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  1. Thanks Phillbo, will share here if I found something
  2. Hi all, Enjoying some really good time in Georgian Bay. First time and wonder why we waited such time before doing this. When staying in channels, all is fine. But when you want to explore, or access some special bays, you can see rocks and smell the danger. Someone recommended us a bow sonar, to have a clear view of what is underneath when leaving the channel. Does anyone have some, did any research or have any recommendation? We have a garmin GPSMap 721 - anything I can plug in or separate? Thank you!
  3. Hi all, Anyone saw them at a boat show - missed them in Toronto. Any feedback on this system Thank you all!
  4. LOL 5 sea doos wow! we checked with the dealer when buying this toy and they are going to put a valve to avoid water into cylinders while towing. Just need a trick to remember to switch it back when having fun with it
  5. Hello all! Back from the Toronto boat show... with a seadoo :):) planning to have fun around the marina but would like to tow it too on the lake and trent severn river. I saw a nice system Towdster ( but this is only US and didn't find any here in Ontario. Does anyone have some experience? Ultimate project for the summer is to use the pic to flyboard :):) - Thank you !!!
  6. LMAO!!!! yes we are on Simcoe lake and use to trip on the Severn trent river, south or north. unfortunately wife doesn't like to have a RIB permanent on the stern of the boat, plus no more access to the swim platform for kids. for a couple of trips a year, hard sale. I looked at the seaweed davit, which allows to have the dinghi kept horizontal, and offset of the swim platform, but quite expensive
  7. Will be using the RIB once or twice a seasons during big trip. I looked at various davit system (prefer the seaweed actually) but not sure I want to have this on my boat permanent for my only usage
  8. We are boating in Canada, greater lakes and river, so if we have to abandon ship, will just swim to shore But I think I get your point, which was actually one of my concern too
  9. Dear all, Here is the winter challenge After looking at various options, we do not think we will put a davit and RIB on our swim platform. Our key needs is to be able to get out to explore when we are on boat trip, without moving the big boat. So we are thinking about a seadoo for the marina (more fun) and an inflatable for the boat, we could deflate and store in our engine compartment. is doing some, and looks like it would fit there Appreciate anyone feedback or comments, or other ideas! Thank you
  10. LMAO!!! didn't know chaparral was doing this kind of boat!! can also put my 2 seadoos lol
  11. Thank you that helps for the thinking my wife doesn't like when it is vertical or laying on the stern - so the horizontal system
  12. Hello, we are having this boat since may and really spent an amazing summer on the lakes! 3 long trips, perfect size for a family of 4 Preparing next ones on georgian bay, we are looking at adding a dinghy to our ship. Just to allow us you go and explore without moving the big boy. Plus a dinghy with a console like walkerbay genesis 310 will allow kids to start driving their little boat so started to look this weekend, got excited, and then found the sticker about 500lbs max on swim platform. Anyone has some experience on that 330 sig? I am looking at davit system. Hurley H3O or the one from seaweed marine. This latest will give more room on the swim platform but they do not specify the weight of the system. H3O is about 45lbs thank you!!!
  13. Ptitchuisse,

    We just picked up a 2014 330 Sig and have only been out once.  Would love to pick your brain a bit as there appears to be very few 330 Sig owners on the site (at least new model version).  If you have an email address if you could email me at I'll email you back... Coming from a 27 WorldCat and have not owned IO's in many years...

  14. Yep will done thank you!
  15. Yes, fresh water at the bow port waste stern port and then 2 fuel at stern port and starboard. So is it for convenience or because I have 2 tanks? again single gauge thank you