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  1. Greetings fellow boaters. I have been reading up on BoatBling.nets cleaning products. Everything I have read has positive reviews. Wondering who has tried and liked/disliked the products? and why/why not? Thank you.
  2. Jeffmc

    Hull repairs

    I have a 14 Chap that now has a gouge in the hull. The damage is just below the rib bar on the port side (where registration numbers are located) The gouge is partially hidden by a number, approximately 2 inches long, 1/8" wide and perhaps 3 to 5/16" deep. Could this be repaired temporarily? or should it be taken to be repaired? Thank you in advance for suggestions.
  3. Jeffmc

    Clean hull?????

    I need suggestion on what chemical to use and the safety factor with fiberglass. Acetone was recommended however, I am a little reluctant to use this chemical. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you. (Tennessee - Tims Ford Lake)
  4. I am seeking advice on cleaning my new chaparral. Specifically the hull, attempting to remove scuff marks from bumpers. Thank you.