT but I won't go there alone if nobody want to. I will wait what @Drew have to say about it. Are you willing to make some small trips ? Like Miami, Key West or even go back to Bimini, I am thinking of 3-4 days max. A new thread is a good idea, I will wait to see if there is enough people interested
  25. Ok guys, is it time to start planning summer 2018 ? I won't be down there before the 11th of June and I should stay until 6 or 7 th of August. As planned, I will stay there : https://marathonmarinaandresort.com/marina-2/ If interested 1 month with 30 AMP, TV, Pump out at the slip every week, trailer storage cost 950 $ taxes included. I don't know if it is too expensive or not but that is the only place I found where there is decent dockage and RV park for my parents. On my way I should cross those states if some want to join on the road : NY, PA, VA, SC, NC, GA and FL. All the way on interstates from north to south : I87, I90, I88, I81, I64, I95, US 1. Departure will probably be the 7th by the end of the day or early the 8th of June. I will be there no matter what and will have two months to plan small trip (Miami, KWest, Bimini or else), I will be glad to meet those able to be there :). Let's plan !!!!!!!