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  1. Thanks to all for replies. Going to go with the same batteries former owner had installed. Talked with him this morning and he had no issues .
  2. Need to replace my batteries. VP manual says NOT to use deep cycle batteries on EFI as it will cause problems with EFI engines. Previous owner had replaced original batteries with dual purpose Starting /Deep Cycle batteries and things seem to be ok. Is this something I should be concerned about or just go ahead with new dual purpose batteries. Any and all information greatly appreciated.
  3. Looking at a 2012 - 310 with 5.7 Volvo Penta DP's with the Axius Joystick option. Does anyone have any experience with this system. Good or Bad. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks In advance
  4. whaler

    How many boats have you owned in your life?

    10 so far - 1962 - 16ft Crestliner 60hp OB 1970 - 19ft Peterborough 115hp OB 1972 - 24ft IMP 305hp OMC I/O 1968 - 28ft Chris craft single 283 ci Inboard 1973 - 32ft Chris craft twin 327 ci Inboards 1985 - 28ft Chris single 305 ci Inboard 1987 - 29ft Silverton sportbridge twin 4.3ci Inboards 1982 - 36ft Trojan tri-cabin twin Chrysler 400's 2008 - 280 Rinker single 5.0L VP/DP 2005 - Chaparral 330 Sig twin 5.7 Merc. B3 2006 - Fourwinns 248 Vista single 5.0L VP / DP Looking at a 2006 310 Chaparral Sig with twin Merc 4.3L with Alpha IO
  5. whaler

    Bravo 3 prop exhaust on muffs

    Thanks for your replies. I thought something was wrong. Happy boating.
  6. whaler

    Bravo 3 prop exhaust on muffs

    whaler New to this forum and computer stuff so please be patient with me as I learn. I've always had straight drive inboards until now so looking for info on I/O's. Anyway I had my Bravo 3's on muffs yesterday for pre launch engine warm up and only had water exiting through gimbal housing exhaust ports only. Nothing through the props. Is this normal.