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  1. psmorris

    DE-WINTERIZING 21 H20 2016

    Just put it in the water and run it.
  2. psmorris

    H2O mooring cover in marina slip

    This too. Didn't see you there Bret.
  3. psmorris

    H2O mooring cover in marina slip

    I've got that exact cover with the extended swim platform. There is a U-shaped zipper that unzips on top of the swim platform. I would imagine you could unzip it and stand there.
  4. psmorris

    Suprise !! 6 new guests found dead .

    Don't leave us hanging!!
  5. psmorris

    NYC Hudson Boating

    He wasn't the brightest guy.
  6. psmorris

    NYC Hudson Boating

  7. psmorris

    Shout out for your favorite lake or river

    Dale Hollow. Doesn't get any better.
  8. psmorris

    NYC Hudson Boating

  9. psmorris

    Bloop Bloop all this noise while trying to sleep

    Then you have to listen to the wood popping in the campfire . Jk!! Couldn't resist.
  10. psmorris

    Length of time to build a new boat?

    Just curious. What color did you order?
  11. psmorris

    Ideas on adding a subwoofer without holes!

    You can get a Bazooka and mount it in the storage compartment or engine compartment.
  12. psmorris

    Length of time to build a new boat?

    Closer to delivery time the dealer can give you a firm date. Kinda up in the are right now.
  13. psmorris

    I'm new

    This has got to be the least amount of information i've ever seen on here.
  14. psmorris

    Gasket fail?

    Just spoke with Mercury. They seemed to think Chaparral wasn't quite careful enough putting the drives on at the factory and nipping that gasket.
  15. psmorris

    Gasket fail?

    It's the EXACT same place on both lower units. Right at the end of the R. Do you think the shift cable could put a small cut on the gasket from the factory?