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  1. We ended up booking on Lake Norman due to having the most options of houses with docks. Thanks for all the input, look forward to checking out some different spots next season.
  2. Nice truck you won’t be disappointed, the DMax is a beast!
  3. Didn’t realize there was so much water connected there. Will definitely search for houses to rent in those areas. I have heard of Watts Bar would you recommend staying on the East end (closer to Watts) ?
  4. Awesome thanks! Photos online look great. We have three family’s going so I am getting all the options finding houses available and going to get together to pick a spot. Loved Torch Lake last year but the house selection was limited and the prices were really high for what you get. I would recommend a trip there to anyone who hasn’t been.
  5. Thanks for the info. We really like having a dock right outside the house for the ease of coming and going. We have little ones so sometimes we come and go multiple times a day. I think last time we were at Norris we were in Cedar Creek if I remember correctly. Loved being in a dead end so the kids could swim off the dock and not a lot of traffic comes through. Probably have to wait on Dale Hallow for a future trip.
  6. Has anyone boated on Lake Chickamauga in Tennessee? We are looking for a new spot that is drivable from Ohio for a vacation next summer. I have also heard great things about Dale Hallow but I didn’t find any houses on the water with docks? We are open to suggestions on other lakes/rivers as well. Below are places we have been but would like to try something new. 6-8hr. Drive is about all we would want to do with the young ones. Cumberland, Norris, Erie, Ohio River, Torch Looking for a good amount of water for a weeks worth of boating with friends. Thanks for any feedback/
  7. Put on by the previous owner (or dealer) for the travel cover
  8. We have the same boat with the 5.0 carb and a 21 pitch prop. When the boat is loaded with a lot people and gear it can take awhile to get on plane. Not horrible but more bow rise than I would like. I added trim tabs over the winter and the difference is night and day. I haven't had it out enough to mess with them much but the boat jumps onto plane now. I always start trimmed all the way down and trim up as needed for a smooth ride. You can feel where the sweet spot is where there isn't a lot of drag from the motor and you are not bouncing from being trimmed too high. Not su
  9. See if I can get the photos to work....
  10. I put mine out as far as I could. With that said I also have two tie down areas on the trailer so I was able to move the transom straps further in.
  11. Doing some research I found Mazurik State Access Area that people say is a nice ramp (no launching fees) and has well lit 215 trailer spots you can leave the truck and trailer for the duration of your trip. It's only a seven mile trip to South Bass from there and even closer to Kelly's.
  12. Great to hear and thanks for the advice. It won't be a total boating vacation like we typically do since we will just had our second child and the inlaws will be with us but we figured it would be fun to get over to some of the islands. My wife's family had a house up there for years so they know the area but not a lot of experience on the water. Before we were expecting the little one we were going to plan a trip to Torch lake and the surrounding lakes but that changed quick so we will keep that for a furture trip. We typically go to Tennessee/Kentucky/ Southern Ohio but the water up
  13. We are looking at a long weekend this summer, I understand the weather can change quickly and the waves can be intense with the shallow water. Have you boated much there with your 204? Having an open bow scares me a bit from some of the stories I have heard. Hoping to rent a condo or house with a dock or just rent a slip at a marina. Haven't looked at anything yet just starting to plan and saw this thread.
  14. Not a Walmart person but they have the CIPA comp 2000 7x14 for 40 deer. Love it and also mount it on the passenger side. My dad has a CIPA that appears to be exactly the same for over double the price at Overtons, not sure what the difference is.
  15. Sunset Ohio River, when it went behind the clouds made a cool hilighted edge. 2nd photo sunrise Ohio River not on the boat but good photo
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