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  1. Selling on this forum is not allow, probably why there are not any replies. I have had the most luck with local e-Bay, the listing only shows up within 200 miles of me. The dealer isn't going to help unless it is worth their time, hence the 15% consignment fee. Good luck selling.
  2. I boat on the Mississippi river on the weekends and we take a yearly trip with the kids to LOTO every other year. When we are not spending a week at LOTO we go to Torch Lake, Dale Hollow, TRL ect. Just saying if you are looking for a boat in FL to let me know when you may want to find a new home for yours...
  3. If you want a true fish and ski you should look at a Ranger or a Lund GL. They make fishing boats u can still use for water sports. Chaparral makes boats for water sports and tried to put a trolling motor on. Works ok for someone who wants to fish a few times a season. But not for a every weekend fisherman. Just my opinion though.
  4. That's what I thought. I even opened the ski locker, stuck my head down there and could still hear it. Thought maybe it was static from the speakers but no noise from them either.
  5. I have an 07 210 ssi with a 5.0 mercruiser mpi and alpha 1 outdrive (175 hours). Had it out 2 weeks ago and it ran fine. Took it out this weekend and as soon as I started it I could hear and feel a vibration. It was louder more towards the middle of the boat though. Doesn't matter if in neutral, forward or reverse. The boat ran fine but the vibration never went away or changed. When I listen back by the motor I don't hear it as loud as up by my seat. Any ideas?
  6. When did brick say anything about cool aid... Back to the op, if the difference in deer isn't that much I'd go with new. Would hold its value better and have more warranty. But if the used is 20% or so better than would probably look hard at that. Either way get one and enjoy it!
  7. Thanks! We might try it some weekend if the river is high this spring. We have done a week at LOTO the last two years. This year we are going to Torch Lake for a week and just doing a weekend at LOTO. Another one I want to try is Table Rock Lake and possibly a long weekend at Mark Twain Lake.
  8. We are 2 1/2 hours northwest of Clinton Lake, have been wondering if it would be worth a day trip. We boat on the Mississippi usually, but would like to know if there are any restaurants on the lake and any other recommendations of the area. Lake Springfield, Carlyle, and Rend would be others close to you but don't know much about them.
  9. Turning Point does make a great aluminum prop. I had one on my old outboard fishing boat and it out performed any other prop I tried, even the ss props. (Had better hole shot with only 1-2 mph slower top end) I would not run a ss up north around the rocks, the aluminum is softer and more forgiving on a lower unit. Talk to any prop shop up north and they usually recommend aluminum unless you know the area very well.
  10. Plan on installing smart tabs on my 210 SSi this weekend. Any tips by those who have done this? My one question is how far should I have them from the transom straps. My straps are on the outside of the boat and I know I want to have the tabs out as far as possible, but not sure how close I should be. I'm sure I will be measuring 10 times before each hole I drill. Any tips or recommendations are appreciated.
  11. I just spent the first summer on mine after purchasing it in the fall the prior year. I drove over 1200 miles sight unseen and couldn't be happier. I paid for a marine survey and at the time I thought it was over priced but knew it was necessary, we'll worth it. It was on '07 with only 78 hours. Great condition and no issues due to 'lack of use' Only thing I wish I did was spend a day or 2 on the sellers local waters, probably won't ever have it back in that area and already regret not exploring and enjoying the waters there.
  12. Thank you to all who have served.
  13. Not sure on the liability but you probably want more than the 2 bunks it currently has. Not just to distribute the weight better but also when loading it. My dad previously had a trailer with only 2 bunks and never could get the boat to load straight or level. Would always be a process trying to get the boat back on the trailer. If your the one driving you would be liable, the question would be if they could also sue him for building it if you registered it as home made.
  14. I had mine done at my local auto dealer. Was $5 per tire. My dad has switched to nitrogen too. He takes a fishing trip to Canada every year and it never failed, would always have at least 1 blowout. Since doing this hasn't had a problem the last 3 years. I just purchased new tires for the waverunner in June. They were manufactured in March of this year. I wouldn't want to have anything less than 6 months old put on, lose a year of life any older than that.
  15. I would agree that the date code is just as important if not more important than the brand. One thing I also do is run nitrogen in my trailer tires, helps keep the temperature down and doesn't loose pressure as quick.
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