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  1. Gary H

    Trim tabs for '11-'13 246SSi

    I noticed the same thing when installing mine on my 256 SSi. I called Lenco to ask about the shims and they assured me the slight curve would be fine without any shimming and not affect the tab performance. I was skeptical, but I installed them (tightening by hand) and although they did bend a little around the curve of the transom, they work just fine. I have had them for several seasons with no problems. There are several installation threads (including mine) on the forums, if you do a search.
  2. Gary H

    Do trim tabs ever return to neutral position ?

    I have the Lenco tabs with the indicator switch. The indicator is really not needed, as you will almost always trim by feel. The Lenco's return to their neutral position everytime you turn off the engine. They work really well and I don't understand why they aren't standard on all the larger Chaps.
  3. Gary H

    Boat Search: Found a 265SSI - under-powered?

    I use the tabs to level the boat. It really has nothing to do with the power - I don't feel my boat is under powered at all and wouldn't want the extra gas and weight of a big block. How fast do you really need to go on the water? I get up to 48 as it is. No boat over 20' should be without adjustable tabs - they should be standard equipment (but that's just my opinion)...
  4. Gary H

    Boat Search: Found a 265SSI - under-powered?

    I've had my 256 SSI, with the 350 Merc for 5 years and have never considered it under powered. We easily cruise around with 6 or more people. Lenco or Bennett trim tabs are a must, though - fairly easy to install.
  5. Gary H

    '09 236SSI where to put her on her?

    I split mine - as shown...
  6. Gary H

    Bennett Trim Tabs

    The tabs make a world of difference in the handling. I used Lenco tabs on mine, as they don't need a hydralic pump and appear to be easier to install. I put mine on 2 years ago and did a detailed thread on the install if you do a search on Lenco Tabs. Looks like you did a great job on these!
  7. Gary H

    JBL MR-16 Radio

    FYI - JDL radios and remotes have a 5 year warranty. I got my radio relaced and 1 remote repaired at no charge. They also have a repair option for those out of warranty that is very reasonable. Their info is: Zenina Dottery-Brown Warranty Coordinator ProSpec Electronics 843-416-2425
  8. Gary H

    2004 5.0MPI engine oil pan problem

    Had the same problem last year with my 256 SSI. They had to pull the enging to replace the pan. While the engine was out, I also replaced the water pump and starter, as both were pretty corroded (I purchased the boat from Ft. Lauderdale FL, where the salt & corrosion is pretty fierce). It was a lot easier (and cheaper) to replace while the engine was hanging in the air. I had the new pan painted with car undercoating to keep it from happening again. (I'm not sure why, considering the environment of the bilge, that this isn't a standard practice for marine engines.)
  9. Gary H

    Carpet backing coming off

    My carpet is doing the same thing, so I am also interested in this product or something like it. It has to be available somewhere...
  10. Gary H

    256 SSi Trim Tabs

    I was a little concerned about the curve of the transom, but was assured by Lenco that the shim wasn't needed. It all works just fine after tightening up the screws by hand - I did put a good bed of sealant behind the tabs to seal up any gaps.
  11. Gary H


    If you have a JBL radio, I'm pretty sure that I have an extra faceplate....
  12. Gary H

    JBL REM35 Remote

    FYI - The JBL radios and remotes are manufactured by Prospect Marine and have a 5 year warranty. I replaced both my radio & remote last year for 100 deer. Here is the info I had gotten from them: From: prospecwarranty [mailto:prospecwarranty@prospecelectronics.com] Sent: Wednesday, April 21, 2010 9:00 AM To: Gary Subject: RE: JDL Marine radio The repair for the mr17 is 80. If the remote you have is a rem25 the repair fee is 20. If the remote is a rem35 the repair fee is 30. Send the units with a check for the total amount of the repairs to Prospec Electronics, 3325 South Morgans Pt. Rd., Mt. Pleasant SC 29466.
  13. Gary H

    Annapolis for Blue Angels

    I'd love to go, but too busy at work.
  14. Gary H

    Trim Tabs

    Nice job! I like the switch location. Didn't think of that when I installed mine last year. They are below and to the right of the steering wheel and not the easiest to get too, but I love how well the tabs work.
  15. Gary H

    Naming the boat....care to share?

    I spend way too much time at work in my printing company, so the boat's named "Press Release" as in my "release from the presses"...