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  1. Get this, the marina was sold and is now under new ownership. I'm afraid my quest for justice just took a mighty set back. But I did run into the service manager at a dockside bar. Guess what he docked at the bar, a brand new 38' Cigarette with all the extras. At least I know that some of my money went to good use. He could have just wasted it on women and drugs.
  2. I called Carter and Volvo Penta for information as to date of manufacture of my fuel pump: they could tell me. Her are the numbers on my pump; Carter P61639S 21608511 SAE J1171 Marine 16A08B (don't know whether the number is a zero, or the letter O) I am trying to ascertain the date of manufacture of the pump so I can nail these lying thieves! Thanks,
  3. Thanks for the info. My mechanic is coming out today and am going to ask him if can verify some of these parts. If I can prove he swindled me, then we go to court.
  4. Can anyone tell me if parts put on an engine will have some sort of identifying serial number and if so where are they located, for a Volvo' penta fuel pump, starter, computer. I am trying to gather evidence to sue the marina that cheated me on their repair services.
  5. Okay guys, here's the update. The mechanic told me I had a worn out connector (Deutsch ?) on the fuel pump. This caused the high pressure pump to not work properly. He said this could cause the backfiring I experienced. He said that I could start and idle fine, but when I start to power up it could lose its connection and start to backfire. He also denoted a damaged IAC. He said whomever installed it crushed it with a pair of pliers. So he is ordering the connector part and the IAC. He said it is a 15-20 minute job. I asked about the fuel pump's condition. He said it was old, working good. I told him that it was supposed to be brand new. He said it was either original, several years old, or they replaced it with a used one. They charged me for a brand new Volvo pent part from the marina. Bottom line, they took advantage of my lack of knowledge, my trust, and my inexperience. Wingnut, I did ask him about the "crab cap". He said exactly what you said, that they are cheaply made and prone to failure. I asked him if I should replace that, and he advised to wait and see. He said it is doing fine right now and no need to replace it prematurely, but to be aware of the potential issue. Thanks for your advice, I do really appreciate it. Now if I can only learn to not be made a fool of, life will be good
  6. Thanks Wingnut. I will have the new mechanic check that out in the a.m.
  7. I live in SW Florida (Cape Coral). I am new to boating and bought this boat understanding that I may have to put some money into it. This marina charged almost $4,000. the first time around (3-1-16) and it seemed to run fine. But it ran okay before that, too. During that repair job they supposedly replaced the fuel pump and camshaft sensor. The pump I think they did, because it is where I can see it. The camshaft sensor? They told me this last time that the camshaft sensor appeared on code, but did not address that. Also, during the first repair I had the gas polished and certified (they contracted that out). I also had the injectors all recertified, maybe? Other things supposedly done were fuel pressure regulator, spark plugs, IAC control, anti-si9phon valve, distributor cap, and rotor, but because of how they cheated me on the bilge pump, I don't know if these things were actually done. On May 5th I had them replace the serpentine belt ($144.23), boat ran fine. Now here is where it gets interesting. I took the boat on July 10th to have them install a new bilge pump and tem sensor. The boat started and ran fine all the way to the marina (about a 45 minute ride from my condo). I ran perfectly fine in idle and WOT. I docked it at their pier for them to do the work requested. They called me the next day and told me that the boat was running very rough, and asked if I had experienced any issues. I told them no, that it ran great and had no issues. Upon arriving at the marina the kid mechanic told me that the water pump needed to be replaced. I gave my permission to do so. The manager told me, because the water pump went bad that it shorted out my alternator and that would need to be replaced. I gave my permission to do so. Then the manager told me that, because of the alternator going bad, that it backfed to my computer and I would need to replace that (that part alone was $1,781.95). I told him to go ahead. A few days goes by and the kid mechanic tells me that the belt was being shredded because of a bad tensioner and I would need to replace that. I told him that I just had them replace the belt about a month earlier and why if I had a bad tensioner, why didn't he replace it then? I did some research about his diagnosis of why the belt was bad. He said there was belt shaving and very fine residue coming from the belt. What I found is that when a water pump goes bad in can leave a trail of black spin-off from the water mixing with the dirt and grime. That was the pattern I denoted at the time. Anyway I have them put on a new belt and tensioner. A couple of days later the computer comes in and is installed, but the manager tells me that I will need two new batteries, because when the alternator went bad it grounded out my batteries. I gave my go ahead to replace. Boat was still not starting or running properely, the manager said he had to have the computer reprogramed. So now I get the call that my boat is ready and runs great. I go to the marnia to take my boat out and it won't start. The kid mechanic tried to convincer me that I would need to reset the main breaker each time. I said this was unacceptable and made no logic. They claimed that a bolt had sheared off on the starter for whatever reason, I don't know. Then they decided to replace the starter without my permission. Total cost for this nightmare $4332.57. I took the boat from them and motored to my condo and ceased business with them. I took the boat out only one time since that repair and it ran fine. The second time is when the issues appeared. I have a mobile marine mechanic coming out tomorrow to look at it. I will be sure to ask him if all these parts they claim they have changed out were actually changed out. Oh, I found out about them scamming on the bilge pump and float switch when I got it home from the marina and the bilge did not work. Went to check it out and noticed that it was the same old one that was there, yellowed with age. Put a new one in and it works great. Cape Coral Marine Center is the name of the marina. If I find out they ripped me off, it will be lawyer time!
