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  1. jdourson

    New Ride

  2. In the water at Brookville Lake...
  3. Finally got her! Took her out for a trial run at Brookville Lake in IN and now tucked away in Cumberland ready for the summer. Can't wait...
  4. jdourson

    New Ride

  5. Hey Tomnjo, old Crownline was a 2013 21ss. Loved the boat but just not enough size and HP to handle the family and friends. Just got the Chappy in and will be taking it to Brookville Lake in IN this afternoon to give it a test run. From there to Cumberland next week...which by the way is now "wet" in Somerset (town near the lake) and the marina's are now starting to sell beverages as well. Only one or two last year but that's changing also. No longer need to drive to TN for an adult beverage.
  6. I understand completely. The old boat (21' Crownline) we took everywhere...Dale Hollow, Norris, Cumblerland, and Michigan, but this one being just under 25' once we get her in the water, she'll most likely stay there until fall.
  7. It's the only pic I have at this point. Will post more when I actually get the boat.
  8. Hey all, new boat comes in next week and we will be taking it to Lake Cumberland for the summer. With all the family and friends you "find" when you have a place on the lake it'll make it difficult to trailer it to other lakes. If something gets started on Cumberland, we'll do our best to connect.
  9. Hey I have a few friends down on Lake Cumberland in KY that have their boat documented w/the US Coast Guard. Say they didn't have to pay taxes on it or have to register it with the state. Anybody know anything more about that? I'm looking into it now in some other ways but thought I'd throw it out there and see if there's information.
  10. Hey all, just traded in my Crownline and buying my first Chappy. Looking forward to next summer down on Lake Cumberland in KY. If a rally ever gets going down there I'd do my best to attend. Sounds like a great time.
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