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  1. benmoreira12@gmail.com

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    Nice photo. Most of the "shallow water" would be navigating in and out of the canal where we live. it would be idle speed. 3'-4' in the center of the canal. Just curious, is the beam on your boat 9'-6" or 8'-6"?
  2. benmoreira12@gmail.com

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    I have around 4' in the center of the canal behind my house.(SW Florida). sometimes in the winter it goes down to 3'. I was hoping it would be ok to get in and out. Once I get out into the river and Gulf it should be fine. The river is always more than 6' deep. I have also noticed that the beam on this boat is 8'-6", but I have seen some older adds on boats from 2005 and 2008 that have a beam spec'd at 9'-6". Does anyone know if the 270 has changed over the years? I have a lift that can accommodate a beam of up to 9'. Thanks for your help.
  3. benmoreira12@gmail.com

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    Hi, I'm new to not only this forum, but forms in general. I am reaching out for some help. I am in the market for a boat that would do well in shallow water. I need something with a beam under 9' and after looking around came up with a few options. The 270 Signature seems to be the favorite with my family. I would be interested in hearing the opinions of current owners. things they like, dis-like, must have options, etc. thanks in advance for your time