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  1. Teakfreak

    Underwater lights ??

    I have 1 dead underwater light on my 2016 250 Suncoast Does anyone know what manufacturer Chaparral uses for their lights ?? Their are no identifying labels on the light and the dealership I bought the boat from has been less than helpful. thanks
  2. Teakfreak

    Q for 264 Sunesta owners with Seadek

    Glad it worked out but I'm curious about the vent. where exactly is there a vent on your platform ? And what is it venting ?
  3. Teakfreak

    Why ????????

    Thanks Phil Yes it's a sure head turner. The perfect boat for its intended use. Unfortunately (for me) I got caught up in the "cool factor" and the reasonable $ for a New boat. In retrospect it seems I lost sight of the variable to occasional semi challenging conditions that salt water can throw at you.
  4. Teakfreak

    Why ????????

    Thanks Tod If we were playing "What's my Line" (showing my age. That show was 50 yrs ago) I'd guess you were an Engineer. Nice explanation :-)
  5. Teakfreak

    Why ????????

    I'm trying to digest your comment. I think your saying that the Bow Rider and the more seaworthy / fishable Duel Consoles (although they have a similar seating configuration) are pointier at the bow, as apposed to width (squareness) that deck boats carry much further forward. It makes sense. I understand now why they are so popular as a fair whether / water sports boat. I guess I've become accustomed to a boat that could take more of a punch.
  6. Teakfreak

    Why ????????

    Deck boat profile Why do most (if not all) deck boats have a downward profile at the Bow ??? I get that the ample seating at the bow attributes to its with and consequently you sacrifice a deeper "V" WHY ??? However does the bow need to dip down rather than flare Up like every other boat on the Planet ???? Im seriously concidering getting out of my Suncoast for this reason. I recently slowed down to almost idle speed to prepare for the wake of an oncoming Sportfish. Not a huge boat and not a huge wake, but nothing I was prepared to power thru. Half way thru the wake the freakin bow got stuffed and a wall of water greeted my guests in the bow seats. You might say I should have goosed the throttle to lift the bow a tad and it would have been avoided. It wouldn't have worked in this case. I get that it's an "inside" boat A "Day" boat .... A "Fair Weather" boat The point and my question is. Is their a logical reason why the hull design doesn't have the upward flare of a normal boat ??
  7. Go with the Formula 28 or 31 w twin small blocks
  8. Twins for sure. However T/496's is overkill on a 28' Bowrider. I had that setup on a Formula 33 SS. The Bowrider won't have the weight to call big blocks. On the 33 they barley fit in the bilge. You couldn't get your arm between the risers.
  9. I have a different spin on useing a broker when buying a boat. i was on the hunt for a specific boat. It had to be low hrs, pristine condition, not fished etc............. I scoured the web forever and then BINGO It was more than I could afford but not much higher than the comps for similar listings. I contacted a broker, who then contacted the "listing" broker. We set up a viewing and the boat turned out to be nicer than the pictures, so negotiations kicked off from there. Negotiation is not my strong point so the use of a third party made sense to me. After submitting an Initial insulting offer we went back and forth hammering out the deal. In the end we came to terms that I Never could have negotiated on my own. AND !!! It didnt cost me any more having used a broker. The listing broker splits the 10% with the buying broker. Sure, Buying directly from the seller is the way to go, but if it's listed with a broker you might want to consider getting your own. Just a thought :-)
  10. If you use a broker I'm sure it will go to Yachtworld and Boat Traider. They both get a a lot of attention. You can use Craig's List and EBay to list it yourself. Your in Fl. so you may want to try local advertising at first. The broker will want 10% so you can list it lower if you go solo. Good Luck
  11. Teakfreak

    Sunesta + Drone. Side view.

    Yogi, You just showed your hand. You obviously work Special Opps for the CIA :-)
  12. Teakfreak

    Sunesta + Drone. Side view.

    Very Cool !! The music is a nice touch I gotta know how you landed the Drone. Was it operates on the shore line ??
  13. Teakfreak

    Towing tube from stern cleats

    I see the hooks under the platform. Are they a pain to hook up to ?? Yes Can you tow the "QE-2" with them ?? Yes again. Will the hardware your pointing to leave a gaping hole in your boat when it pulls off ?? 3'rd Yes
  14. Teakfreak

    Towing tube from stern cleats

    Well said !!
  15. Teakfreak

    Towing tube from stern cleats

    Transom D-Rings are on the rear locker ??? That sounds beyond "Cheezy" !!&@$€=#% The thickest/strongest material on the boat is the transom itself. What good is a hook on a locker ??? The locker will rip off or the hook will rip thru it. Sounds like like its good for hanging I flag or building a clothes line.