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  1. Weather is bi polar here. It's 60 today and of course Saturday Cold and possible snow. Sunday 46, Monday snowy mix. Glad i didn't put the boat in early this year. Hoping by late April to have a few weeks of warm weather before I put it in the water.
  2. This is the debate in my house now. The admiral is taking her time with this one. Family has property in the Northern neck.(white sands harbor) House looks over the beach and there is a lake about a mile away so it has the best of both worlds. I prefer the Delaware Beaches where we have several friends and the kids have lots of friends. I just hate the added HOA cost of most properties near the del beaches. The wife is thinking Lake house though.
  3. Is that an epoxy floor or polished concrete?
  4. Someone needs to come up with a boatfax .... Like Carfax that gives the history of boats like they do cars.
  5. I would be pissed! I wonder if the officer was suspended?
  6. Wingnut where is this from? This seems to give you advice on swimming safely Or "recreate" safely. It even says "wash thoroughly after swimming" but then says it's illegal? Which state or city has jurisdiction on the Potomac?
  7. They are investigating whether the ships systems were hacked. That would be scary. If they can hack the guidance system who is to say they couldn't hack the weapon systems as well. It's also noted that the USS John McCain was also involved in another incident earlier in the month where the ship sailed to close to some man made Chinese islands. On purpose is a interesting theory and is plausible. I don't know why the captain of a ship would risk his own ship, His life, the life of his crew or his career doing something like this on purpose. People do stupid things all the time
  8. +1 If we all had their healthcare plan we would be better off. The first thing they do when ever they come up with these healthcare plans is exclude themselves from the law. I can't stand congress everyone of them is a phony. I see all these texas guys who voted against sandy relief are now going to be asking for the same relief. Don't get me wrong I believe the people of Texas deserves the relief money just like the victims of sandy did. I sure wish there was some way to hold these $#@hats accountable for their actions though.
  9. Owners manuals are usually just sales brochures. better off looking for the drive manual or the engine manual.
  10. I was thinking the same thing about the 1/4 tank. i thought that was the norm for the forum though. I'm pretty sure there was a long thread on this with all different opinions. I need to look in the Racor Fuel filter system
  11. funny the guy who cleaned my tank out told me I don't need to use fuel stabilizers every time I fill up. Of course he didn't know how little I used the boat this year either.
  12. Cyclops yes the filter was a little dirty as well.
  13. Chap It was probably sitting for a month. however there could have been remnants from the little bit of gas i left in it over the winter break. I left less than a quarter of a tank in over the winter, Then filled it up in May and ran it for a couple of weeks then it sat all of June. I think next year i will clean the tank out in the spring before running the engine.
  14. Had a problem with the boat stalling out. After talking a ride with the mechanic He told me the carburetor was damaged due to bad gas or water in the tank. We then checked the gas in the carburetor and there was a lot of small debris and after setting for a few minutes the ethanol seemed to separate. I had to pay to clean out the gas tank and rebuild the carburetor. Just wondering how do you prevent this from happening and is this something that happens often? We are trying to figure out if water somehow got in the tank but that doesn't seem possible.
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