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  1. Oh BTW, both runs were with the new 5.7L throttle body EFI repower setup. 5.0 drank too much water and committed suicide. :)
  2. Update. I put that Laser II (14x19p) on the boat, and man does it jump out of the hole now. Actually I was wrong about previous speed and engine RPM with the old 21p prop.....actual GPS was 42mph and only 4200RPM. And very lazy down low. Now it jumps out of the hole and I had a brief stab at top end today - right at 5000RPM and 50mph. Ran out of space, it might have 1-2mph more in it. I like it a lot. Kevin
  3. Just put a 14x19p 3 blade on my 2001 220 SSi, 5.7 EFI and Alpha 1 drive (1.62 ratio). Great all around prop for us so far with water sports and cruising.
  4. I considered selling my 220SSi, but after looking around, I know of nothing else I’d replace it with.
  5. Thanks guys. Need to call Cecil Marine and see if that platform is still available. Chap would special order build you one two to three years ago, but it was about 2 big deer herds. We’ll see... Kevin
  6. Hey all, Been a while since I’ve been on here, kind of mad at my boat for the past two years. Long story short: June 2018 found a rusted oil pan that put oil in the bilge one evening and I ended up freshening up the motor. Boat is a 2001 220 SSi with a 5.0L Merc throttle body EFI and an Alpha drive. But that freshen up didn’t happen until June 2019 because I was mad at the boat, and mainly due to a new business I started taking up a lot of time. As boats go, ended up freshening the whole drive at the same time, but that all ended in disaster. Something simple resulted in hydrolocked
  7. Brick, IIRC, with the 14.25x21P, it was maxed out at about 48-4900RPM and 50mph via the lie-o-meter on the instrument panel. That’s with myself, the wife, and two teenage boys aboard, and full of fuel, Haven’t GPS’d it yet, so take that number with a grain of salt. BTW, it is a standard 1.62 Alpha as well. Thanks, Kevin
  8. Thanks for the input - all points are understood. Well that prop ended up being super dirt cheap and in good shape, so I picked it up anyway. I might try it just for fun, but it was so cheap, reselling it will not be a big deal. Thanks again, Kevin
  9. Have a 2001 220 SSi that we use as a family boat to cruise the rivers around here, and pull an occasional tuber. It has Merc 5.0 throttle body EFI, with a standard Alpha One drive. Right now running a 14-1/4 x 21p stainless prop, which seems really nice for cruising, but a bit sluggish off the line. I’ve read that a 19 Pitch prop is a pretty good compromise on a 220 to give a bit more bottom end grunt, while not making cruising obnoxious, and have been on the lookout for one on the cheap. Here’s where my question comes in. I found a Mercury Laser II, part number 48-16554, which is a 14
  10. Thanks everyone for the input. Sorry for my slow reply. Things of been kind of crazy here for the past few months and I don't have a lot of down time. We had a change of plans, and will just do a quick trip up to Boston without the boat this time. I'm going to file all of this away for future reference. Always fun to find new places to boat! Hope everyone is enjoying the summer so far. Thanks, Kevin
  11. Thanks guys for all the information! This is all very good, plenty to chew on. We're pretty early in planning right now, so I have no clue what we're going to do, but this certainly helps. I'm assuming we will have a big family discussion over Christmas dinner. Have a merry Christmas, y'all! Kevin
  12. Hi Y'all. Looking like there's a good chance we will be attending a wedding next summer (late July) in Boston. For that trip, I'm thinking about renting a house for a week, and maybe find a good lake within a couple hours' drive and take the boat (220 SSi). We primarily cruise and yank a tube around with our teenage boys. Anybody have a suggestion on where to go, and why? Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks! Kevin
  13. I pull my 6000lb 220 SSi with a 2004 F150 SuperCab 4x4 and the 5.4L 3V setup. Not overly impressed, but it gets the job done. Next tow rig will be a newer F150 with the 3.5L Ecoboost.....some year down the road. If cost were no issue, I'd have a 2011-up 6.7L diesel F250. Yeah, I'm a Ford guy.
  14. Just had 10 on my 220 SSi this past weekend. 4 adults (three small and me.....Bubba-size) plus 6 kids. Total weight 1300lbs. I did pull the tube, but didn't do any crazy stuff and took it very easy. I dropped off two adults and 4 kids, and left my family, and it felt like it was shot out of a cannon. Dumb question (and sorry to hijack the original thread), but is that filler seat available still for the 220? Thanks, Kevin
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