  8. I have a a marine mobile mechanic coming out Monday the 28th. Hopefully, he can fix it cheap! I will post the results.
  9. This is the Part No# VP 3858975, but when I took a look at what is actually there it looks totally different. The top is flat with the plug wires coming out from the side. It's grey in color. The marina I had do the work seems to be corrupt. I originally took it in to have a temp sensor and bilge pump replaced, but when I got it home the bilge and the temp gauge didn't work. I took out the backseat to inspect the bilge pump. I found that they did not even replace the old, it was yellowed with age. They didn't bother cleaning out the bilge area and all the wiring was just laying in the water. I collected about 30 screws, washers, bolts and even a 1/4 in snap-on socket wrench and screwdriver. I bought and installed a new bilge pump, tied off the wiring out of reach of water, and cleaned the bilge area of debris. I tell you this, because they have done all the work on my boat and now I don't trust them enough to know where else they may have cheated me. I am no mechanic by any stretch of the imagination, but I would like to know something to maybe help guide the NEW mechanic that will look at it. I am tired of being taken advantage of! Btw, they charged me for the pump, float switch, and sensor, plus labor, but did nothing but collect my money! CROOKS!!!!
  10. I have a 2005 Chaparral SSI 210 Volvo Penta 5.0 GXi-e 270 horse. I took the boat out the other day. It seemed to start up fine and idled properly. I motored out of the canal and into the channel of the river. I powered up and got on plane when suddenly it started to backfire and lose power. Eventually it stalled and now will not start. it cranks, but it will not turn over. I need help! Thanks in advance. Things I have done within the late 6 -8 months: 1. Change oil, filter, and gear lube. 2. New serpentine belt. 3. New fuel pump. 4. New felt pressure regulator. 5. New spar plugs. 6. New IAC control. 7. New cam shaft sensor. 8. New anti siphon valve. 9. New distributor cap. 10. New rotor. 11. Cleaned and re-certify injectors 12. Polished/recertify fuel 13. Two new batteries. 14. New temperature sensor and thermostat. 15. New sea water pump. 16. New belt tensioner. 17. New computer module. 18. New starter. 19. New alternator. 20. New VP 3857487 sensor. TPS sensor? 21. New ignition cable kit. 22. New plug wires.
  11. Hi guys, Looking for some advice. I need to know about ho long I should flush an engine when I am done for the day. I have a 2005 Chaparrals 210 Ssi, Volvo-Penta 270 hp, V6, I/O, with a Volvo-Penta stern drive. When I dock at my condo I do not have access to a lift. So the boat will stay in the water for a few days at a time unt6il I take it back to my marina to have it pulled and racked. They flush it at the marina, but I want to know how long should I flush when at home and it will be in the water. I have an easy connect just above my swim platform and it looks as though it connects straight to the engine. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.
  12. I am renting a condo on a canal in Cape Coral, FL that has a boat slip, but no lift. I want to dock my boat at my condo and need info for how long I can safely let the boat sit in the water before trouble starts to appear. The canal has direct access the river, which in turn leads to the Gulf. I am assuming the canal water is brackish, but I have seen rays and dolphins in the canal. I have access to a lift so I can lift the boat out of the water on occasion. So the question is; How long can I leave y boat in the water before all the nasty stuff starts to appear? Thanks Btw... I have a 2005 Chaparral SSi I/O all fiberglass.
  13. Ok, I f I leave it in the water I will get a pressure gauge. If I do dock it in my wet slip, I will pull it a couple of times a month to clean. What I most likely will do is take it to another marina or see if somebody local will rent me their slip w/lift. Thanks everybody for all you time and information.
  14. I really do appreciate the info and your time, thanks again.
  15. I am at present looking into another location, or I may drop the bucks and install a lift at my condo dock. I was more or less just thinking temporarily, no more than a few months. Yes, I am aware of the sea creature growth down here (I'm the one who scrapped the boat when I bought it). I don't know how long I can have it sit in the water before issues become apparent. Also trying to find someone locally to rent their lift. I really don't want to bottom paint, unless I have to.The next marina I would go to is further away from my condo and the gulf. I think my flush system will work. It is factory, and from what I learned so far is I can do the flushing while it sits in the water, but not to the the engine above idle.
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