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  1. Jerry B.

    280 Signature walk through windshield won't close

    I had a 2003 280 and if I recall, there is a windshield brace on the helm side of the windshield walk-through that may be in need of adjustment. Simple fix, push up on the windshield at that spot, adjust the brace.
  2. Jerry B.

    Galvanic Corrosion Question...

    Port drive Starbord Drive I found this 2" long crack on the right side of the starbord drive. I've replaced the upper gear assembly so we are boating without issue. I do all of the work myself so I'm comfortable digging around and finding the cause of the problem; however, I'm at a loss as to what is causing the corrossion seen in the pics. So...A couple of questions... The Galvanic Isolator appears to be working correctly according to the Red/Green Diodes on the panel when we are plugged into shore power. On average, we boat in freshwater five to six times per year @ 2 days each trip. We boat Saltwater four to five times per year @4-7 days per trip. The zinc anodes on my Bennett Trim tabs are being sacrificed equally and I replace them each spring. The zinc anodes on the volvo drives do not appear to be getting attacked at all (I do not swap out and use magnesium anodes since the amount of time spent in fresh water is negligible and the boat is trailered between our boating trips). I have the mercathode system but haven't checked it and need to purchase the test lead to dip in the water unless someone can tell me a different way of testing the mercathode system. What else can I check to resolve the source of the corrosion being shown in the photos? The crack in the upper gear assembly was not in a critical location. The running gear was not affected and I could have probably continued using the drive but felt more comfortable replacing the upper gear assembly since we run offshore sometimes. When I removed the drive, the crack appeared to be in a structural void where no water travels. I winterize the boat each year and we there shouldn't have been any freeze damage in this area unless I am missing something. I knock off any visible corrosion each year and use a zinc chromium primer and top coat the drives with factory volvo gray. Anyone shopping for a boat with drives in great shape would love the way I maintain them. So, to Wingnut and other mechanics out there, what could have caused this stress crack? Other than the upper gear case issue, I've had an excellent summer of boating so far and I'm ready for some more!!!
  3. Jerry B.

    Signature 290

    ^ ^ This There are plenty of other boats to choose from.
  4. Jerry B.

    new Ocean X drives are on

    Sounds like you got yourself a new boat!
  5. Jerry B.

    Day Trips from Destin, FL

    Ride over to Baytowne Marina and check out Baytowne Wharf. We enjoyed walking around the village there.
  6. Jerry B.

    Where to sell a Center Console fishing boat?

    Personally, If the boat was a charitable donation, and you've only incurred the expense of advertising it for sale, then I would sit on it and wait for a more qualified buyer to come along. The headache associated with owner-financing may be more trouble than it is worth unless it is a local / in-state resident. Also, based on the price you pm'd me, I don't think it would be unreasonable for a buyer to make a qualified offer and obtain 100% financing provided they have decent credit. My vote...pass on the owner-finance responsibility. Have you considered consigning it to an auction, a dealer, or even soliciting a dealer to purchase it?
  7. Jerry B.

    New WD Hitch

    Nice, looks similar to my Equalizer setup. I had to make a modification to mine. The two bolts (circled in red) securing the pole tongue brackets weren't enough to secure the brackets and they would slide loose during each trip. I ended up drilling another hole in the trailer tongue and adding an additional Grade 8 bolt (in area circled in yellow). After adding the Grade 8 bolt to secure the brackets, I've never had any problem with the pole tonge adapter coming loose.
  8. Jerry B.

    I may have a situation...

    Not sure about the laws in AL, but, as professor48 suggested, "send a certified letter, return receipt, to the previous owner demanding the title and a clearance on the lien." Of course, I personally would allow 30 days for the title to be delivered. As long as the delivery of the title was part of the Bill of Sale or whatever agreement you have, you should also be able to take the individual to either small claims court or a higher court depending on the dollar value of the vessel. I had to do this once for a vehicle I purchased and the seller produced the title within 15 days of being served notice of the hearing. Sometimes, a lazy seller may need a little legal prodding; although, I hate that it should ever get to that point. Also, keep in mind, if you should have to file a legal suit, and the seller produces the title after being served, you are usually entitled to reimbursement of the filing fees. Again, I'm not sure how it works in AL, but here in GA, you can request the fees be reimbursed (At least this was my experience...I'm certainly not an attorney). Good Luck!
  9. Jerry B.

    Quality Control

    No No, you forget! You sir, ordered your new boat with the "Spaghetti Wiring" option. Please check your paperwork. ...Nice job on the re-wire though.
  10. Jerry B.

    Hose in engine compartment?

    Flushing the engine gets my vote.
  11. Jerry B.

    Water coming out of transom

    Whalersailor is right on the money here! ETHICS Some people just lack moral value and have little knowledge or concern for ethical behavior. I'm with Jeff on this, please don't ever try to sell me anything you have!
  12. Jerry B.

    Teak Table

    Very Nice!
  13. Jerry B.

    Kohler Generators "For Dummies"?

    I certainly don't want this to come across as being negative although it would appear so on the surface; however, this just doesn't seem right to me. I have never had a kohler that had to be "babied" or had the water ingestion problems you guys have experienced. It is impractical to think you would have to open the sea-cock every time you wanted to use the genset and close it when done. I couldn't imagine having to dismantle the rear bench seat and cockpit table every time I wanted to start/stop the generator. At any rate, I do hope you can eventually and permanently correct these troubling issues.
  14. Jerry B.

    Chap 280 or 290?

    +1 on a 290 over a 280. When we were shopping last year, I based my final decision on several factors; one was my ability to stand up in the head on the 290 as compared to the 280 model. I had to hunch over in the 280. I've been extremely happy with the 290 and we've towed it several hundred miles this year taking trips to the Gulf and the Atlantic. I'm with you on this Jeff. I've been meaning to get some mattress foam but keep forgetting. Regardless, I have no complaints...
  15. Jerry B.

    What to take for a dinner on the boat?

    You could always grab a loaf of bread and stop by a BBQ restaurant on the way, grab some pulled pork BBQ, some potato salad or cole slaw depending on your preference, some chips and even some BBQ ribs if you're really in the mood. Grab a couple of paper plates and paper plate holders, ride out, anchor, or drift and serve dinner using the engine box as a table. Come time to wash up, dive in!