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  1. Re Load Horn.  I've got a sig 240, 2004.  No VHF radio, use a HX870.  So where exactly did you mount your horns and what type?  I can yell louder than my horn and yes I do have a hand held air horn for serious issues.

  2. Saw your comment on the portech 4 charger.  I have that on my 2004 sig 240.  I only have a starting battery and house battery.  Others with problems have 3 batteries.  I'll do a close assessment of my charging, but I use the boat weekly, have a 60 amp alternator and the boat is rarely on shore power, (dry stack storage).  That said I do spend and occasional night on the hook with the fridge running.

    Am I OK with the configuration or should I swap it out?





  3. Gregms


    Thanks Iggy. A few more details. On shore power isotherm works. On battery 1 it works. On the hook on batter 2 it does not, but the light goes on so it's getting power. Both batteries were replaced this season and are the same brand and size. This leads me to a power drop and possibly effective house (#2) battery. The manual indicates that when battery 1 is selected, both batteries charge while running, which I do a fair amount of.
  4. Gregms


    Thanks, same as my situation but reversed. Guess when on the hook I could stay on battery number 1 and start on battery number 2 if 1 depleted, but this really makes little sense. Bother of my battery were replaced this season. I guess I could have a defective battery number 2.
  5. Gregms


    What did you guys find out? The fridge in on my 2004 sig 24 when not on shore power, only works on battery 1.
  6. Bought a used Sig 24 (2004) the end of last season with only 88 hours on the engine. We'd been away from boating (20ft ski boat stuff) for about 10 years and wanted to get back into it. It is small, even for just 2 people, but the "After Birth" provides plenty of storage or a kid or two could sleep back there. With a 300 HP mag and Bravo III it is easily a 40+ MPH top end boat. The lack of a generator can be overcome with a small honda generator, run sitting on the swim platform if your careful about carbon monoxide (anchored and pointed into the wild) if you really have to have the electr
  7. Gregms


    If you don't have a GPS there are iPhone Anchor alarms. Probably for other phones as well. Just test it with the iPhone at the location you'll be sleeping.
  8. I have the same issue with the JBL controllers. Please share the details. Thank, Greg
  9. Hi Brian, I have the same boat and picked up the same generator. I've not used the generator yet. Where do you store it? Greg
  10. New Chappy owner here of a used sig 240. I'll be looking at the bottom of my dry staked storage boat very carefully every time time I go out. However, knowing probability and statistics as I do (a lot), I do realize these 2 failures are limited to one line of Chaps, and at least so far tend to be very rare. However, the paranoid in me will be doing more research. It's a big investment to think these things, however infrequent, can happen. Ya'll scared the crap out of me.....at least for a while. Greg
  11. Thanks for the reply. I've changed the angle of the fuel fill handle and fill slowly. I can hear gurgling intensify as it approaches full, so that's my cue. Now my problem is an erratic rule gauge. It's always something. I need a bigger boat so I can reach all the stuff that needs fixing.
  12. What year is your Signature 24. I just purchased a 2004 with only 81 hours. It's in great shape, no problems, but this is a concern. Any resolution or fix? Greg
  13. I'm interested in this too. Just bought a 2004 Signature 240 with 81 hours (90 now... The gauge is all over the map after filling and crusing around in relatively calm seas. It fluctuates for no apparent reason from 1/4 tank to full. I understand there are "senders" that can go bad. As an aside, I have to fill it very slowly and listen closely for gurgling before it spews, which I don't want it to do. Thoughts? Greg
  14. I'm taking delivery of a 2004 Signature 240 with a macerator pump and I'm unclear about how to empty the waste tank. It looks like there is an upper and lower option to get at the waste. Form what I've seen, you suck the stuff out of the top one at a pump our station and just leave the macerator switch alone. Sine I'm not going out beyond 12 miles into the pacific, I'm not pumping it overboard. Little help here please Greg
  15. This is California, the nonsensical state. If it weren't for the weather and careers many of us would not be here and are waiting for the time we can leave.
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