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  1. newdie's chap

    SSX 307 OR SSX 327

    Happy to jump in regarding 307SSX. I too, have noticed not as many 307SSX owners on this forum. Purchased new last year on Lake Ontario. Hadn't been in boating for a while but years back owned Grady White & Egg Harbor. Spent a lot of years on the water sailing & stink-potting. Our purchase decision was made based on lifestyle. Great party boat, comfortable lay-out & handles well in all the conditions that I took it out in. Everyone aboard provided positive feed back compared to their own boats. All remarked to how nice the boat looks. One of the reasons for purchase was looks but I never expected the design praise I heard all summer. As far as handling: the Great Lakes have their own set of conditions, different from coastal ocean boating. Wave trough is much tighter which can create a whole different set of problems. With the right crews last season, I chased some "rough sea days" and everyone was impressed with the way the boat took the conditions. Re-sale was a concern of mine. Not many 30+ foot bow-riders where I am ( mostly 20'-27') but, when talking to dealers along the east coast, many told me 30'+ were the major sellers. Plenty of storage on this boat & again, for our lifestyle, 327 wasn't considered an option. Very seldom were we using the cuddy on the Grady, accept for storage & head. Good luck with your decision. I'm happy enough with mine to recommend the 307SSX.
  2. newdie's chap


    I opened an insurance thread last spring when I purchased my 307 SSX. At the time I had everything covered in 2 states with State Farm. Lots of "stuff", no claims and fewer questions for over 20 years. Assuming I would add boat with SF would save some $ or at least be competitive since I was keeping all with one company.. Wasn't even close! Later in the season I began doing my due diligence. Ended up pulling all my New York business from SF & saved major $. Moved everything to MetLife but, was told by the broker that they would not be competitive with boat insurance. Finally! Honesty! Ended up with Gieco over Boat US only because Gieco is one of the underwriters of Boat US. Boat insurance alone was well worth the change. Also, any State Farm insured boat owners, make sure you read the back page fine print if canceling.
  3. newdie's chap

    Buffalo to 1000 Islands - Erie, Welland or ?

    Not a bad plan. If you drop in Wilson, you may also want to consider boating over to Toronto. Easy short jump & well worth the time. Once you clear customs, slips available on Toronto Island. Never ran the Canadian border east & west but it's another option which may prove to been more scenic.
  4. newdie's chap

    Buffalo to 1000 Islands - Erie, Welland or ?

    I made the trip back in 1980 from the upper Niagara to Wilson in my Egg Harbor. At the time. I thought the minimum size for recreational boats was in the 30's but, that either changed or I'm having one of my many senior moments. You'll be scheduled in with a freighter. I had an appointment to be underway at 7:00 a.m., never allowed to move until after 2:00 p.m. Ended up in lower Niagara/Lake Ontario after dark. However, with the right crew, it's a great experience. My first time across Lake Ontario to the St. Lawrence was in the mid 60's in a 26' Concord. Have been across to different ports in Canada many times since both by sail & stink-pot. Plan on a day from lower Niagara to either Sodus Bay (Chap Dealer + plenty of overnight amenities) or Fair Haven. Next day into Alex Bay. All Based on Good weather! Eastern Lake Ontario is where all the water stacks up. Study your charts for the St.Lawrence. Waters are tricky to navigate.
  5. newdie's chap

    Gotta love your dog....

    Anyone have any experience with dog pet stairs/ramps that attach to swim platform or ladder? We have an older dog with bad knees. Would swim all day in pool (great therapy) but I would like to introduce him to new waters. Just started search and seems to be quite a few options.
  6. newdie's chap

    New 307

    The 307 I bought has the twin Merc DTS. When deciding on purchase I was influenced by the dealer/marina as they stock Merc parts. I felt it important to keeping boat on the water more during warranty period. I talked to and visited a number of Chap dealers over the winter deciding between the 277, 287 & 307. Most owned & ordered their Chap floor inventory with Volvo Penta option. All spoke highly of VP Gen.V engine. Not sure if it was an up-sell, possible dealer kick-back from VP or just reliability & performance.
  7. newdie's chap

    New 307

    Congrats on the new 307. I also just purchased "new 2014 307 holdover" from near-by Chap dealer/marina on our lake. Looked at two Chap 307 options the past fall. This one & a brokered 2015 with 12 hrs. The brokered 307 was interesting since it was loaded & also had the Penta EVC's w/joystick. Considered ordering new 2016. If building new, I would have ordered your VP Gen V engines. I believe them to be the marine engine of the future. I opted for the 2014 307 based on dealer/marina relationship.
  8. newdie's chap

    Boat Insurance

    My findings yesterday was a $500. spread in premiums for closely matching policies from 5 companies. My current provider, State Farm, was highest by $250.over the closest competitor. I would think that due to a high credit score, no violations or claims for many years it would make my business appealing. I will most likely stay with SF for the season due to our long relationship. This was on me, not doing my due-diligence, prior to handing them the business. My 2 prior boats, from 35+ years back, had separate insurance providers and I will most likely go that route. Thanks to all for input.
  9. newdie's chap

    Boat Insurance

    Thanks for quick reply's. I'm also with State Farm & with all I have insured along with umbrella policy, I thought it best to just add the boat. 17 days after paying for a binder, I have yet to receive the policy. Yesterday I received an e-mail increasing premium over $300.due to stern drives not being provided by agent during original application. Boat hasn't been prepped & launched, so I will check other insurance companies.
  10. newdie's chap

    Boat Insurance

    Has anyone had recent experience (good or bad) with Boat US Insurance? I purchased a new 307 SSX last week & insured it with the agency that I use for all my insurance needs. Boats are not a primary business for this agency and the process has not been smooth through the agency and underwriter.. I called Boat US and a quote was provided quickly and at 40% less then my insurance agent quoted. I was told of a recent switch to GEICO Underwriters reflecting savings.
  11. newdie's chap

    Chap Warranties?

    All makes sense when I read deductible. I now have both Chap warranties in hand to go over the fine print while we will be receiving our first foot of snow this winter. Cyclops2; I noticed Clayton as a port on your response. My first (of many) lake crossings was to Clayton from Rochester during the 60's in either a 26' Owens or Concord (can't remember).
  12. newdie's chap

    Chap Warranties?

    First off, thanks for feed back. I have received the 14 page "new 5 yr.warranty promo", through the dealer for the 14 Chap, and it is through Brunswick. I'm waiting for the full 2nd. owner transfer warranty on the 15. This boat is through a broker not affiliated with the Chap dealer. The only info I have on this is minimal, from the Chaparral site. What surprised me is that there are deductibles for warranty work on the new boat. I will follow-up once I've made a decision.
  13. newdie's chap

    Chap Warranties?

    The used 2015 has the remaining 5 year Volvo warranty, separate from transferable Chap warranty that covers hull etc.. Do new Chap boat owners pay deductibles on warranty work and are there $ limitations on engine repairs & replacement? The dealer has told me at times Chap new boat warranties change. The 5 year warranty promo, now through March 31 is beginning to sound like an aftermarket add on warranty.
  14. newdie's chap

    Chap Warranties?

    New to forum. Looking at 2 Chaps, a new 2014 with 5 year Chap promo warranty/$50 deductible and a used 2015 with $1k. transferable 2nd. owner warranty/$100. deductible. The 2014 limits $10k to each engine during life of warranty. Been 30 years since new boat ownership. Anyone out there know if these are standard in the industry or has an opinion on how Chap warranties stack up against the competition?