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  1. Erich1969

    Post season maintenance

    Hi - I bought a 240 Signature Series last September and I had a trouble free and very enjoyable season this year. In preparation for the end of the boating season I wanted to get your input on what preventive maintenance I should do before I winterize it. please keep in mind that my boat is used in salt water and I don't have maintenance records from the previous owners. The boat has 850 hours on it. what should I be checking for possible end of life service to avoid having a more costly repair in the middle of next season? all input is appreciated. Thank you, Erich
  2. Erich1969

    Mixing batteries

    Thank you very much for the advice. The dual bank is what I am aiming for. Does anyone has a good link to instructions on how to set this up? Thank you all again for the advice.
  3. Erich1969

    Mixing batteries

    Hi, I am new to the site. I just bought a used 1998 Signatue 24 Chaparral and I wanted to know whether I can install a starting battery and a house battery in serial or should I keep a starter set up and add a house battery set up? Thank you for your advise,