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  1. Good morning I have a 2008 224 Xtreme and i went with a sharkskin cover it fits great! i tried uploading the pic but it wouldn't let me. To search those covers go to http://www.baldmikes.com
  2. Sound like a good friend. I believe on the xtreme if you let the tower down you only gain like 2 ft and its so heavy its not even worth it, unfortunately my boat stays outside because right now i have no where with affordable storage at the height i need.
  3. Sweet. Whats the height clearance you need or have to get the boat in with the tower up?
  4. That looks good. Nice storage place is that a aviation hanger?
  5. Ok thanks also do you know if you can buy the graphics for the side of the boat like yours has? My boat has the Xtreme Graphics and i am not a huge fan.
  6. Does that brand bolt right on to the stock location?
  7. I am looking for two more wake board racks for my 224 Xtreme i have a place for them to mount (at a stock location) and i want OEM so they match the other i have the only place i can find OEM are at http://www.cecilmarineonline.com/wakeboard-tower-rack/ and they are almost 600 dollars a piece any ideas where might could find OEM or equivalent for a lesser price? The Chaparral PN is 56.00041 Thanks
  8. Look into http://bigairwaketowers.com there towers are very good and last well. I had there tower on a boat i use to have for 8 years and it was a great tower they are very reasonable priced and easy to install (the H2O tower is my favorite). This would be the cheapest and easiest way to fit your storage problem and have a better way to knee board and wake board (because thats next).
  9. mcneisler

    Boat Covers

    When you have a boat with a tower after market cover that "are made to fit all" do not work well with them. Just giving people options you don't have to buy this brand.
  10. mcneisler

    Boat Covers

    Does he not make the covers? i also asked him about a bimins top for my boat and he doesn't offer one but he said if i send him mine he can make one for it so assumed he must have a upholstery shop.
  11. mcneisler

    Boat Covers

    I agree the fit cover is much better and i am sure more people sell it just gonna give y'all my experience and opinion.
  12. mcneisler

    Boat Covers

    Yes he was a great guy to deal with and I haven't seen another cover on the market that fits as well as this one.
  13. mcneisler

    Boat Covers

    It was ordered online but they custom make them to order and no it is a Sharkskin Supreme but they do offer a sunbrella material. Nice boat by the way.
  14. I am sure its a little late for this but i had a Big Air on my old boat it was a 87 Ski Nautique and i loved that tower for the money in my option the are worth every penny and worked great for the 8 years i owned it. Now have a 224 xtreme but that was a great boat and a great tower. I would load a picture but i don't know how.
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