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  1. +1 I have done this 3 times. Just switch the breaker back to on,
  2. I am having one made as we speak that will be like the second picture. We used the old frame but had to move it forward and add a few pieces here and there.
  3. acarter937

    windless ?

    I found the Horizon manual online and there is a chart that will tell you what type and size chain for your model. The type of anchor depends on your boat size and the type of bottom you will use it in,
  4. Mine was not present every time. It was strong after running the Gen a short time. But i never smelled it unless i ran the Gen. I assume my AC picked up the gas smell from the aft birth where the Gen sits just outside the wall.
  5. Mine was a gasket or maybe it was not tight enough. Look at the diagram and see part #9. I purchased the rebuild kit and did them all
  6. I may have seen you! I was in a Seven boat raft up by the boat house from Saturday to Sunday.
  7. This past weekend we saw at least 10 to 15 Chaps between National Airport and Georgetown. More than i have ever seen. We waved at everyone. Who are you guys?
  8. Mine has about an inch of water in the box at all times. It takes a little more to activate the float.
  9. Stop by and say hi next time!!
  10. I cleaned cockpit carpet, had two beers and a nap.
  11. The service guy is 3 hrs away. Going to be on my own on this one.
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