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  1. well if you run the boat until the temp reaches 165 and stays there Im sure the thermostat is open the thermostat is open
  2. Have been doing my winterizing this way for 20 years with no problems and we do get to minus 20 here. Boat on hose ran up to operating temp. Drain water out of block and manifolds. Connect bucket with 5 gallons antifreeze to the muffs and run engine until anti freeze comes out exhaust. Now my question a friend asked me, His boat, not a Chap, has no room to get to where the drain plugs should be. So can you run the boat to temp, then hook up the antifreeze and run and push the water out? In theory it sounds like it would work but just didnt want to take a chance. He didnt know how his marina did it in previous years. Anyone ever do it this way? Its a volvo 8.1l non closed system
  3. i like the idea of the mercruiser hp lube. just wasnt sure and didnt want to screw up anyones drive
  4. Helping some friends winterize and being a Merc guy I was wondering what the volvo guys use for lube. Ive always used the Quicksilver lube for the Mercruisers and want to stay with the Volvo lube for the Volvos. But not having any Volvo penta dealers near me and slow delivery times when ordering, I didnt know if maybe something else was alright.
  5. ok..does anyne else lose signal at higher speed? if its the norm ill live it, if not ill adjust the transducer
  6. Garmin cv63..I'm losing the sonar image when I go over 20mph. Trying to figure out if there are any tweaks or tips that may help. Went to Garmins site and they state: Losing Depth Readings at High Speeds There are several reasons you might lose your depth reading when travelling at high speeds. It could be related to the transducer's mounting location, device settings, or you could be outrunning the return signal if you are moving too fast. If the transducer is mounted on the transom, here are a few troubleshooting steps to follow: Transom mount transducers will not work at any speed if they are installed on a powerboat with inboard motors, or any sailboat. If you have a single engine outboard, or Inboard/Outboard, make sure that the transducer is mounted on the starboard side of the boat, so it is free from most propeller wash. If you have a twin, or triple engine outboard, or Inboard/Outboard, make sure that the unit is mounted between the motors, as low as possible, either on the flat section of the keel (if any), or slightly left or right of the vee. If you are still seeing poor performance at speed, this usually indicates that the transducer needs to be mounted lower so that face of the transducer is in contact with the water at speed. To make this adjustment, loosen the mounting screws, and slide the transducer 1/2" lower and re-test. You may need to drill new holes. If you do so, be sure Really? they wont work on a boat with inboards at speed? Kinda wished they would have said this in their description before buying. Not sure if they are talking about something with Vdrives. Ive got outdrives
  7. I have a 2002 signature 260 and get water in the same location. I suspect rain water getting in through the anchor locker. Should be the same set up as mine. I have the shower sump and a seperate foward bilge pump under the step. No way to turn on the foward bilge manually as it has a float switch. Had to change my foward bilge a couple years ago and I suspect your needs a replacement. Mine never got high enough to get the carpet wet as the bilge did its job. Boats already in storage or I would have taken a pic for you,
  8. I'm not sure if the outer bearing failed or the nut came off. Found the nut and it screws right on so no damage to the threads. Fender wasnt so lucky.
  9. yes that does help. every 6 bolt hub i found uses that size bearings. wnet back to the scene of the break and found the nut and part of the outer bearing which made it easier to measure.
  10. Lost a wheel going into storage. Anyone know a look up for bearings for Venture trailers? no numbers on the bearings. Everything I find online goes buy size and the ones I come up with are for a smaller hub. Just want to make sure I order the right ones. 2003 Venture trailer model vbt-7200 thanks
  11. I pulled it again amd looked at the o ring..it was still in place and didnt appear to be leaking there.. when i reinstall ill be careful to make sure it doesnt move. i did bind the shift linkage slightly when i started to bolt it together. didnt know if there is a seal i might have push out when that happened.
  12. johnmullaly

    Lube leak

    Changed out an impeller for a friend. Alpha 1 Gen 2. put back together fired it up and found lube leaking. Its coming out a small weep hole right where the shift shaft where it comes through the upper case..I havent pulled the upper off yet but is there a seal that might have gotten damaged? Heres a vid I found of the weep hole..differance is I'm getting lube coming out and not water
  13. My tank had the manufacturer and part number right on it.. Was made by RDS Aluminum in Florida. They were great to work with when I called. Built the new tank and shipped it to me in upstate NY in about 3 weeks. I think they built a lot of the tanks for differant chaps back then. Heres their number see what they say 800-292-6898 I stand corrected. Mine was from Ezell in Florida. their number is 850 578 2558 I believe these two companies did most of the tanks
  14. johnmullaly

    IAC valve

    Was reading over the winter and stumbled acroos the topic of iac valves and them going bad. Read that how most people were saying around 300 hours and they stop working. So I ordered one while the boat was in storage. Got the boat out and discovered I had a differant valve, early 2000's. Not the one everyone is ordering Motorcraft to replace. So my question is was this type of iac valve also prone to a short life? I'll try to attach a generic pic of what I have. 2002 5.7l mpi merc
  15. i know a couple, shes an gynecologist and hes a anesthesiologist...named their boat 'Heads and Tails"
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