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  1. bshep

    Radar on 287 SSX

    I have a 2018 287 SSX and would like to mount a 4G radar. This publicity photo shows what my arch looks like basically a grid of tubes covered by canvas. Any good suggestions on appropriate radar mounts that would work in this situation?
  2. bshep

    2018 287SSX Drone Footage

    My son flew his drone from the boat yesterday and captured some pretty cool footage! We were in Narragansett Bay (RI) heading into Bristol harbor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIpdXsX2_aQ
  3. bshep

    Sailboat Tow

    On my third time out in my brand new 287 SSX we came across a sailboat that had run aground on the rocks in a narrow passage (Near Stone Bridge on Sakonnet River in RI), in some swift tidal current. He was calling "pan pan" and talking to the Coast Guard. We were first "on scene" and were joined shortly after by a couple that had jumped in their dinghy to come help as well. The first video shows the other couple grabbing the tow line from the sail boat. Check out that current! The second video shows our new Chap pulling the sailboat off the rocks -- like a boss. Their boat was apparently ok -- they said on the radio that there was water in the bilge but that they couldn't see any leak. After we towed them to calmer and deeper waters they sailed it a short distance to their home dock under supervision of the fireboat that showed up after we had them under tow. The Coast Guard had dispatched a 45-footer but we had left the scene before it showed up -- they may have turned around anyway since everything seemed under control. Before this year I had only boated on lakes. Coastal boating brings a whole new set of challenges and things to think about for sure! One lesson I learned is that I need to keep a tow-rope on board. My only lines were dock lines -- not nearly long enough to enable towing. What do you use for an emergency tow line? Also, I didn't want to get close enough to the stranded boat to be able to receive the throw of their line due to the current and rocks. How would you get a line from one boat to another in this situation without a dinghy? I was thinking of some sort of a small sandbag attached to a thin line that could then be attached to the tow line. But honestly I had my hands full in keeping the boat in place in the current so I'm not sure I would have been able to manage all of that anyway. Luckily the guy in the dinghy boarded my boat to handle the lines while his wife stayed in the dinghy. A peaceful sunset cruise turned into an adventure and a learning experience! No one was hurt and no major damage and so all ended just fine -- the definition of a good day on the water.
  4. bshep

    287 SSX for Coastal Boating

    Thanks Ed -- those are helpful comments. I did buy the 287SSX at the New England Boat Show and am looking forward to trying it out this spring!
  5. bshep

    287 SSX for Coastal Boating

    Hi all, I am back on this forum after a several year hiatus after I sold my 2009 215 SSi W/T. I owned that boat for about 5 years but sold it when I sold my lake place in NH and had no real good place to use the boat anymore. Fast forward a couple of years and now my wife and I are looking for a boat to use at our new place in Portsmouth, RI on the Sakonnet river, which is connected to Narragansett Bay. We went to the Providence Boat Show last weekend and took a close look at the new (2018) 287 SSX. It seems like a boat that addresses our wants and needs very well. And since I enjoyed my first Chaparral, I have no qualms about buying one again. But, since this will be my first experience in salt water and coastal boating, I wanted to reach out to this forum to get any opinions on: 1. I/O's in salt water. It seems most people would steer me to outboards in salt water, which I understand, but, I can't really find an OB set-up that I like as much as the 287 SSX. My boat will be in the water at a dock all season (May-Oct). I know there will be increased maintenance costs on the I/O due to use in salt, but, other than that it's not "crazy" to use an I/O in salt, is it? 2. The bay can apparently get choppy. There are a lot of center console fishing boats and big express cruisers out there normally. But those boats aren't a match for me. So, do you think I will be happy with the performance/ride of the SSX hull in real conditions? I'm not looking to go out when the weather is crappy, but, I also want to be able to be comfortable in the normal conditions in the bay. In my experience with the 215 SSI I didn't think it handled small lake waves and chop all that well. It was OK, but, not super smooth. The water around my new digs will surely be a lot rougher than what I saw on the small lake. 3. I should paint the hull and outdrive, right? 4. Would you take a bow rider like the 287 SSX out into the ocean? I don't want to go too far out and would only go when conditions are forecasted to be good. But, conditions can change unexpectedly... 5. Any current 287 SSX owners out there with suggestions, regrets, or encouragement??? Thanks! I look forward to (hopefully) being part of the Chap community once again. Brian
  6. On my Mercruiser 5.0 MPI, down low on the port side near the front, is a round baseball-sized piece that I gather might be called the Lower Water Distribution Housing. It has a blue drain plug in it. As my mechanic was looking for the source of my seawater leak (disconnected hoses from the block drains, duh) he noticed that this housing is cracked and leaking. Any thoughts or experiences with this? It was winterized and stored with the plugs out. Not sure why it would have cracked. Thanks, Brian
  7. bshep

