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  1. gramsden9

    new boat owner, older boat with floor concerns

    i have a few soft spots also around the ski locker, does my floor have that fiberglass on top of the wood too?? Can i replace just the soft spots? Or should I replace the whole floor,,, any advise would be GREATLY appreciated!!
  2. gramsden9

    new boat owner, older boat with floor concerns

    That guy knows his stuff!!
  3. gramsden9

    Prop Selection

    I have a 1995 Chap 2330 Open bow. Mine has B6's Hope this helps!!
  4. gramsden9


    I really appreciate everybody's input!! Thanks again!!
  5. gramsden9


    ok Thx!! So if I put somee sun screen on them they will be fine??? Lol!!!
  6. gramsden9


    Someone said I HAD to go to SSprops if I was gping over 35 knots... is this true???
  7. gramsden9

    Most efficient speed

    I cant wait till I get my boat on the water!!!
  8. gramsden9


    Hi Captains!! Just found out I need c6 props!! Does anyone have any for sale???
  9. gramsden9


    okay... I do not have SS props. The numbers on the front aluminum prop is B6854835 and the rear prop is B6854827. Can someone tell me what SS props I need to get?? Thx
  10. gramsden9

    Finally a pic of my new to me 275ssi

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  13. gramsden9


    Well... Long story short.... Bought boat-Nxt day put boat in water-boat over heated (200 degrees)-called previous owner and I said do i need to open a valve-he said no that i suckd up a plastic bag-NO I DIDNT- Changed empeller- We got water BUT it was coming out tthe SIDE OF THE ENGINE!!! Called the guy back and told him about the engine... basically he said that I cracked the block!! And he would not return my money!! So I thought about sueing him... but its too much trouble. And so I decided to go ahead and fix her!! She's a BEAUTIFUL boat!!! So I have not had her over 5mph;( With some help from my friend we are putting in an 383 Stroker with an Edelbrock RPM Performer Intake manifold!! Should put out about 375 hp. And as far as the props go... they are SS?? The props are black so I assumed they are aluminum!!! I will double check!! Thanks guys for the info!!!
  14. gramsden9


    Well... They look GOOD!!!