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    Bravo 3 side to side slop

    Hi fellow Chappy boaters, I hope everyone is getting through this winter ok. I have a question for you all. My boat is a 2007 Chaparral 275ssi with a 496 Mercury with the bravo 3 outdrive. My outdrive needs the steering pin fixed. I know this is common on the bravo 3 drives. I have been given two options to fix it. The first is too pull the engine and fix it that way, the second is to drill into the side of the bell housing and replace it then put plugs in to cover the holes. To me this would possibly be a way for water intrusion. Has anyone had this done? If so what way did you go about getting it done? Thanks in advance for any advice or ideas on this repair.
  2. Chappy275ssi

    Lake Simcoe - New boat owner and new to boating...hello!

    Hope to see you guys out on the lake this summer!
  3. Chappy275ssi

    Lake Simcoe - New boat owner and new to boating...hello!

    Hi Welcome! I boat out of Barrie! Welcome to the club!
  4. Chappy275ssi

    Keys Trip

    Thanks Exoset! Great Video! How long did it take you to get down there? Any tips would be appreciated!
  5. Chappy275ssi

    Keys Trip

    When you go can you post your trip. Im in Ontario Canada and I am thinking about towing my boat down to either do the keys or cruise over to the bahamas. Its a bucket list item. Thanks!!!
  6. Chappy275ssi

    Bad Gimbal? Link to video of sound

    Mine started making the exact same noise my last run of the season. Im thinking its the gimbal as well. Come spring I will find out for sure. Hopefully the experts will chime in and let us know.
  7. Chappy275ssi

    276 SSX Holding Tank pump out

    This past year I had to replace my Vacuum pump and a duckbill valve in the discharge line that goes from the tank to the waste fitting. When I pump out my tank, I turn off the vacuum pump and open the ball to the toilet. I hold it open and I can hear the air sucking all the way from the toilet. Try that and see if that helps.
  8. Chappy275ssi


    Hi Delaney I was following tis thread at the beginning of the summer. I was also looking at PWCs. I looked at yamaha and they only offered a 1 year warranty. Seed offered a 3 year warranty. I happened to be lucky enough and I bought a used 2017 Wakepro 230 with only 4 hours on it and a 5 year warranty that the original owner bought with it. It has been a great addition to our Chaparral. It is a rocket and is hard to hang on to at full speed when hitting the big waves. A lot of fun none the less!
  9. Chappy275ssi

    New Bimini ordered.

    Just ordered a new bimini top for my boat from Ameritex. They are the original manufacturer of the tops for my boat. Has anyone else ordered a top from them? Just curious as to how the new top fit vs the original top that came with your boat.
  10. Chappy275ssi

    2007 Signature 250 Trailer Help

    I have a 275ssi and I bought a triple axle Venture trailer. I have had it for two seasons and so far it has been a great trailer.
  11. Chappy275ssi

    Promariner Protech-3 Charger

    So I bought a Promariner Pronautic 1220. I am having the marina install it for me, as they are currently doing the impeller and new flappers for the exhaust. I figured if your going to blow the bank, might as well do it all at the beginning of the season. : ( Thanks everyone for the wealth of information. Very much appreciated!
  12. Chappy275ssi

    Promariner Protech-3 Charger

    Hi all of my fellow Chappy boaters! I hope your boating season has been going well. I have a question for all of you who have the Promariner protech-3 battery chargers. Mine seems to have gone kaput. I have power to the charger, but my charger is not working. Did anyone else just have the charger go kaput, and if so how did you fix it, or did you just replace it. If so what did you replace it with. If you fixed it what seemed to be the problem with it. I know there is a relay switch, and I will have to check it before I replace the charger first. Do relays go bad often? Lots of questions I know. But any help would be appreciated!
  13. Chappy275ssi