    taking on water

    Same thing happened to me this weekend. I had it winterized by a place that I hadn't dealt with before. They expected me to bring it back to them to "de-winterize" but didn't tell me that small detail. I never had to do that with the place I used before. I put the 4 blue drain plugs back in and launched it. Started up and ran great. My sons went to take it for a little spin while I parked the trailer. Got a call a few minutes later from my son saying the bilge pump was running continuously and the bilge was flooding! Luckily he was able to get it back to the ramp and I got it back on the trailer before it took on too much water. Hooked up the muffs afterwards and couldn't easily locate the leak. Called my local mechanic. He looked at it today and found that the two drains in the block itself were open and the hoses disconnected. Quick fix once you know what you are doing I guess. Lesson learned!
  8. bshep

    196ssi vs 216ssi

    I bought the 216 SSi WideTech new 2 years ago as my first boat and have been very happy with it. Boats attract friends and family and the 216 gives you enough space to have friends aboard in some comfort. The extra space is also nice when you are on the water with a tube/board/skis and a cooler or two full of food and drinks. I opted for the 5.0 MPI (260HP) and the Bravo III outdrive. I was told at the time that the B3 makes backing the boat much easier since it eliminates the sideways pull of a single prop running in reverse. I know that I have found maneuvering the boat in close quarters by my slip to be not too bad - I certainly appreciate the extra control of the B3.
  9. bshep

    tool kit

    My kit includes the following items not already mentioned: bungee cords electrical tape gloves small soccer ball pump plus inflation needles (for fenders) knife
  10. bshep

    Counting Down till Spring

    I too am waiting, not too patiently, for ice out on Lake Sunapee and the arrival of spring. The view of Sunapee Harbor this morning is not too promising as it is still ice from edge-to-edge. But, the thermometer says 40 so, we must be making progress. I've been spending some time buying stuff to keep me occupied. Recently bought a new mooring cover, outboard hydrofoil, battery, and stereo for my kid's Boston Whaler. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to think of too much to buy for my Chap. I'll be shopping for a kneeboard soon too because my kids enjoyed that on a friend's boat last year. I'm planning on launching in mid-May. So, only about 70 days to go.
  11. bshep

    Inflatable Dinghy

    I bought my Mercury inflatable with 6HP motor from Buster's last year in Providence. They were great to deal with. I gave them my deposit at the show. In early April I called them with the final payment info and they had it shipped up to me in a couple of days. No problems at all. I'm going to be putting mine up for sale soon though. As mentioned above, I replaced it (for my kids) with a little Boston Whaler. Thanks, Brian
  12. bshep

    Inflatable Dinghy

    I bought an inflatable last spring at the Providence Boat Show. I chose the Mercury 270 Air Deck. It is just less than 9' long inflated and is easily carried by two people. I mounted a 6 HP Mercury four-stroke outboard which is also light enough to be easily managed by one man. I've been happy with both choices. I would recommend the Air Deck floor over the wood floor or no floor. It is surprisingly firm and is very light and easy to store deflated. I bought it as a "first boat" for my kids, so, I can't help with and advice about securing it to your Chap. But, my wife and I have been in it together and, while cozy, it was manageable. However, with 2 full sized adults, the boat does not plane out like it does with one or two kids on it. That being said I think I'll sell it this spring because I replaced it with a little Boston Whaler after I got access to a shallow water slip so I can keep their boat in the water all the time. -Brian
  13. bshep

    Narrowing down my Chaparral choices.

    I have a 216 SSi WideTech (2009) and enjoyed it tremendously last year. We could not have anything more than 22' LOA in our slip, so, this boat was perfect. I really liked the interior fit and features and it was a blast no matter whether we were cruising down an inlet at No Wake speed or towing skiers or tubers. I'm happy to answer any questions you have. I did the the 5.0 MPI and the Bravo III drive. I'm very happy with that setup. Thanks, Brian
  14. bshep

    I have a Sunesta and just pulled

    Where do you buy acetone?
  15. bshep

    I just picked up my '91 Chaparral

    Jeff, Great looking boat. Hard to believe it is closing in on its 20th anniversary. Looks like it was well taken care of. Where are you going to boat? I used to live in Cary. That was a dozen years or so ago, and well before I owned a boat, but I did get to spend a little time on a couple of the lakes in the area on friends' boats. Welcome to the forum! Brian