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  1. I run the quicksilver 4 stroke 25w-40 synthetic blend. Oil is still golden with less than 10hours since last oil change.
  2. Thanks everyone for the input. The rod just broke. Bad part. Nothing seized or failed from what we can see. I ordered the 383 today so should have her back together next week.
  3. Boardrider, So I’m guessing your pleased with the swap? What props did you go with? Was it for top speed or out of the hole?
  4. I’m not sure of the drive ratio but it has 26 pitch stainless props. How do you find that out? WOT trimmed up a bit is around 5k. When rod broke it was around 4500rpm. Wasn’t under a load at all and the water was like glass. Ive talked to several marina’s and no one has heard of such a thing.
  5. I went with the Quad m 770’s. They sound great but the cons are we have to turn down the bass on the boat to make them sound the best.
  6. Hello, just wanting to get some input and thoughts.... My 2009 chap 226ssi 350 mag with bravo 3 ( only 251 hours) decided to fail with breaking a rod @ 4500 rpm and sending #5 piston into valve train. I was being hopeful that my insurance would cover this but that’s not the case at all. I over kill maintenance at around 25 hours with using semi senthetic oil. After reviewing very costly repairs or replacement I’m thinking about replacing the 350 with a 383 complete drop in with 2 year warranty, Anyone out there had the same issues with the 350 mag or have done the 383 swap? What would be the pros and cons? My boat did max out @ around 60 mph with half tank of fuel and two people in it. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hi Granger5, after reading so many bad reviews on the 541- 547xs series I’ve been holding out. I’ve been using the Garmin 640 portable with the lake maps sd card. Works great! i haven’t wanted to pull the trigger on a permanent gps until now. Garmin echoMap chirp 53cv has great reviews and will fit behind the steering wheel. I don’t need the fish finder so I’ll see how it works in the spring.
  8. Wow! Thanks was_wylie_tunes. You helped me with an earlier post I made about the in boat speakers. I can actually get a better deal on the pair of m880's than the 4 770's. About 300 deer cheaper. I changed the bow speakers to Mx650 because the 7.7 wouldn't fit and the cockpit speakers to m770's. I also added a M10ib5 sub. I'm running m700/5 for the sub and the in boat speakers. The system sounds awesome and well worth the money. The current tower speakers are fine but I want the kids to hear the music load and clear while pulling them and also when we are just hanging out in a cove. My local JL guy seems to think the quad 770's would be the best route but at the same time the long through 880's I've heard nothing but great things about. if it were your boat which route would you take? Thanks again!
  9. Hello, I currently have a JL 4/400 powering 4 Polk audio 6 1/2" tower speakers and was going to upgrade to JL audio mx650's to take the polks place. The JL's don't fit the speaker cans to my standards and was wondering if 4 m770's would sound better than 2 m880's? I'm not wanting to change my amp set up but just want to get the best sound for the buck. Any help with experiance would be greatly appreciated. Also, I will be having 4 Polk Audio 61/2" speakers for sale that only have one season on them and custom tower speaker cans that have red front and back with brushed aluminum cans. Clamps will fit 2.375" or smaller towers.
  10. AOSJeff

    Model redesign

    Hi Keen, I'm new on here as well. I should of joined much earlier. I can't say enough about my 09 226SSI with 350 mag and Bravo 3. It's the perfect family boat IMO. It will go around 60 and throws a great wake for wake boarding. I have a family of 4 and usually end up with 4 more or so and there is plenty of room with all of our stuff stowed away except a large cooler. Other than adding a second battery and upgrading the stereo which are wants not must have I wouldn't change a thing. I have a family member that has a 97' Chap 1830 ss. The boat has been well used since 99' and it's still in great shape. You can't go wrong with a Chaparral IMO. Good Luck!
  11. Thanks! Sounds like Was_Wylie_Tunes has my vote. I'm most likely going to go with JL audio or Wet Sounds. If I have to up my budget to do it right the first time that's the route I'm going to go with. I appreciate all the posts.
  12. 4 - 6 1/2" tower speakers Polk audio and 4 - 6 1/2" cab speakers that I want to replace. I would like to add 1- 12" or two 10" subs. I would like to stay under $1500.00 if it's possible.
  13. Thanks for the detailed reply! If I get rid of one of the Audiopipe amps and get a 6 or more channel amp what would you recommend! I purchased the Audiopipe amps because they were at a great price and I didn't plan on adding a sub or two. I might change my mind on the inboat speakers if I could find a bundle price. Thanks again!
  14. Thanks everyone for your input so far. I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks a good sound system is important. Defiantly want to go with the mounted subs. I would like to go with a free air sub if it's going to be functional and sound good to save storage space Was_Wylie_Tunes, The 2 amps I have are Audiopipe armar-4080 amps and yes they are pushing the 4 tower speakers that are Polk Audio db651s. Way to powerful for these little speakers. I was wanting to bridge and run all 4 tower speakers off one amp and run the other amp to power hopefully two 12's or two 10's if the 12's won't fit. The head unit is a factory Clarion CMD5 that is 200w. This should be plenty to push the JL Audio mx650-ccx-sg-wh replacement speakers. I would love to upgrade to the 7.7's but the way my boat is built it cones out at each speaker and wouldn't look right if the cover was wider than the fiberglass. Again, thanks for your time and help. Hope you all have a Happy New Year!
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