    Promariner Protech-3 Charger

    Ok back at it again. My battery charger is kaput. I was told that is fried my two brand new batteries that I installed last year. (Hope not)!!! Any way, for those of you that have replaced your battery chargers, is it a do it yourself thing or should I get my marina to do it? I am handy and particular so I feel confident tackling the job myself. Just want to see what the rest of my fellow Chappy boaters think. Also Scubajohnsonben thanks for the link for the new charger. Looks top notch. Any other recommendations on chargers to replace my original one with? Thanks guys!
  14. Chappy275ssi

    Heading to Myrtle Beach

    On Thursday, the girlfriend and her two boys and I are heading to Myrtle Beach for a week. Her father and his wife live down there for the winter so we will be visiting them. We are driving down and we are staying at the Anderson Beach club and spa. My question for those of you who live there, is what are some must do things while we are down there? Is there a reputable deep sea fishing outfit that anyone recommends? Thanks in Advance! Steve
  15. Chappy275ssi

    Heading to Myrtle Beach

    Ok we are back. Had a great time, other than the weather being crap! (Cold)! Thanks for everyones replies to my post! LOL! JK!
  16. Chappy275ssi

    shout out for your city, state .

    Barrie, Ontario Canada. I boat on Lake Simcoe and Georgian Bay. Spent my summers as a kid on Georgian Bay boating and water skiing and fishing. If any of you ever come up this way look me up and I will be more than happy to take you boating!
  17. Chappy275ssi

    275 SSi 496 HO

    I have the 275 ssi. We love it! The 496 pushes it along just fine. They are hard too find,so if you found one and its clean, buy it quick! I have had people approach me and ask me if i was selling my boat.
  18. Chappy275ssi

    You wish you could boat over here!

    Yogi799 We are lucky enough to also boat on Georgian Bay. My dad has a house in Pointe Au Baril and every summer we trailer our boat to Penetang and boat up to his place in Pointe Au Baril. Sturgeon Bay to be exact. By the way great video! I have been looking at the Phantom drones. Just have other things I need first.
  19. Chappy275ssi

    Lower Unit Oil

    Im with Brick. Now that I have the Bravo 3 drive I only use Mercruiser gear lube and oil.
  20. Chappy275ssi

    Lower Unit Oil

    I had a 2008 Chap extreme with the volvo GXI 320 hp, and the Volvo DPS duo prop. I changed my gear oil once a season, always at the end of the season before I put her away for the winter. I always used Volvo gear oil. Never had an issue, because you only change it once a season, wait and get the Volvo gear lube. Better to be safe than sorry.
  21. Chappy275ssi

    2017 287 SSx

    I personally like to have the cuddy on my boat. If I go somewhere and decide to stay over I have the choice. I think my boat will hold the value because of the cuddy. Bowlders are fun too, however up here in Canada in the spring and fall can be a tad chilly.
  22. Chappy275ssi

    Promariner Protech-3 Charger

    Just an update. I had two 1000 MCA starting batteries. I was using one of the batteries as a house battery while on anchor. I guess because I was using it as a house battery so much it would not keep a charge for very long. Long story short, I ended up going out and buying two 1000 MCA deep cycle batteries and replaced both of the old batteries. Since I replaced both batteries, my charger seems to be working again. It must have been the battery that wouldn't hold a charge that was causing by charger to malfunction.
  23. Chappy275ssi

    Happy but feels like a lot of truck … just FYI ...

    I agree I don't think its that heavy either, I will have to take it to a weigh scale and see. My hitch and ball are rated for 20,000 lbs. My friend who is a trucker thought I was. But after rethinking it, there is no way my boat and trailer are over 10,000lbs.
  24. Chappy275ssi

    Have an issue with my dealer

    If your talking about the drain plug on the stern, as soon as my boat is out I unscrew the plug and drain the water. Everyone I know does the same.
  25. Chappy275ssi

    Happy but feels like a lot of truck … just FYI ...

    I have the big block as well. I will let you know as soon as I get her broken in, how the 3.31 tows her. I figure with gear trailer and boat I am close to 10000, maybe 11000 pounds. Time will tell I guess. My fingers are crossed!