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  1. I'm filling mine consistently throughout the year. Think I have a bad seal. Talked to the dealer about it last year and he was looking for a lot of money to replace. Is this a pretty easy do-it-yourself type of job? To replace the seal for the drive lube?
  2. I'll try that today on the muffs. Thanks for the help. I always turn the key and wait a second or two for the beep to stop, then turn the key. I'll wait a little longer this time. Like I said, the thing still fires just wondering if it's a bigger deal in my head than it should be.
  3. Maybe it's just me but anyone else with a Merc 350 who experiences longer than "normal" start times? It seems like whenever i'm around another boat and they go to start it the thing fires before they're even done turning the key. I need to have my key turned for at least 4 seconds before my boat finally decides to fire. It's not old, an 08, but i'm wondering if I should bring it in to have it looked at or if that's just the way it's supposed to be. Other boats they turn the key and I barely hear the motor turn over, it just fires. Not so much on mine. Completely off topic too, I have an adjustable knob on the top of the engine, an advance ignition control or something like that. I haven't messed with it but it looks to be connected to the throttle cable. When I turn the boat on the thing clicks one way 3 or 4 times. I'm not sure if it has something to do with the PerfectPass or what, but i'm worried about that clicking. Thanks again for all the help guys!
  4. Timmay

    Carpet Snaps

    Each time I go to take the carpet out of my boat another snap breaks off. It's beyond frustrating but now it's to the point where my carpet is flapping around while underway because nothing is holding it down. Does anyone have a lead on where to get these oversized snaps and flaps that hold the carpet down on our boats? I was going to check out West Marine for a snap repair kit but would like to have them all the same color and what not. My carpet is the tan and the snaps are a brown color. Thanks!
  5. I want to replace the "sox" that cover the tower speakers on my 244 Xtreme. I went to the WetSounds website, speaker manufacturer, and I can get them from there with their logo on them. I like the ones I have now because they have the Chap logo on them, but 2 of them are a faded black and the other 2 are a faded navy blue. They look horrible. Also, one of the covers of the speaker itself is faded...want to replace that but same issue. WetSounds has their logo but I want the Chap logo on it to match the others. Any assistance on who I should contact/where I should go? Thanks!
  6. No idea what that is but if it's a rocker switch at the helm then no, I don't have anything. There are a couple of drains like this inside the boat. The one right at the back is the one that's the worst. The other one is right in front of the engine compartment and, while it does the same thing, it does it significantly less than the other one. I'm sure there are some things stuck in there from leaves, debris, etc that I'll try to use a high pressure hose or air compressor to blow out but wanted to see if this was a widespread issue among the Sunesta line.
  7. Absolutely love the 244 Xtreme! We looked at a regular 244 and I'm glad we held out and waited for the Xtreme. This boat turns heads everywhere I go, from go-fasts to Malibus/Mastercrafts and the like. My ONLY beef with it is that I think it's "slightly" underpowered. But who doesn't always want more power & to go faster?! I'm running the Merc 350 and it's solid! I like the fact that the new 264 Xtreme comes with the Captains Call exhaust, wish ours would have come with that. I currently have the boat in heated indoor storage so one of these weekends i'll do some garage boating and see what I can do with it. I'm not even sure if I can access what I'm looking for from the engine compartment.
  8. Hey guys. Got a question on my 244 Sunesta Xtreme. I have a drain at the entry point into the boat, just next to the engine compartment where water comes out of. I have to assume there is some kind of check valve in there that maybe failed or something. When I clean the boat out all the water that runs down that drain comes out the starboard side of the boat so could I be taking water in from the same place? It doesn't happen right away when I get the boat wet but after awhile you can see the water bubbling out and the carpet, when in, gets soaked. Not the most descriptive topic in the world, I apologize for that, but looking for help nonetheless. Thanks!
  9. I was having the same problem on my 08 244 Xtreme and didn't think anything of it, one click each time left or right, no big deal I thought. Now, today, just as i'm about to put it on the trailer for the day it's clicking the entire time I turn either left or right. I remember the warranty I got for the engine is extended but what about a so-called "bumper to bumper" type warranty on these boats? Thanks.
  10. Actually I kind of answered my own question. I went on Overtons website and they are sending me a bunch of sample carpet cards so I'll be able to match it up pretty good. You're right about the 200% though, this hobby ain't cheap!
  11. How about the carpet that is installed in the storage compartments? That is glued to the boat? Anyone know where I can get that at as well? I found rolls on Amazon but I'm trying to match the same color as the boat has right now (244X). I replaced the subwoofer in my boat and built a box in the compartment since I didn't like the sound of the free air and now I need to carpet the box. Not sure if there is a specific color code for the carpet that is already installed, if it is strictly for Chaparral and can only be purchased thru them, etc... I'll continue to search the forum as well....thanks.
  12. Sent it in to propmd.com. I'm not trying to bash these guys or anything but I just thought a phone call, an email, something to let me know what the status is would be nice. So here I sit and wait. We'll see what happens. At least it's not quite boating season here in Chicago or else I'd be in real trouble!
  13. Nice to see that it worked out OK for you. I took a chance by sending my prop in rather than just driving it to a local place and, so far, I'm regretting that. Zero communication out of these guys thusfar...I sent my prop in on 2/19, it was delivered 2/23 and I'm still waiting. I called mid week last week and was supposed to get a call back, never did. I called again on Friday and gave him my name, he knew right away that my prop was shipping out that day and that I would receive an email with tracking, never did. There is a big lack of customer service here right now and I'm hoping to hear something from them soon, and hopefully it wont be me having to make the phone call.
  14. I was just using a REALLY big set of pliars to change out my props...is everyone here suggesting that I use one of these prop wrenches instead? Is there a clear benefit between the two?
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