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  1. Does anyone have the part number and/or length for the shift cable on a Volvo penta engine and drive (DP-SM 1.95, 5.0 GXIe)? thank you!
  2. Ran great through all RPMs. Seems to be fixed. Thank you to all for your help!
  3. Reassembled with new pump assembly and fuel pressure regulator. Runs great on hose. Will sea trial tomorrow and update.
  4. Thank you. I just ordered a new pump. Will let you know how it goes
  5. So I tested the fuel pressure at the rail and it was reading and holding at 50 psi. Then I removed the FPR (pictures attached) and installed the new Bosch FPR. I have not tested further because I ran out of daylight. any thoughts or comments on results so far or pictures of the original FPR that I removed? There does appear to be something (paint from internal guts of fuel pump?) on the screen. Thank you
  6. Thank you Soldier. Part arrived today, although I won’t be home to install it for a few days. I still plan to rent the fuel pressure test kit from Autozone, but for $27 I will probably install the new Bosch regardless of the test results. The FPR appears to be original. The boat and motor are 2004 with about 620 hours on motor.
  7. Ya. I re-read it later and scratched my head. i will try the fuel pressure gauge and let you know. Will be a couple days. Headed out of town on business. Thank you!
  8. I pulled the vacuum line on the FPR. No liquid (fuel) or odor. I only removed the small vacuum line and then reinstalled it. There was no pressure in the vacuum line if that means anything. Any other suggestion of what I should check?
  9. Ok. Thank you. I found the fuel pressure regulator (VP part # 3858967) on amazon for about $27, made by Bosch. VP wants $256. eBay has it for$70 but amazon can deliver it my door tomorrow. Any concerns using aftermarket (Bosch)? It’s not painted red but for the price difference, who cares? Anything I should be aware of changing it out or anything I should change while I am at it that may help? Thank you
  10. Boat sat unused for a little over a month. Went to start in preparation for a day on the water Started rough, stalled. Throttle all the way forward with prop disengaged, very rough start and black (ish) smoke, fuel odor. Shut down, checked for water in fuel, found none. Replaced fuel filter, restarted w same results. Any ideas?Thank you.
  11. Anyone know what size bottle and where to buy a replacement for 2004 Sunesta 236?
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