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  1. mikeofwarr

    1997 Sunrsta 250

    Here is a link to the brochure. Maybe the pics will help. http://forum.chaparralboats.com/publications/brochures/1997/sunesta.pdf
  2. mikeofwarr

    New Chap owner ...almost

    Congrats! We love our Sunesta. First bit of advice since you are not picking up till mid-October is that you are located where you could encounter freezing temperatures. If stored outside you will need to winterize the engine/outdrive, fresh water system, and black water holding tank (if yours has a vacu-flush toilet). Enjoy!
  3. mikeofwarr

    Opinions Please

    My first consideration would be to stay away from the fuel filler cap and vapor vent. Would not want any stray gas fumes close to the grill. I'm thinking about getting a Magma grill too.
  4. mikeofwarr

    Volvo Penta DPS-A Trim/Tilt fuse blown out Twice

    On the trailer in the driveway I tested both the control handle switch and the remote switch at the aft. Both work perfect. Once in the water I use the down control button and the fuse blows. Must have something to do with water shorting out somewhere.
  5. mikeofwarr

    Volvo Penta DPS-A Trim/Tilt fuse blown out Twice

    I'll try that, but it only blows the fuse when in the water. I can't replicate high and dry on the trailer.
  6. mikeofwarr

    Volvo Penta DPS-A Trim/Tilt fuse blown out Twice

    After successfully cycling the outdrive up and down over a dozen times at home in the driveway without blowing a fuse I launched at the lake and tried to lower the outdrive and the fuse blows again. I talked to a mechanic at the nearby marina and he indicated Volvo Penta had problems with their external tilt/trim pump and at one time they were repairing/replacing after expiration of warranty. He said the tilt trim sensor was on a separate circuit and not the fault of the fuse blowing (helm gauge still showed the correct position of the outdrive). I can not see any exposed wires around the external pump so I am confused why the fuse would blow in the water but not on the trailer (after returning home and time to dry out). The mechanic said worst case would be new pump as high as 1,300 deer and about 3 hours of labor. But would troubleshoot before repacing pump. I see that Cecil's has the pump for under 900 deer. Has anyone else heard of this problem and is the pump the likely cause?
  7. mikeofwarr

    Volvo Penta DPS-A Trim/Tilt fuse blown out Twice

    Not that I know of. The VP pump is mounted on the outside transom next to the outdrive and has a small filler tube. No visible tank. Sounds like a logical cause for the fuse blowing. I tried lowering the drive because I store the boat and trailer at the marina under covered storage. So I always heard the outdrive should be in the down position when stored. It was after I could not troubleshoot the fuse problem at the marina that I decided to tow the boat and trailer home to work on it. Fortunately the outdrive was stuck in the up position for trailering.
  8. I have a 2007 Volvo Penta 5.7 with the DPS-A outdrive as detailed in my signature below. After a day on the lake I tilted the outdrive up to load on the trailer and pulled up to my covered storage area. After stowing everything away and getting ready to head home I tried to lower the outdrive. Nothing happened. The 10 amp fuse located in the fuse block on top of the engine had blown. Inserted a spare fuse and it immediately blew when I tried to lower the outdrive. So I towed the boat home and began troubleshooting. I removed both relays and the blown fuse. Turned battery power off and removed the trim switch from the control handle. Tested with a multimeter and appeared to be working fine in both switch positions. No sign of burned or bare wires. Not knowing what I was doing I loosened the two allen type screws next to the outdrive on the pump cover where the 4 hydraulic lines go in (I was looking for possible electrical connections in that area). When I began to loosen the screws hydraulic fluid started leaking out and the drive slowly came down. I quickly tightened the screws and the fluid stopped. Not much fluid leaked out, just a small puddle in the driveway. Probably only 2 or 3 ounces. So I topped the fluid up, replaced the relays and inserted a new 10 amp fuse all the connections were clean and no corrosion present. Turned on battery switch, tried the trim switch and magically the trim motor started working. I have a second trim switch back at the transom and it functions also. After cycling the outdrive up and down once I topped off the fluid again. Cycled the outdrive a few more times and added more fluid. Did this process 5 times until I could no longer top off the fluid. When all was said and done I had added a little over a half a quart of fluid and did not blow any more fuses. Not sure how I fixed the problem but was wondering if low trim pump fluid would cause the pump motor to blow a fuse. Any ideas!
  9. mikeofwarr

    Where's my horn?

    My previous Chaparral, a 1990 2000SL Sport, had the horn mounted under the helm area up next to the windshield mounting bolts. NO grill to the outside of the fiberglass! Only the people in the boat could hear it. I bought the boat new, so I know that was the factory mounting. Very strange!
  10. mikeofwarr

    Why do Volvo's look so Sh tty after a few years

    I bought my 2007 Sunesta in 2015 and the 5.7 Volvo engine was very clean. It was always a freshwater boat.
  11. mikeofwarr

    Clarion CMD8 Receiver / MW3 Wired Remotes

    Check out my thread where I bought one of the round Clarion remotes on Amazon and refitted into the rectangular hole. I think is was just over a 100 deer:
  12. mikeofwarr

    Getting to motor on 1990 Chaparral 1800SL

    Try to send a private message to member ChaparralChuck. He has totally disassembled the interior on his 1990 2000 SL Sport. He may be able to give you some tips. Altough If yours is not the "Sport" model the back seat is different. Here is the thread about his project:
  13. mikeofwarr

    Bimini Video

    Looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing.
  14. mikeofwarr

    Bimini, Here We Come! (June 2017)

    RRRR, how was the trip with the open bow? Did you keep the cover on the bow for the crossing? Which Chap model do you have? It's tempting to try this trip on my 24 foot Sunesta!
  15. mikeofwarr

    Bimini, Here We Come! (June 2017)